Dr. Ouelet: We cling to memories as if they define us, but... they really don't. What we do is what defines us.

Aramaki: [in Japanese] Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox.

Major: Everyone around me seems to fit. They seem connected to something, I am... not.

[repeated line]

Major: My name is Major Mira Killian, and I give my consent.

[Batou sees Major walking down the hall with his new enhanced eyes]

Batou: I can see you out there, you know.

Major: [holds up her middle finger] How many fingers am I holding up?

Batou: Funny.

Dr. Ouelet: [repairing cybernetic hand] Open and close, please. You have damaged internal systems.

Major: Maybe next time you can design me better.

Dr. Ouelet: How are you?

Major: I'm fine, I can't feel anything.

Dr. Ouelet: No, you. In there.


Major: I've been having glitches. But they'll pass.

Dr. Ouelet: You've been talking your medication?

Major: Yeah. But these ones are still cycling. I had two this morning.

Dr. Ouelet: Sounds or image?

Major: Both.

Dr. Ouelet: [scans] I see it. Have you made any unencrypted downloads?

Major: No, just delete them for me.

Dr. Ouelet: Consent.

Major: My name is Major Mira Killian and I give my consent to delete this data.

Dr. Ouelet: It's done. It's no big deal.

Major: What are they?

Dr. Ouelet: Sensory echoes from your mind. Shadows. Can't be sure.

Major: How do you know what's a glitch and what's me?

Dr. Ouelet: The glitches have a different texture... to the rest of your code. I can see everything. All of your thoughts, your... decisions.

Major: I guess privacy is just for humans.

Dr. Ouelet: You are human. People see you as human.

Major: Everyone around me seems to fit. They seem connected to something, something I'm... not. It's like I have no past.

Dr. Ouelet: Of course you have a past. And with time you'll feel more and more connected to it... and to them.

[surgery complete]

Dr. Ouelet: Open and close, please.

[hand works]

Dr. Ouelet: We cling to memories as if they define us, but... they really don't. What we do is what defines us.

Aramaki: [in Japanese] You are more than just a weapon. You have a soul... a ghost. When we see our uniqueness as a virtue, only then will we find peace.

Major: For someone who doesn't like people, how come you care about dogs so much?

Batou: Don't know. I just like strays and they like me.

Major: They like you because you feed them.

Batou: You got no heart.

Batou: ...what's the difference, fantasy, reality, dreams, memories. It's all the same, just noise.

[last lines]

Major: [narrating] My mind is human. My body is manufactured. I'm the first of my kind, but... I won't be the last. We cling to memories as if they define us. But what we do defines us. My ghost survived to remind the next of us... that humanity is our virtue. I know who I am... and what I'm here to do.

Aramaki: [in Japanese] Major. Engage targets... You're authorized.

[Batou finds a badly injured Major]

Major: Say something nice.

Batou: What's your name? Aramaki told me you had a name from before.

Major: [pause] Motoko.

Opening Title Card: In the future, the line between human and machine is disappearing. Advancements in the technology allow humans to enhance themselves with cybernetic parts.

Opening Title Card: Hanka robotics, funded by the government, is developing a military operative that will blur the line even further. By transplanting a human brain into a fully synthetic body, they will combine the strongest attributes of human and robot.

Dr. Ouelet: Do any of the glitches mean something to you?

Major: No. They don't.

Dr. Ouelet: You've been inside the same shell as he has. That could have... very serious consequences. You were not authorized to Deep Dive the geisha.

Major: You're disappointed.

Dr. Ouelet: No, I'm worried. You're not invulnerable. I can repair your body, but I can't protect your mind.

Major: Why not? You can see all my thoughts, so... you should be able to secure them.

Dr. Ouelet: Try and understand your importance, Mira. You're what everyone will become one day.

Major: You don't know how alone that makes me feel.

Batou: [Batou just got new eyes] Say something nice.

Major: You chose those?

[repeated line]

Kuze: Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed.

Major: Did they send you to bring me in?

Batou: I'm just here to fish. Did you see any?

Major: You're a company man. You follow orders, so if they ordered you to kill me...

Batou: Stop saying shit like that. You're gonna piss me off.

Major: My name is Major Mira Killian and I do not consent to the deletion of this data. I do not consent... I do not consent.

Dr. Ouelet: We never needed your consent. Yours or anyone's.

Major: You're killing me... aren't you?

Major: This is Major. I'm on site.

Dr. Osmund: I'm human. I'm flawed. But I embrace change... and enhancement. Now there's nothing I can't do. Nothing. Nothing I can't know. Nothing I can't be. I want you to listen to something.

[recording of girl singing plays]

Dr. Osmund: My four-year-old daughter. The time it took her to sing that lullaby, she learned to speak fluent French.

Dr. Ouelet: Hello Mira. I'm Dr. Ouelet. Do you remember anything about the attack?

Major: What happened? I was... I was drowning. There's water.

Dr. Ouelet: That's right. You were on a boat. A refugee boat. It was sunk by terrorists.

Major: Why can't I feel my body?

Dr. Ouelet: Mira, your body was damaged. We couldn't save it. Only your brain survived. We made you a new body. A synthetic shell. But your mind, your soul, your "ghost," it's still in there.

Cutter: [to Dr. Ouelet] You download all the data on the terrorist, and then I order you to terminate.

Dr. Ouelet: Now your eyes are gonna open... There... You're safe.

[Major starts gasping upon activation]

Dr. Ouelet: It's okay, just breathe. Just breathe.

Cutter: Will it work?

Dr. Ouelet: Absolutely. She's a miracle. A machine can't lead, it can only follow orders. A machine can't imagine or care or intuit. But as a human mind in a cybernetic frame, Mira can do all those things, and more.

Cutter: The first of her kind. She will join Section 9 as soon as she is operational.

Dr. Ouelet: Please, don't do that. You're reducing a complex human to a machine.

Cutter: I don't think of her as a machine. She's a weapon. And the future of my company.

Major: The Harbor. My parents. The way they died. Did that happen?

Dr. Ouelet: No. We gave you false memories. Cutter wanted to motivate you to fight terrorists. I didn't approve. It was cruel, but my work, it was important, and... you were born. You were so beautiful.

Major: Nothing I have is real.

Kuze: [Removing a piece of Major's face] What a beauty you are.

Batou: Thanks for saving my ass.

Major: Glad to see you're okay.

Batou: [as Major is about to leave] Major? Could you feed the dogs for me? I don't want to scare them.

Aramaki: [in Japanese] I answer to the Prime Minister, not Hanka.

Kuze: Tell me what they took from me.

Dr. Dahlin: I'm sorry. They never told us.

[Kuze rips her eyes off]

Togusa: [to Ishikawa] Something's different. What'd you get?

Ladriya: Why you always think he's always out there enhancing?

Togusa: Because he is.

Ishikawa: [lifts shirt to reveal a scar] Cyber-mech liver. Been saving up for a while. Now it's last call every night.

Togusa: You got enhanced so you can drink more?

Ladriya: Embrace enhancements, Togusa. We wouldn't be here without it.

Togusa: I'm all human... and happy, thanks.

Skinny Man: I'm looking at her and I'm thinking, "You want me to pay for violin, too?" Don't get me wrong... I love that kid to pieces. I do. She's amazing. But when she practices that thing, it is painful, right? Why not piano? I mean, it's the same price, you know?

[first lines]

Dr. Ouelet: Oxygen levels are dropping... Brain function normal... Cerebral salvage ready to proceed... Robotic skeleton prepared and waiting for brain insertion... Initiate Project 2571...

Ladriya: [as Skinny Man is being interrogated] I don't understand, how could he not know?

Togusa: The hackers have created a vacuum. Kuze wiped his memory and somehow created a new reality.

Batou: What's the difference? Fantasy, reality, dreams, memories... It's all the same, just noise.

Aramaki: [in Japanese] Saito, is Major safe?

Saito: [in Japanese] She will be.

[shoots down Section 6 aircraft]

Kuze: I have been born more than once, so I have more than one name.

Major: [as she gets interrogated with an electric prod] The truth is... I wasn't built to dance.

[bursts loose]

Batou: [after the door man sticks his gun to Batou's abdomen] I thought you said no trouble?

Major: It feels like... there's always this thick fog over my memory and I can't see through it.

Batou: You're lucky. Every single day I get screwed by my memories. It's better to be pure. Like you.

Major: We used to have a dog.

Batou: Seriously? I had you down as a cat person.