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  • Clearly, the design team are talented and this film is indeed a visual spectacle, but the director clearly doesn't understand why the anime was special. This barely touches on the core themes of the original, it is hollow, beautiful, but hollow.
  • I have not watched the original, but this film was pretty boring and made me feel incredulous. I suppose I should just avoid all these remakes and sequels Hollywood so loves. There was a scene where an assassin attacks the head of the intelligence and he not only knew it was coming (how?) but also put up a piece of something in front of his face and none of the many bullets sprayed at him even grazed him. In another scene the enemy unleashed a barrage of canon fire at the android. Even her hair was not ruffled. So on and so forth. Whatever.
  • OK I know its not as bad as the Disney Star Wars but even if it were a stand alone film it is down there with the worst of the Hollywood remakes.

    1. There is not a single good performance from any of the actors. 2. The set design both outside and inside is derivative. 3. Llke many recent films it is filled with interminable action/chase scenes this is why both fans and critics hate it. 4. The story line is much simplified from the original works within the constraints of a mass market movie. 5. I disliked it and already forgot what was in it. II
  • For those that haven't watched the anime: This is an all around pathetic standard American remake! The acting, editing and soundtrack are boring. I truly disliked it all and I recommend not bothering with it on DVD if you value your time or want to be entertained. There are people complaining about the main character being white, this is absolute true. Spoiler: Hollywood relies on stupidity and lack of intelligence, it doesn't matter what color they are as long as it whitewashes or whatever because all films are ethnically targetted. Don't listen to the studio troll reviews giving it a 10/10. Anyone that rates a 10 is idiotic, this is not some great film. For those that have watched the anime: SPOILER: everything is according to the anime but inferior and made stupid. This should bum you out because they just remade it to make cash out of you. I truly had a boring time seeing it come to DVD. You will regret it unless you get a good afternoon snooze out of it.
  • If you insist on watching that is. There is no point to this remake other than the compulsion to churn out 'product ' also Scarlet Johansson still cannot act whatsoever . How is it that she is still working? Btw why was she walking around like a baboon?
  • I am Japanese and I get sad when I see this film. I cannot understand why western directors and producers always want to copy eastern and Japanese art including movies but never understand it or give it's quality treatment. Very strange. From Japan I say hiring one Japanese actor doesn't make your responsibility wash away.
  • It would be very difficult for an adaptation to live up to the 1995 Ghost in the Shell anime film but this doesn't even come close. I didn't want to hate it, but it was so bad I couldn't finish it.

    It's hard to pick out which element is the worst because it falls flat on every one. The story isn't engaging, the dialogue is bad and poorly delivered, the action isn't exciting, the art design is bland and so is the soundtrack.

    1995's Ghost in the Shell has a very hypnotic, slow paced rhythm much like Blade Runner, but this live action version just feels so generic despite the fact that they try to recall some aspects of the anime films and TV shows.

    The whole thing just looks and feels cheap, like a soulless copy of its former self. If you haven't seen the 1995 or 2004 anime films you might not have such a high bar and might be able to tolerate it, but even on its own it isn't very good and there are many sci-fi films that do it better, much better.
  • tqv-8083524 April 2018
    Hollywood is a junkie that is beyond help and redemption.

    It is addicted to the drug of remakes and sequels. It is just terrible. Copy/inferior paste, copy/inferior paste, ad nauseam.

    With 10% originality and story telling left in Hollywood we have to stay home and be rid of this stupidity. Scarlet Johansson, Paul Feig, Jar Jar Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the hacks should just throw in the towel.

    Man, I cringed for almost two hours trying to get to the end of this DVD. What did it add to the original? Nothing? Exactly.

    Takeshi Kitano looked like he is cringing right alongside me.
  • A boring movie with no real feeling to it. Ignore the studio hags and skip this movie.
  • And he asked me to join the upvoting campaign. I have to be honest though, my friend. MEH

    IF you have watched every other remake then watch this one.

    It is boring

    It puts you to sleep too

    It features Scarlet who is a member of the tribe, but she is no good here

    I absolutely hated it

    Keeping it real, my brother
  • What is it with US and its need to steal borrow and loot?? Just have your own ideas and make those and no pone will mock you. End of story.

    Also, Scarlet Johansson is really scraping the bottom of the barrel She needs to branch into something else and pretend that is her passion and go do that. Suggestions: fashion, running a 'lifestyle' website or delivering milk door-to-door. Whatever. As long as it is not 'acting.' The Japanese guy in this film really really looks like he wants the camera to pixelate his face. That is how embarrassed he is! The robot android cyborg whatever having its own mind and disobeying rules and not being the right facial appearance is also pretty wacky.
  • To summarize: if you are real fan of the original and have not watched this yet then *don't* do it!

    OK, so the good bits first. Visually it is pretty solid, it does good job to capture the GITS dystopian cyberpunk world: large skyscrapers, holograms everywhere, people all around enhanced with robotic implants, etc. Sometimes the lighting colors seem too flashy and inadequate and there are some large hologram ads which seem out of context, but it's not a big issue, the visual part remains on solid grounds and deserves praise.

    But then there's the real issue - the script, it is garbage compared to the original. The characters are one-dimensional: either good or bad. They lack any depth, their dialogues are shallow, unconvincing and feel forced. The garbageman acted by Shia LaBeouf is so flat it hurts to watch him. As a viewer it leaves you no room to emotionally connect to any of the characters - an aspect that is so beautifully done in the 1995 original. The thought-provoking aspects about blurring boundaries between humans and AI, and what an identity means in a highly advanced civilization are reduced to shambles.

    In short, this movie is what you get when an amazing, deep and complex original story is degraded and adopted for an average viewer who reads news about Kim Kardashian and watches reality shows.
  • They have no ideas and no plot and just need to make money money money and more money so they keep stealing, begging and borrowing and remaking stuff they don't understand and don't want to or care to understand. Unbelievable how stupid and meaningless this thing is. Sure there is amazing CGI, but does that make a film or a story? No. What is laughable is Scarlet Johansson. She is the wrong race. OK everyone knows that. Can someone, however, explain to me why she walks like an orangutan? What is that? Is she supposed to be a cyborg that is in touch with humans' evolutionary cousins?? 2/10
  • Maleplatypus16 August 2017
    In this movie story (or plot, whatever) is not only overridden by CGI, but swallowed, after brutal chewing. It is really doubtful whether anything beside CGI actually happens. At moments one can catch some "glitches" of a story, but that's all. The topic on mixing human with artificial organisms has been many times before and better, even when it was unbearable to watch and/or stupid (Van Damme). One more proof that no cast or director or technicians or CGI creators, regardless of how good they might be, can carry out the essentially meaningless "manga" content in a movie and make it worth spectators' time. OK, Japanese are probably used to it and it is part of their culture, but outside that this is simply crap.
  • This film looks good and has a nice color palate, but all of that is skin deep. The acting is terrible, the philosophy is diminished, the usual stupid Hollywood exaggerations appear and of course Johansson is as useless as ever. Now Hollywood is remaking Kimi No Na Wa 9with biggest hack of the century Jar Jar Abrams no less) to further rip off, clone and destroy Japanese anime. Doesn't get more uncool than that.
  • A slow-paced, "kinda" action movie. there was no real action sequences or real power behind the visual effects. I would describe the movie as one with a lot of potential and material but lacked the right direction, writing and acting. After the hour mark, it was hard to stay awake and focus on the movie because the dialogue is so clich├ęd and delivered with no conviction from any of the actors
  • anrena31 March 2017
    Ghost in the Shell... What a great movie it was... in 1995...

    This new iteration has taken away EVERYTHING that was great in manga, movies and series... There is bad casting followed by bad acting. There is bad animation [ deep-dive scene?! wtf?! ] and bad writing... There was another proof that a background is more important than skill in the way #RupertSanders executed this production and by execution I mean slaughter, decapitation...

    None of the brilliant atmosphere is there, no consideration of sound as an integral part of the story, no attention to detail at all [ grave ]... It's just a sad, sad, westernised, washed away action movie with branding that probably costed more than that poor CGI.

    As a final stab-wound, we have one person speaking Japanese and a bit of soap opera at the end... Almost like it was made in UK...

    Both me, who grew up on the good-old stuff, and my friend who I introduced to the franchise recently through previous movies - left the cinema disappointed and wanting to re-watch the original.

    Do not pay for cinema... It's not worth it. Wait for torrents... Don't give them money to do this again, please!
  • This money seeking product has been homogenized, pasteurized and sterilized by the Hollywood Lack of Originality Machine for the pickpocketing of the stupid. The end result is a product that is totally Americanized without any Japanese nutritional value but it contains a Japanese mother nonetheless. Acting ability is not a requirement.
  • fcabanski30 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    There's not much that's exciting in this movie. The action scenes are blah, and the story is based on a Manga/Anime that was a cheap ripoff of Robocop.

    People have robotic parts, but their humanity is more important than the body - that's the deep theme fans of the Manga/Anime drool over when they say this film missed the mark. But the mark, the base material, is as deep as a puddle.

    So the story, even at its best, wasn't going to be terrific. At least the action could have been, but it wasn't.

    The acting was wooden. The look generic. The music uninspiring.

    You won't miss anything if you miss this movie. You also won't miss anything if you miss the Manga and Anime.
  • trijalpasquale19 April 2019
    I don't need to pathetically hyper analyze it to hate it it. It was useless from start to finish. I really hated the movie, xouldn't wait for it to end. I wasn't sure what Hollywood would do with the film but it is the usual useless routine remake.
  • We thank you for making this remake. Please remake more Japanese films. Thank you for not having original scripts. Let me tell you why! I fell in love with my girlfriend's brother as a result of this American remake. We are so happy now as a result! Thank you very much!! Some of the best LGBTQIA content out there.
  • Maybe I had my hopes too high for this one. Like many other fans of the original material, this adaptation has intrigued me since the first trailers were available online, because it really looked nice visually, but, Is this movie worth to be part of the GitS universe?

    • Short answer: Not really. Not even nice try.

    • Long answer: The cinematography its truly remarkable, it somehow reproduce the atmosphere of the original anime, the decaying, depressing, dark megalopolis is correctly reproduced here (despite the giant weird advertisements that are spread around, that doesn't really make any sense, and didn't appear in the anime, what are they trying to sell?), the costumes, robots, and the general look and feel of the characters are quite satisfying and solid. The music is not bad at all, includes some of the original score and it work towards creating a dense and dark environment. The acting is standard, not bad at all. The script is.... ohhh boy, let me breath... to use nice words, the script seems to be written addressed to children or to very 'slow' people. All the rich complexity, all the mature and philosophical themes, all the sides of the story that the original material let out to be imagined by the viewer, all that is gone here. Here you can find a bland, generic script, that explain a generic origin story, that never tries to get into the philosophical or ethical implications of human body enhancements or AI. Where the characters are one-sided, good vs bad people. We are use to that over-simplification of a movie plot, since we sadly live in a world conquered by the 'marvel'/'batman' method of making a movie, where the plot should be simple and thin, the characters shouldn't have any grays and the action should be convoluted and confusing, full of minions to destroy for the sake of fill 100 minutes (well at least this adaptation has correct action scenes, that are easy to follow and most of the time are not annoying). To wrap up, a correct movie, that shines in the visual and action sides, but has a forgettable script and characters. It will probably perform good in the box office, and that worries me because what could come next, it will be really sad to see how they reduce Akira, Jin-roh, Evangelion or Cowboy bebbop to a generic action blockbuster without any of the things that made those stories great.
  • Do not remake stuff you do not understand. Seriously. Just because you work in the cash/treasury department at a Hollywood production company doesn't mean you need to commission a remake of every Japanese story that has sold a few tickets.

    May this be a lesson for those who want to remake Kimi No Na Wa. Prepare for failure. If we want to watch it..... WE WILL WATCH THE ORIGINAL!
  • This is such a weird movie to watch. I think I've see the animated GITS perhaps 50 times. And I owned the manga as well, which I read multiple times.

    In this movie I see pieces of the original, scenes done exactly like in the GITS anime. And they are nearly perfect, beautifully done. As many other reviewers have stated, the movie is a visual spectacle, but is, as is Hollywood, hollow. The original themes and story disintegrated into a hollow form that reeks of interference by those that never understood the original.

    It's a bit of a mix visually of The Matrix, Blade Runner, Assassin's Creed (the game), and weirdly, Max Headroom. It's like those in charge of the movie had a lot of great influences, but couldn't be creative enough to develop their own and didn't want to stick to the original GITS imagery for reasons I can't guess.

    The storyline is pure Hollywood and we've seen it a million times. It totally breaks away from the OG GITS and has a "bad guy" who, in his highly altered form is muscular, which is so weird and un-necessary. His voice glitches like Max Headroom, and he has to explain his whole "thing" to the audience, giving us a narrative instead of building a story that brings us to the internal struggle of The Major and the human condition or "ghost's" need to explore, evolve, become stronger in ways that seem dangerous or illogical to some. Evolution, indeed, is a critical piece of the story that is simply washed away.

    Add onto that the standard stagnant seen and heard in any other action movie one-liners and the multitude of advertisements with little to no character development and, you get a ho-hum 4 star rated overproduced underwritten predictable story with a lot of paint (visual effects) to cover up that fact and hope the shiny object will keep you from noticing.

    I'm personally tired of it. Of all the focus on gun fights, drugs, and fighting in general while dumbing down one of the most important stories told, a story with real-world, right-now consequences voiced by some of the most powerful in the world (Elon Musk) when it comes to AI, humans, and what kind of future to expect.

    As an adaptation of the OG GITS anime, it gets a 1 or 2 for trying and succeeding in the visual through some scenes (just an homage to the original) that are nearly frame-for-frame exact. But the most important part, the story, is gone. Stick to the anime or manga. Watch and read it several times. And remember that it predated the Matrix and perhaps even inspired it. It's brilliant and should have been given a more serious live-action representation. The actors all did their job. As did the visual effects artists. The writers and producers failed miserably on this one. As a stand-alone movie, ignoring the original material, it's a solid 5. Worth a watch if you like sci-fi movies.
  • I've seen this on my UHD TV in 4k and it looks great, but that is the only thing that is good in it. First of all, it has no sense, it is too bizarre. They wanted to transfer anime into Hollywood live action movie and they failed. I am not talking about white-washing and all that, but it is just hard to believe that so many white people are on high positions in Japan.Story is weak, action looks good, but it is to boring. Avoid it if you are in it for a good time.
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