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  • The story revolves around Will, a 6th year student who changes school, and tries to 'fit in' with a bunch of equally geeky types. This series made me laugh out loud several times per episode, which is a rare thing for me. It recaptures all the embarrassing awkwardness of late-teen school, where boys are just preoccupied with self-image, and getting laid. This series is very cleverly written, with lots of painful observations, and excellent characters, brilliantly played. I gave it ten out of ten, as nothing has come close to beating it this year. I would've given it 11, it's THAT good. We eagerly await a second series, and it can't come quick enough.
  • The Inbetweeners is a breath of fresh air to comedy programs, not over the top stupidity, nor do you have to be at all intellectual to find it funny, the plot revolves around 4 young students entering sixth form and follows there days as your average teenager, its the great mix of characters which makes this worth your time in watching as i'm sure most people can relate to one of the 4, based in the UK the "average" group of friends find them selves in all sorts of awkward, embarrassing and often hilarious moments which all of us would have probably encountered sometime or another in our teen years,I hope to see more of these new actors in the future, this series is just what we needed, a comedy of the new generation.
  • i watched this for the first time with low expectations despite seeing the adverts for it on e4 i thought that it couldn't be as funny as it looked.

    How wrong i was this is a hilarious take on growing up as a teenager no matter where your from everyone can relate to the story. Everyone has a mate who over exaggerates on their sexual exploits! Not to give too much away but i would definitely recommend that you give this a go!

    I think if this is seen on a mainstream channel this could be a serious hit!

    I challenge someone to watch this and try not to laugh, i failed after about 2minutes!
  • I watched this show by accident, thought it was something else. I was immediately hooked and wanted more. Unfortunately, out here in America we only get an edited cut down version, so I had to start searching online for complete original UK versions. It was not easy to find but was well worth the effort. Now I understand they have begun to make an American version; No way in "hell" will it be able to stand up to the original UK series. The show has non stop laughs and situations that almost anyone can relate to. Hopefully the American version doesn't hurt the good name "The Inbetweeners". Also wish would allow streaming on demand in for us fans in the US. BEWARE if you watch one episode, you'll be an instant fan. Great job channel 4!!!
  • The show literally deserves so much more fame with higher rating and I don't know how things are not like that because this squad is FIT. There was so much potential for the show but alas! The show lasted not for long. I wasn't on the 4th episode and I started grieving about how soon is this hilarious show is going to end. Chemistry is perfect between these 4. I got to know about British people more. It's so good.
  • A couple of mates with similar senses of humour got me into this during the second series and I have gone back and unearthed the first series. Well worth the effort! British comedy is alive and well in the cult shadows! This is hilarious because it represents a comedic image of how tragic most of our lives were as teenagers. It pulls off the awesome trick of being cool whilst proudly boasting central characters who aren't cool. They're not always nice, even. But they ARE true - and you've gotta love 'em for it! Check this out and laugh your nuts off, whilst guiltily hiding the fact that you were either as lovable yet pathetic as the heroes or as cool, snide and, deep-down, insecure as the bullies.
  • These 4 are really the best! A very funny show. Love the chemistry between the actors. I wish we got to see them grow into adulthood together. Maybe have a show when they are uni or something. It' s a really crazy show. I love how when you watch TV it's to forget about everything else. This show does that to you. You sit and have a good laugh and you know you can never be disappointed!! Great job guys! We need shows like this today. I believe if the show came out in 2016 instead of 2008 more people would have watched it and commented on it! shame it ended in 2012.I haven't seen the movies yet. Will def watch them tonight. Thank you NEtflix for this!
  • This is simply the best comedy series of all time! The humor and jokes just never becomes boring and you can watch it over and over again. The only bad thing about this series is that it's only 18 episodes.

    If you are in need of a laugh just turn on the inbetweeners and I promise you that it won't disappoint.

    My favorite series of all time! I can only rate it 10/10 because of the rewatch value it offers.
  • MAYESY-4426 May 2020
    You can't get much better than this comedy series, easy watch, full of laughs and great characters.
  • I'll keep this brief - THIS IS AMAZING!

    British humour at its finest. Every episode of every series is just phenomenal. No matter how many times I watch these, I still laugh just as much as I did the first time. Okay, it's very vulgar, but it's worth it in this case.

    Must-see series, glad they only made 3 series and didn't force it before losing its edge.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a common problem of sitcoms that they strain credibility so far in the search for laughs that I have to turn off in irritation. The Inbetweeners manages the twin achievements of a very realistic portrait of horny teenage boys and *funny*. Perhaps because of the commitment to reality. For example, the boys actually talk like me and my mates did at that age; no fecks or fudging, if you know what I mean.

    The characters are finely observed, from the clever-ish but slightly pretentious Will to the potty mouthed Jay, and superbly acted; no Eastenders hamming here.

    This should be a massive hit, if it gets shown on a major channel.
  • kikkapi2017 August 2014
    Just brilliant...

    Painfully reminiscent of my own teenage years, The Inbetweeners is an unbelievably funny look into the lives of four awkward teenage misfits. Very cleverly written and very funny, it's a show I can watch over and over again and cry with laughter just like I did when I first watched it.

    The Inbetweeners is a fantastically written British comedy that has quirky and well developed characters and entertaining plots to boot. Don't deprive yourself of this brilliant comedy - go on YouTube now and start watching. You won't regret it.
  • STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    Will (Simon Bird) is a privately educated, well spoken young man who for reasons beyond his own control is moved to a state comprehensive school, where his middle class mannerisms and appearance gain him a less than warm welcome from the other pupils. However, he soon makes some new 'friends' in the shape of Jay (James Buckley) a rather unpleasant young man with a disturbing obsession with all things sexual, Neil (Blake Harrison) a gormless looking young man whose father displays unfortunate homosexual tendencies and Simon (Joe Thomas) the most well rounded of the trio and their only means of getting around with his 'sh!tty little yellow car', the uncoolest yellow vehicle in a British sitcom since Del Boy's Reliant Robbin. We follow this comically mismatched group around as they stumble from one misadventure to another with hilarious consequences.

    It's interesting to note the path British sitcoms have taken in the last thirty years or so, from being the sort of stuff you could comfortably show repeats of on daytime telly nowadays to the alternative comedy that tends to find it's slot late at night on Channel 4. Art imitates life, though, not the other way round, and so this is really just a reflection on changing social attitudes and society in general more than anything. And so we have The Inbetweeners, which hits you like a hammer with it's sheer excessiveness, which, shockingly just makes it even funnier.

    It's actually quite a high concept idea of a posh looking/speaking young man and placing him with ordinary looking teenagers of today, and even more subversive to make everything so gratuitous. But clever writing makes this show as much as anything else, coming mainly from Bird's continuous voice overs each episode, where he runs over the pratfalls of everything the group have found themselves in with a great condescending tone. A running trade mark of the show is for him to let rip at the end at how ridiculous or unfair something he has got caught up in is (apart from one where he launches some drunken homophobic abuse at Neil's dad!) as well as to have a recap at the end of each episode on the events that have just gone past where the most hilarious line ('inconsiderate arseholes', 'bumder!', 'will you stop staring at my t!ts?') somehow hits home all the harder.

    A relentless onslaught of foul language, crude sexual referencing, cynical cruelty and outrageous indecency, The Inbetweeners is a thoroughly depressing, but well written and very funny, reflection of young people today. Well, some...****
  • Wow. Whilst it's a shame there were only ever 3 series' made of the Inbetweeners, that does feel like the perfect amount.

    This ongoing tale of 4 best friends is hilarious, rude and often awkward from day one until the very end.

    Every single day there seems to be a new challenge ahead - And of course, challenges which they cannot overcome without some sort of disaster happening.

    Certainly in need of the age limit it comes with, but once you watch it, you just won't stop. My parents aren't fans of vulgar humour and explicit jokes, but even they thought this was pure gold.

    If you're looking to learn how to get through high school, then look elsewhere.
  • For the first time in my life I've found a reason to turn to the E4 channel, never thought that would happen.

    Inbetweeners wins because it's often very funny in a way that you find yourself laughing out loud, in my case, because it relates strongly to what my mates and I got up to in our school years.

    True it is full of horrible characters, not least the ultra cynical teacher Mr Gilbert, but as I remember school, it was actually packed with arrogant yet insecure individuals and this show hits that spot on.

    I would agree and it's no surprise being on 'yoof' orientated E4, that the show may be geared to the school of making 'hip' comedy, which I not a fan of, but then at the same time it's an often very funny show, so all is forgiven.
  • The Inbetweeners for me is a quality, witty, and funny situation comedy, that tackles teenager's issues ( such as relationships, friendships, sexuality, alcohol and drug abuse) in a very comic way. It's well scripted, and the choice of actors is good as well. The misfortunes that keep happening to the main four characters(Will, Jay, Simon and Neil) entertain us- the audience, and keep us laughing pretty much throughout the whole programme. Every new commissioning of the programme series is well accepted of the viewers. I think that a reason for this is that each one of us has once been a teenager, and engages themselves with the lives of these characters.
  • This is by far one of the funniest shows I've watched. I can re watch these over and over. If you haven't watched it, then you need too.
  • osman9874 June 2010
    Anything that has ever happened to any teenager, is mercilessly inflicted upon the four main characters, in a manner which is absolutely hilarious. The characters are portrayed in a manner which is not realistic, but conforms to the stereotypes, giving them strong character, and only increasing the humour of the show, and the circumstances they are put through are masterfully crafted, in a parody of life in the sixth form. You will be sitting laughing so much you cannot breathe, especially with a group of your mates. This show is well worth getting!As a side note, the humour in Inbetweeners is most certainly not for family viewing, containing strong language, and jokes of a sexual nature. Roll on season 3....
  • For having the show in America. This show is hella funny! I only wish the English would do more episodes than 6 per season.
  • There is nothing original, subtle or profound about The Inbetweeners. In fact, it would rank as one of the most crass, vulgar and shameless comedies that has ever been made, often crossing the line into 'barely acceptable' territory. And this is exactly why I love it. Pure unadulterated indecency has it's place in the world of comedy, and few shows have ever pulled it off quite as well as The Inbetweeners. The combination of a brilliant cast, simple yet brutal writing and a nice middle-class suburban backdrop make for one of the most watchable comedies in the history of UK television. I appreciate it's brevity, at just 18 short episodes, which help preserve its quality and originality. I also like the fact that it came just before the social media explosion of the 2010s, which has allowed it to capture the simpler times before the era of attention-seeking conceited behaviour pervaded teenage culture.
  • In looking at the reviews for this show, I saw that only one person outside of the U.K. had reviewed it. Although I didn't agree with there comparison to That 70'S Show, I did agree that this show is hilarious. I have a problem trying to compare it to anything, because I don't think there's anything comparable to it on American television. I guess the biggest thing that sets it apart from American shows, is the dialouge. With word's like sh*t, spunk, bender, bell end, and many others being thrown out so often. It makes me wonder what differences there are in the ratings systems in the U.K. On the B.B.C channel its rated tv14. But if it were an American show it would have to be TVMA. I'm not complaining though. But the premise of the show is a pretty tried an true one, teens trying to get laid, drunk, and all the other things that pop into the adolescent mind. Plenty of laughs, highly recommended.
  • Unfortunately I didn't start watching this until the third series. My daughter made me watch it. I laughed so much but also squirmed a bit too as it reminded me of the things we would do and say as kids. I love this about movies or television series. Great work and no doubt awesome memories from the writers.

    The Americans have made a version of this, don't even bother. I can't understand why they do this, they don't even have inbetweeners. They should just let it stand as the funniest programme to be made in a very long time.

    It's so good when they can pick out unknowns and produce magic like this. Kudos to the whole acting and production team.

    It's a shame they are no longer inbetweeners and we probably won't be seeing anymore series being made. But what about the next class of inbetweeners? Make another one channel 4, it worked well with Skins. So why not?
  • This is a sitcom series well worth seeing. Not only does it outline the desperation of people in the late teens, but it continuously pokes fun at gulf in social stereotyping at that age too. The situations the four boys find themselves in never grows tired as each individual scenario is both different and hilarious. A must see! It is worth watching them in chronological order as there is underlying back story to a certain degree, but single episodes can be watched as there isn't continuation. The lives of the four boys intertwine to such an extent that their actions invariably affect the life of one of the other's and their interactions and efforts regarding women certainly are pure comic genius. Great comedy and good character building will leave you in stitches guaranteed!!
  • First came across this show in the "People who liked this show also like.." section of IMDb (love that tool, it's just like the recommendations side bar of youtube, brings you to great things) Anywho, I watched the movie, thought it was alright. However I like the show much better. Honestly had me laughing out loud at least a couple times for each episode. It's a very crude sense of humour though, so if you don't find that funny, chances are you won't like the show.

    As much as I would have liked more episodes, I think the amount there were was fitting. It never got too out of hand.

    All in all, excellent show. good for some laughs. I will definitely be checking out some other British comedies. I've seen some commercials for the new MTV version of this show. I can't imagine how they'll do it. I haven't seen Skins (either UK or American) but apparently MTV didn't do it justice. I think the issue is that the American version of the show they bleep out all the swears and blur out certain body parts. Like I mentioned earlier, this show has a crude sense of humour. You just can't do crude and be censored. However as a fan of this show I'll check it out just to see how they do.

    ANYWAYS, this show if great. check it out if you haven't yet.
  • koncusion26 July 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished the 3rd season and it was f****** funny as s***. It's a shame the show only lasted 3 seasons and didn't show up on American TV tell recently. I really loved the difference in British language. It took me a while to catch on to what some of their words meant. I do have to say that it's a little unclear between the movie and the show what happened because i thought Simon was moving away. The best difference is the drinking age. Wish that was the same in America. The throw up was probably the funny part cause it always seemed to happen when things went badly. Glad to know the British can party hard. Well done!!! Well done!!!
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