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  • B class movie, low budget, fine plot.

    The plot is okay, it has some plot holes and I find few things illogical, but it is still watchable. I very much liked the twist. It is a bit different from other thrillers.The movie is talking about a big problem in the world and it is depressive.

    Michael Madsen and Lazar Rockwood are starring, they did a great job acting, but in my opinion other actors haven't done a good job as those two. It is visible that the movie is low budget and B class.

    Still the movie is okay, i don't regret i watched it. Personally, I think there could be a better version of this story with some changes in plot, bigger budget and stronger cast.

    Overall the movie is okay, but not so good I would recommend it to my friends, but it is watchable and perfectly fine if you want to kill 81 minutes.

    My rating 5/10
  • maleficarus15 September 2013
    I just finished watching this movie and I thought it was a really well made movie overall. Filmed in my home town Toronto, Canada. If you are looking for a decent suspense-thriller type of movie then this one should fit your bill!

    I gave this movie a 7 out of a possible 10. The acting was good as well as the plot. The story while sad happens far too much these days. These type movies are always hard for me to watch because it deals with children being abducted. This one even comes with a nice twist to the plot. Go rent this movie, sit down and make a bag of popcorn you should enjoy this movie like I personally did.