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  • Multiple intertwining stories are becoming quite common in Hindi cinema. Examples include ' a Metro', 'Sirf', 'Mumbai Meri Jaan', 'Firaaq' and now 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny'. In Sudhir Mishra's film, the common link between the stories is the title character. Johnny is a teenager who dreams of going to Dubai one day and he hopes that one day he will get enough money (either from Priya, Parvez or a pimp). However, all the characters have their own struggles, their own dreams and ambitions that are linked with others and it's only a matter of time that Johnny finds himself involved in their mess.

    Sudhir Mishra has made some amazing movies like 'Hazaar Khwahishein Aisi' but 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny' isn't one of them. The pace is slow in the beginning. The Sudhir Mishra - Soha Ali Khan track looks contrived and ill fitting with the rest of the storyline. Moreover, some of the other subplots required development. The Abhay Deol item number is quite pointless. Some sequences which are suggestive and while the ambiguity may be intentional, it adds nothing to the film. Soha Ali Khan and Karan Nath give theatrical performances while Neil Nitin Mukesh still has a long way to go (he's pretty much in his 'Johnny Gaddaar' mode).

    On the plus side, the background score and cinematography are excellent. Kay Kay Menon, Shahana Goswami and Saurabh Shukla give first rate performances. Debutant Sikandar Agarwal is impressive too. Some of the dialogues work well while others are ordinary.

    'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny' may not be Mishra's best but it's still worth the watch. The concept is somewhat refreshing and you want to know what fate holds for these characters (even though they're not particularly likable).
  • Not up to the mark by Sudhir Mishra. Who has got good talent. He needs to leave all the star-sons first and come up with characters not Heros For example, Soha, Neil-Nitin-Mukesh-blah-blah.

    Concept on Mumbai is ordinary, some scenes seems repeat. Too much light is clearly visible in many scenes. Item number, full length songs is not what I expect from Sudhir. No proper characterization because of too many of them. Plots seems to be ending badly, some stories are being shown parallel without any connection.

    This tale is being told by a teenager boy's perspective. He is working with as road-side tea seller. He is acquainted to his customers and boss in the city. However, the story goes beyond his direct connections. He is tempted to cooperate in a stealing, because he wants to go to Dubai. I liked the part where the media spoiling someone's private life without consent. Finally, high pitch voice of Sukhwinder is annoying.
  • I must say an excellent work by the Writer and Producer. It is composed of very closely knit three stories which all go hand in hand because of the character Johnny. It was only after watching the full movie one can understand the relation between "Lehar and VadaPav". Just to give you'll a clue the movie is just made to narrate the story -the ambition of a chai wala Johnny to go Dubai from Mumbai (vadapav). While during this journey starts various things happen in between which are depicted an excellent manner.

    Johnny to fulfill his dream of moving to Dubai helps various characters of the movies in both their good and bad deeds. Johnny helps various people in their work so that they can help him back in fulfilling his dream. But as said nothing goes as planned and all sort of issues keep cropping up every now and then.

    Neil Nitin (Parvez) loves wife of Kay Kay Menon (Inspector Chiple) and even had illicit romantic relationship with her. Parvez while tracking the Mr. Chiple lifestyle comes to know a lot of things from Johnny. Promising Johnny to give a handsome bribe, he takes his undue advantage in robbing the black money accumulated by Chiple. Job gets accomplished but Johnny gets no money but a slap and little bit of hugging from Parvez. Moral was that Johnny looses.

    Begam on which Johnny depended a lot and used to deposit all his money with her also was killed leaving Johnny empty handed as usual.

    A very soft story of Soha Ali Khan, his secret lover along with his so called boyfriend also influences Johnny a lot. But like usual Johnny expectations never gets fulfilled here as well. Parvez gets caught and both the Mr. and Mrs. Chiple expire. A lot of stuff happens in between which sometimes make the story a joke, sometimes suspense. Inspector kills a waiter and says sorry it happened because his head was paining.

    Now who gives Johnny money and whether he utilizes it or not? Did he ever reach Dubai? Answers for all these questions are given in last 3 minutes of the flip.
  • grvmehra0912 December 2010
    The movie is about the journey of a boy Johny whose only dream is to go to the city of dreams Dubai and so he has the need of money to fulfill his dream. Johny is the central character other characters revolves around him.

    The movie has got nice camera work and precise scissors of the editor. Dialogues are sometimes difficult to understand, but that ends up adding to the over all tension of the movie. All the performances are up to the mark especially soha ali khan and Shahana goswami acting is fabulous. In first half the movie is the little slow but after intermission story goes faster and you will always try to think about next scene and ending. The ending of movie is very well mannered(it was the the best possible ending of the movie)

    If anyone interested in real, earnest, crackling-with-life portrayal, definitely this movie is worth a watch.