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  • This is a very poorly made film, one that is filled with all the Gay, Jewish and Italian stereotypes you can imagine. The acting is poor, with the actors delivering their lines like they are reading them from a teleprompter. There is no chemistry between the two actors portraying the gay son and his partner so that becomes unbelievable. Low budget doesn't always have to mean a poor production but it certainly does in this case! Just not worth watching at all.
  • mbuchwald10 September 2009
    I also saw OY VEY MY SON IS GAY in Montreal and was very disappointed. Full of clichés, both Jewish and gay, it was hard to believe that families would behave the way they did in today's western world. Maybe in the 70s. The acting was over the top; mugging to the cameras; gratuitous use of Carmen Electra's physical charms. The cast of characters were all stock: Jewish parents, relatives both pro- and anti-gay, opposite types as male lovers, siblings who understand but stay silent. The list could go on. One could have predicted the denouement of the movie after 10 minutes. I don't recommend this film unless you are amused by trashy, Hollywood-type entertainment masquerading as an independent movie.
  • I saw Oy Vey My Son Is Gay last week when I was visiting a friend in NYC. They were doing a screening of the film for amfAR.

    After the cartoon intro, the actual film started off odd and very choppy. It was almost uncomfortable to even watch. As the film progressed, I had high hopes for the movie. A good cast and with so much going on in the gay community, a good chance to really talk about relevant subject matters through comedy.

    I was disappointed on all levels. The film was simply embarrassing to watch. Instead of focusing on relevant subject matter it perpetuated obvious stereotypes of the GLBT community. I'm a proud parent of a gay child and I was offended that this was the best that they could come up with.

    I'd highly recommend seeing something else. It was waste of an hour of my time. No good messages to walk away with. I doubt it will ever make it into a theater.
  • I caught this film at the Montreal Film Festival and absolutely loved the film. The writers did a great job of blending serious subject matters with humor seamlessly.

    The film's cast couldn't have been chosen more perfectly. Lainie Kazan and Saul Rubinek were really great together.

    The film made me laugh at times and cry at others. If you can imagine blending My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Mambo Italiano, you have Oy Vey...

    The music to the film was great as well.

    All around a good film.
  • tonyw-2130 August 2009
    I saw the world premiere at the World Film Festival(FFM) in Montreal. The film is hilarious, and will appeal to a wide range of communities - gays, Jews (of course!), Italians (a surprise), mothers who lay awake at night worrying about their unmarried sons, etc. The film explores a sensitive issue with humour and passion. The acting is quite good, and the cinematography is colourful. I liked the pace of this film - it definitely does not plod along! Filmed in Seattle (of all places), the setting is quintessential NYC. I found the ending a bit strange and perhaps out of sync with the rest of the film. I definitely recommend this film, and hope it gets a commercial release.
  • mark-281723 September 2009
    I had an opportunity to see "Oy Vey! my son is gay" in Montreal,where this movie was world premiered. Absolytely fabulous!!! I just want to thank those who made this film and brought it to the big screen. It is truly clever and entertaining family comedy, I was watching it in a company of my teenager sons. My kids were talking about this film for the rest of the evening.I would definitely recommend go and watch it!

    Forget the fact it was entertaining, it brings this important powerful

    message to every one out there about unconditional love and acceptance. Very nicely done, was very much surprised with such an amazing cast for low budget film. I truly hope it ll be theatrically realized for more people watch and enjoy. Good luck!!!
  • This had so much potential for being a moderately humorous, somewhat heart-warming movie. Even if it used recycled subplots from other ethnic comedies about families coming to terms with a son who announces he's gay and a son coping with their response to the news, with this cast, it could have at least achieved mediocrity. Mediocrity remained only an unrealized dream

    I kept watching this with the hope that the cast would eventually come to the rescue, given the apparent absence of both a director and script, but about half-way through the movie I admitted defeat, cut my losses and hit the stop button.

    There is nothing to like here and it is amazing to think this disaster was produced in the 21st century. Lainie Kazan seemed to struggle with the whole concept of being the stereotypical Jewish mother. When she repeatedly spat out "shiksa" or "mazel tov" she sounded like a southern Baptist speaking a foreign language and her self-absorbed inability to hear anything her son or husband said wasn't cute & comical. It was ham- fisted, poorly timed and sophomoric.

    I actually felt sorry for Saul Rubinek. He sometimes had a glazed look as if he was aboard a sinking ship with no more lifeboats. His occasional displays of despair were probably less motivated by his character's son coming out than by the realization that he had signed onto this disastrous production.

    If you have fond memories of the Bates Motel in Psycho, I think they used some of those old sets in this movie. The greatest expense in producing this film must have been for plywood.
  • depgirl5 September 2009
    OY VEY MY SON IS GAY recently had its world premier at the Montreal International Film Festival, opening to a little too enthusiastic audience. It is nothing more than a schmaltzy stereotypical Hollywood film about a New York Jewish family trying to accept their son who just came out of the closet.

    Despite the lineup of famous names including Lanie Kazan, Vincent Pastore (Pussy from The Sopranos) and Carmen Electra (of Baywatch fame), OY VEY was badly acted and edited with a weak story line incorporating every ethnic cliché in the book and making this movie very painful to watch. And with its cast of shallow characters, this film fails to deliver any real message.

    OY VEY opens up with a cartoon sketch introducing the characters and would have made a really cute film as an animation. It would have also been better suited for television and really should have been made into a play first in order to be adapted for the big screen.

    OY VEY MY SON IS GAY was written, directed and produced by Evgeny Efineevsky, who has a few films under his belt from Israel, yet it seems like it could have been made by any film student.
  • Worth watching simply to see how far public attitudes have (or in some cases, haven't) changed regarding gay marriage and adoption. It's not a very good movie, although its heart is in the right place. The performances are good-natured and you can predict the happy outcomes. Suspend disbelief as the family is shocked to discover Bruce Vilanch is gay. To me, the oddest thing is the casting of John Lloyd Young as the gay son. At the time, Young was hot off his Tony winning role in Jersey Boys. He doesn't sing in this movie and the relationship with his boyfriend is tepid at best with a few kisses on the cheek. Both actors seem far too old for their stereotypical coming out roles. If the title makes you laugh, then you'll enjoy the movie.
  • I saw this film last night at a special viewing for the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The director/writer/producer was on hand for a Q&A after the presentation and of the many questions asked there was one idiot who reflected the narrow-minded opinion that a couple of reviewers have hit on here in this forum. Yes, the movie has a lot of stereo-types and clichés but for those who suggest those are no longer pertinent or happening today as this generation comes out, YOU'RE WRONG! I sat through the movie laughing to the point of tears at times BECAUSE so many of the situations were EXACTLY like my coming out in the last decade. This movie is sensitive to those issues and does tackle the issue of Gay Adoption in a loving way. It is not a documentary or drama, it is a comedy and light-hearted about a tough subject. Thanks for bringing it to us! GREAT cast and wonderful director! I hope we do see it in mainline theatres and that parents and kids who have gone this route can laugh about it together!
  • geierdmtr24 September 2009
    I watched this movie last week and its an excellent attempt on a Jewish/gay comedy.. love all the actors, the performances are superb. the message of the movie is very current, hopefully its going to change a couple of hearts at least. So good to see such a good script to come to life, great job. watching it made me realize how things are changing, and movies like this one are becoming mainstream, which was unheard of just a decade ago. what a progress, and even if prop 8 passed, those are the signs that the times of discrimination are slowly becoming the past and equality and normality are very close. watch the movie and experience how extraordinary circumstances become normal.
  • franjen292729 March 2010
    My daughter and I saw this film October 29, 2009. We enjoyed the movie very much. I couldn't wait to see this, and was not disappointed.. We laughed and cried through the whole movie! And was so happy with the family friendly, film!

    I'm hoping to see it again, sometime soon! Sorry to read that people didn't enjoy it, what's not to like?? : )) We left that night in a very good mood, isn't that what going to the movies is all about! Congratulation's to the Director and the fabulous cast!

    I hope more people get to see this film. Stories like this need to be told. Because we have to teach our children and grandchildren that Love, it's all that matters!

    Thank You, Oy Vey!
  • This is a film that differs from the rest. It sends a deep message but isn't in your face about it. It was an enjoyable film and kept me entertained, and i recommend it to everyone because no matter who you are I'm sure you will appreciate the overall message of it. The cast is what makes this film work, and the fact that it shows a different perspective on a particular situation is what had me hooked from the beginning. The Jewish parents in this film are definitely relatable and comical. When i first was asked to watch it I didn't really want to because it was a film about a Jewish gay man, but once i saw it I was happy i did because it wasn't in your face about those subjects, it was overall about a more deeper issue, which is the issue of acceptance and loving your family for who they are. It was delightfully handled and seems like it was made for an entire family to enjoy.
  • asaelmart20098 November 2010
    Just recently saw the movie in Atlanta, it was amazing!!! it nice to see a movie that can relate to today's families, and not another typical gay movies were sexual encounter goes over the top.

    This is a great movie to see with anyone, family, friends, gay or straight, it's very funny but at the same time it clearly pass the message to everyone who's watching of acceptance and love. Am very pleased with this movie and hope it makes it to the theaters nationwide so everyone can really enjoy it. Great work by the cast and Excellent JOB to the Director of the movie. Wish the best!

    I highly recommended for people to go and watch it if is coming near you, it will be worth it.
  • bgoo-1989024 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This Movie was fun,well paced and sensitive. It touched on several serious issues with out drama and cliche . The movie has a very broad appeal with it's Jewish and Italian American Family theme. Lainie Kazan and Saul Rubinek were so very naturally funny. Jai Roderiguez and John Lloyd Young had a natural chemistry. There are some other memorable performances by Carmen Electra,Bruce Vilanche and the real surprise was Vincent Pastore as Jai Rodriguez's characters Dad. This is a fun ,lite movie.
  • melanie-warner-5326 December 2010
    Oy Vey My Son Is Gay! Is a wonderful film about love, family, and acceptance. The comedic film brings family and friends for great quality time with those who enjoy a good laugh while portraying the message of acceptance and family across. A son confesses to his parents about love for a man and hopes his family will accept the new relationship that has been built upon the two lovers. Other situations in the film are displayed, such as the relationship between the two lovers, perspective from both sides of the families, and learning to accept the situation at hand. This film is wonderful because the message will help others be more understanding about the topic at hand. Real life situations are played out in the film, whether people may relate to the film or not, majority of people know someone who may be going through the same experience.
  • This movie really surprised me, It is definitely one of the best independent films i seen this year. I have to admit some of the dialog was cheese ball and sometimes the storyline feels like it was written for a different time. But the cast of this movie really makes this movie believable especially the parents played by Lainie Kazaan and Saul Rubinek.

    The movie put simply is just funny. It has so many very awkward moments that make you cringe because you have been in that situation.

    I related to this movie because I grew up in a very conservative family that valued there traditions. The family in this movie just reminds me so much of my family.

    I would definitely recommend seeing Oy Vey! Cheers!
  • stefinoraf23 April 2010
    First of all I want to excuse me for my bad English :P

    I'm Italian and I had the opportunity this fantastic movie yesterday at the ending night of the Glbt Film Festival in Turin in European Preview...

    In spite of my bad abilities in listening to English language and watching it with Italian subtitles it made me laugh almost all the time. it's very funny but it is speaks about delicate issues at the same time!

    I want just to express my congratulations to the director, the cast and everybody worked for the film.

    A very good film that everybody should see... a way to feel lots of emotions!!!