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  • No screen credits for writing or camerawork are listed on this release in James Avalon's Erotica X series, either an oversight or a hint that this wasn't a big deal entry.

    The four romantic vignettes rely heavily on voice-over to set up the background for basically "sexual initiation" scenes. Most alluring cast member Gianna Dior seduces Michael Vegas on a date in her "Immoral Proposal" mansion, after clumsily setting up the scene by pretending to be nearly blind without her contact lenses. Sloppy end credits list Dior twice and leave Michael out entirely.

    A scene of Dani Rivers as school kid bamboozling her dean Damon Dice into humping her is very silly, while the opener of cross-country runner Violet Rain having sex with her coach Jay Smooth at least opens up the production with location footage of her running, shot via a drone.