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  • If you didn't know Esther before, you'll see her comedy, and a look in to who she is while having some laughs. If you already know Esther, you'll laugh you ass off and want to be adopted in to her family.

    I was super happy to see her first comedy special and it far exceeded my expectations. It was unlike any "comedy special" I've seen and interpreted so many... things.
  • Really well done special, and a really unique look into Esther herself.
  • This special felt like something that was written in one day. The only thing that's good about the special is that it has structure to it unlike Chris D'elia or Brendan Schuab who has awkward transitions and goes off topic alot. However it lacks the most important aspect of comedy, creativity. These jokes are the kind of jokes you will hear in a middle school. There's no surprise element to her jokes at all, you could've guess half the punchlines. This is something I would have expected from an average joe, not a "professional".