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  • lor_28 April 2018
    The late great Sin City Entertainment had two budget labels: Sinister and Mayhem, devoted to releasing gonzo crap. "Ass Traffic" is from Mayhem, and about as entertaining as that endless series of TV insurance commercials featuring an actor portraying Mayhem.

    Tory Lane is credited as director and both participates and introduces various all-sex segments focused on anal action. It's a compilation of material released years earlier in the "Assploitation" series, documented by one segment having Ariana Jollee (who gets her name listed twice in the opening credits but with two different spellings) introducing the action as part of "Assploitations.

    Both Jollee and Lane do their Max Hardcore thing with gusto, but to what end? As I survey various top Adult labels like Sin City, Adam & Eve and Digital Playground, including their lesser efforts, it becomes obvious that much of their time and money went to generating ephemeral sludge not that far removed from the voluminous assembly line of internet "content" that IMDb laughingly lists as so-called "TV series", cluttering up the website with information that no one, myself included ever consults. "Ass Traffic" joins this material on the garbage heap of porn history.