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  • With Sienna West, Nikki Fairchild and other fine femmes on the payroll, Will Ryder saves his bacon in one of his sex by the pound videos. Title premise of young MILFs is arbitrary and pointless. Whether this is better or worse than one of his bread & butter porn parodies/ripoffs is a matter of taste.

    The five segments see our beauties humping the usual overworked porn studs like Lee Stone and John West, counterbalancing the expected big breasts parade with plenty of beefcake. Nominal story setups for the vignettes are haphazard and ephemeral, as this is merely a wall-to-waller masquerading as something more.

    I enjoyed IR action from Nikki and the only attempt to inject something unusual into the mix was a verbal reference to a character as "Jeff Mullen" which happens to be the name of the video's producer. Highlight of the DVD is seeing Kelly Nichols at work in the BTS short subject as the makeup lady -nice to see her in steady employment after her acting career wound down.