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  • For a decade and a half Mandingo has been slotted as porn's Big Dick poster child. His success predated the current mania for IR videos spotlighting big black dicks impaling little white chicks (the territory definitively covered by Jake Steed a decade and a half earlier), but overall the big M has cemented his footnote in Adult history.

    This particular series is named simply for the cash register, as Kirdy Stevens' incest movies "Taboo" and sequels have proved the most durable successes, perhaps of all time. There is no taboo or any plot hook whatsoever at work here, just Mandingo repetitively sizing up and humping mainly white women. Exception is Indian ancestry Leah Jaye, always a welcome site this time traveling to Chatsworth from her London base.

    But the reason I loved this DVD when it was released is Kelly Divine. She has had many interesting roles and been featured often in "big bottom" epics, but here she is wonderfully photographed in extreme low angle (camera position between M's legs) giving the man a blow job that is quite memorable. This particular angle maximizes through distortion the size of her breasts and makes "Mandingo Taboo 2" a keeper among so many hundreds of generic Mandingo performances.