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  • Karen Dior introduces viewers to an all-sex video, assuring us there will be no story or bad acting. Considering how dominant that production choice has become in porn, you can't say she was commercially wrong, but the downside is when you have no story to hang onto or no attempts at acting to distract you, the sex would need to be much better than what you get here.

    Lony Brown and. Jason Pride have the first segment, with not much to remember, aside from the awkwardness of both of them attempting oral sex with condoms. The reasons for doing so are obvious, and commendable, but unless it's your fetish, there isn't much to get out of seeing people chewing on rubber. No wonder he struggles with his performance at times.

    Monet Luv and Steve Spain are the closest the movie gets to some genuine heat, helped by Luv being such a striking presence. Your eyes follow her, and Spain also seems to enjoy what he's doing.

    Finally, one-shot Amanda (I added her to the database) and Sharon Kane try to find some spark - almost literally in one instance, as they bump breasts and bodies like sticks of wood. Sharon is always a pro, generally not capable of a bad scene, but this is for completists only. Still, she bumps this up from three stars to the very unlikely chance she's reading the review, I hope she sees that as a compliment.