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  • RobertLThorpe20 March 2014
    So, um, yeah.. What good can be said of this movie? I am going with nothing. The film is so predictable and terrifyingly bad, it makes me wonder who the heck produces this garbage. Lets start with the story, or lack thereof. A bunch of kids get taken and put into some contraptions where they can talk to each other and try to figure out who and why they are there. One by one they die in the most boring way imaginable. The reason they are there is OBVIOUS and the bad guy is so OBVIOUS because the amount of attention put to the guy they want you to believe is the bad guy is so over blown you know it is not him. The little boxes they are put in are so ridiculously flimsy that only a moron can't get out of them. The acting - ugh, some of the worst since watching Kristen Stewart stare her way through Twilight.. The found footage follow me videotape this whole thing as we are earthing for our friends is never a good idea because in that situation, who would really take the time to video themselves searching for their friends? Not to mention all the little static transition scenes that only take away from the building up tension. This film is to be missed at all costs..
  • Scarecrow-8816 December 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yet another independent horror flick(..based on a series, I have just discovered) modeled after the likes of SAW & THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has old high school friends, once party to ridiculing a kid named Tommy, attacked by a young man with a crow bar, his face masked, with them awakening to find themselves each trapped within a coffin rigged with little clues leading to why they are in their present situation. The film unequivocally paints a portrait towards Tommy, so it's obvious he's not the person responsible, but during the development of the plot, another candidate arises, an auto mechanic whose relations with two key characters adds dimension to the proceedings. The film isn't all that violent, and spends a great deal of time showing the scared victims scrambling for a way out and answers as to why they are in this predicament. Clippings from past recordings also play a heavy role in the developing plot as well. A lot of the time Brit Morgan(Mel)talks directly to the camera musing to her web blog about her perilous situation. VERY limited budget shows and the plight of the characters might provide unintentional chuckles thanks to their kooky environs and rather lame death sequences. An annoyance for me personally were the jumps and jerks of the camera screen as if something were wrong with the equipment or some sort of tape malfunction. I guess this was an artistic decision to show how the whole operation was put together in a raw sort of way by someone with limited experience in kidnapping and torturing folks, creating with the materials available to him.

    Tommy(Augusto Aguilar)is a smallish, quiet and timid fellow, who is considered creepy by his peers maybe because he wears black, has long hair and walks with his face often to the ground. Rick(Bram Hoover)is the attractive, wealthy and obnoxious bully, known for dating multiple girls, who mistreats Tommy. Tommy is in love with Rick's girlfriend, Becca(Greyson Chadwick, Dance of the Dead)and attempts to express his feelings. Travis(Jeff Blum)is the film's main cameraman, often following the occurrences surrounding Tommy and his mistreatment at the hands of Rick and others, such as Curtis(JR May), Sage(Nikki McKenzie) & Wylie(Natalie Wachen). The film's constant is the killer's various cameras recording the trapped victims, inside their homemade coffins, dying in constructed ways. Wylie is trapped in a coffin with pipes that send water. Rick's coffin is rigged with electrical cords. Curtis needs a specific pill and food or else he will go into shock with help on the opposite side of a glass window(..the kicker for this is that a mound of earth awaits such a decision). Meanwhile, Sage's "girlfriend", Melanie(Brit Morgan) and brother Travis(..the cameraman who was friends with Rick and the others, often even associating with Tommy;when he wasn't supporting those who ridiculed him by taping the shenanigans)are following text messages sent to her by the supposed mastermind behind the coffins and secret networking feeding both pursuer and kidnapped. This film often retreats to various cam-corder recordings leading up to the situation at hand with a determined, and rather manic, Mel pursuing any possible information her snooping can provide with Travis a nervous, reluctant tag-along who wishes she would calm herself instead of working into a frenzy. And, the possible danger that might await her seems to be a guiding reasoning behind Travis' pleas for her to back off the pursuit, particularly when she focuses her intent of auto mechanic Hayden(John Charles Meyer). Hayden's possible guilt grows as she finds out certain things about him throughout her nosing into his personal affairs. Everything, however, revolves around Becca. She's trapped within a box containing pink bubblewrap and is treated with better conditions than her fellow friends/prisoners. And, certain revelations regarding Becca come to light as the film continues. The mastermind behind the whole operation shouldn't surprise many people.
  • Five acquaintances are kidnapped by a mysterious man and imprisoned individually. They are buried with various clues and connected with each other with video. Melanie witnesses her friend Sage taken while they're online chatting. It's revealed that the five school friends had picked on weird outcast Tommy. Melanie goes in search for Sage with help from Travis.

    This is a run-of-the-mill bad found footage horror. It is nowhere near scary and flirts too closely with boredom. The found footage idea is tiresome and not that useful. Brit Morgan is pretty and a capable actress. There are too many of these types of bad found-footage horror. I would rate this lower if it wasn't so common.
  • joemamaohio26 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the popular FEARnet digital series, "Buried Alive" follows a group of friends who find themselves trapped inside coffins. As they unravel the clues, they discover that someone close to them is doing this. Meanwhile, above ground, siblings Meg and Travis try to unravel the mystery and save their friends before its too late.

    Even though it was cheaply done, I must say I was mildly amused by this flick. Sure, it's nothing short of an hour long, but it kept my interest. I only wish they would've made it longer so I could've had a feel for the characters and the overall story. Other than the shortness of the film, there wasn't a lot wrong with it.
  • carletonclements16 April 2019
    Just... Um... No... Who decided to publish this movie? Surely they thought, "Well, this movie didn't turn out well. Might as well save us a shred of dignity and leave it on the shelf..." But noooo~. "Let's give it to everyone to see!!" Everything wrong with movies, it's here: poor writing, terrible plot, excruciatingly bad acting; shocking directing... What's truly amazing is that I actually watched the entire film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you find yourself owning this movie then go ahead and just throw it in the trash. This movie is an absolute waste of time. It's as if a middle school student wrote this. The acting is on par with an elementary school play, the story is more predictable then the tides and the story is just stupid. These characters do not act like human beings. "Oh I just saw my friend kidnapped via our web cam, but I'm not going to call the cops I'm going to do a web cast about how I'm not sure why she wont return my phone calls" YOU WATCHED THE KIDNAPPING!!!!! CALL THE FREAKING COPS!!!!!! Seriously she never calls the cops she just keeps wandering around acting like a whack job. Lets not also forget the brother who thinks she is crazy despite the evidence showing the kidnappings. Do not ever watch this movie. If I could rate this any lower I would.