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  • Movies like this are hard to come by in Telugu cinema, So every single movies like this could be called 'Trendsetters'. KIKK scores points by being non clichéd(When compared to other Telugu movies at least). Siddu(Siddarth) is a only child of broken parents who falls in love with Geetha(Tamanna) a traditional girl and has to reunite his parents to get the permission from Geetha's father Subrahmanyam(Nazeer) to marry her.

    Siddarth plays another beautiful character and does so very well, Tamanna is unglamorous in her role and good. Prakash Raj and other supporting cast are also good in their roles. But truly the crew of the film are really scorers, Cinematography is excellent, Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is damn good and converts this movie into a musical. Screenplay and direction is also good, Dialogues are really humorous.
  • I somehow came across this movie title.. Downloaded the movie.. Downloaded the subtitle file as well since i don't know telugu.. Watched it and loved it!!

    The lead pair has done a good job. Siddharth is a known face in Hindi cinema thanks to his role in Rang De Basanti. He has charmed with his innocent acts. Tamanna has added to the sweetness of the film. Prakashraj has once again made his presence felt. The story is nothing new but the way it has been presented makes all the difference. I liked it even though I watched it with the help of subtitles. This movie has prompted me to try some more other language films. It never gets boring and is entertaining throughout. I recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The best part of the movie are the songs, cinematography and the comedy. The director went a little overboard with the sentiment part of it, but that is acceptable in current times when the quality of Telugu and Hindi movies suck

    The first song "egire egire" was really well shot. Especially the slow motion sequences in the song were very good.

    Even though it has the age old cliché's like girl and boy fall in love but their parents don't agree and at the end they agree..... it has some new concepts.

    Like, For instance the song "Anandama" starts right in the middle of a fight sequence..... when the hero realizes that he has fallen in love which is far more important the fight!

    Siddharth does a good job and is lovable. Tamanna is okay. Her face looks a little odd, especially her lips and hairstyle Brahmanandam does a great job and so does venumadhav. Both of them light up the screen whenever they are on it.

    All in all a great movie. U just need to close your ears a little towards the end when the ending is prolonged for a little too much.

    And go see it in a theater to appreciate the cinematography!
  • sumitlovesricky25 September 2012
    beautiful story,music,cinematography..... acting is up to the mark..... romantic also... youth-ism is also there... same time emotions are also there... shankar, ehsaan and loy have done good work with the music of the movie... songs are also awesome..... well composed movie.....sidhharth and tamanna have done real good job with the acting and prakash raj has added to the acting of the movie..then Nassar as Subramaniam has also done a commendable job.The soundtrack features 8 songs composed by Bollywood composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy with lyrics written by Sirivennela Sitaramasastri, Chandrabose and Ramajogayya Sastry..The film marks the Telugu debut of the composers but still they have done admirably well..a must vulgarity.totally Indian altogether a well produced and directed movie....I hope u will also enjoy the movie.......thanks