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  • In his previous tv series, he has set an example of portraying characters of substance while in the recent times, his choice has become so bad or may be he is obliged to do the next season and then ruins it. The plot is really bad that there was not comedy nor horror in there. Weird characters. Pathetic storyline. I would suggest don't even watch it even if you want to do time pass.
  • vasu-jain24 May 2020
    Talent like Sumit vyas is kind of wasted here, it can be better. Though a one time watch,
  • A one time watch, all characters play their roles very well however sumeet vyas steals the show. Eisha chopra is like always playing her character well and I find her very beautiful.
  • Neither comedy nor horror - leaves the audience as confused as Sumeet Vyas' expression throughout this pathetic waste of time. Cheap actors, costumes and editing - the wife seemed to always have her chest out on display - I am sure this could be edited as it was completely unnecessary and seemed out of place.
  • I found this series mediocre. Its not bad actually but not amazing either. You can watch this if you have nothing else to do.
  • Enjoyed watching Bhootiyagiri. Suneet Vyas was great! This series is nice mixture of bhootiya story and comedy at the same time. It nice for relaxing after work.