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  • Seems every movie Sandler does these days gets hated on. People saying this is the worst movie ever made in history...really? You people must not have seen many movies. Regardless of what Sandler does the rest of his career its now popular to point out how it sucks and not as funny as his old movies. I enjoyed this movie, laughing out loud several times. Sandler does a great job playing the father. The bachelor party scenes are epic, really feel for the characters. Uncle Vanny? Hilarious. At no point in this movie did I think "oh man this is the worst thing I've seen in my life." Had good feeling, good comedy, a solid entry to Sandlers recent works. Much much better than the one where he played his sister.
  • I do not see why there are so many people who hate on this movie, It is what it is, Its a comedy movie. In my opinion Sandler is going back to his comedic roots... I mean you cant tell me when he was on SNL and in some of his earlier movies he didn't act stupid, Maybe some of you reviewers are just getting old and don't know comedy anymore when you see it. See people need to stop critiquing a comedy like this based as though it was a movie in another genre. But thats just my opinion, If your looking for something funny I recommend seeing this. But you might need to be a specific age group, 12-36, I guess Sandler is tired of trying to make all you "old fools" laugh. Also Andy Samberg was great along with Will Forte and Nick Swardson, even though he only had like 4 lines.
  • And why did it rock? Because Sandler went back to his simple, old formula...giant man-child refuses to grow up! He never really impresses me all that much when he tries to get serious, but remember Billy Madison? Happy Gilmore? The same giant man-child who refuses to grow up formula works again! To all the people out there bashing this movie, pi-- off. If you're not a fan of toilet humor, then no, you're probably not going to like this movie. But if you're an Adam Sandler fan who loves his earlier stuff, this one is right up there with Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore! Hilarious! And Nick Swardson, of course, is hysterical as always! A perfect ten out of ten for me!
  • I want to start off by saying I have never been so confused by movie reviews in my entire life. Did people watch the same movie I saw? That's My Boy is the funniest Adam Sandler movie and in my opinion the funniest movie I've ever seen. I did not go longer than 5 minutes without hysterically laughing at the scenes in this movie. As a fan of movies such as Wedding Crashers, Old School, Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall just to name a few, this has to be the funniest movie out of the bunch. If you're looking for more than just laughs, than maybe the movie might not be right for you. And do not go into an R rated comedy expecting no dirty jokes. This is Adam Sandler at his raunchiest and funniest.
  • The reviews for the movie are terrible and I went thinking negatively all ready. To be fair, Adam Sandler does act immature and pretty stupid throughout the movie, but lighten up folks. This is an "off-the-rails" type of comedy. Thus, it's R rated for good reason, and there's plenty of cursing without reason, but I laughed hard and often. I actually was doing homework while watching and drooled a little bit on my textbook from laughing so hard. The action in the movie didn't stop.

    I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie with your parents. Maybe the movie isn't worth $9 at the theaters either, but if you're bored at home or wanting to rent a movie with some friends, definitely check this movie out! Hilarious.
  • Even my Grandma liked it. This movie is hilarious. Adam Sandler is finally back on track, in my opinion. The movie involved some of the stupidest comedy I have seen in years.

    The plot of the movie is actually quite descent, and it is a spiral of fun. You will laugh at the movie, and laugh with the movie. You will laugh at the movie because it can get very silly.

    Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg have AMAZING chemistry, and I think we are expecting more from the duo, well, hopefully! Susan Sarandon and Vanilla Ice are in the movie, yeah it's kind of weird, but hey, its funny!

    The movie is filled with R rated stuff, and I am so glad I went to see the movie. 8/10 = A-
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A dumb lead character in a comedy can result in a funny movie. However, if every other character is dumb enough to be even slightly charmed by a vulgar, drunken, slovenly 41-year-old man with an annoying voice who looks like a washed-up Guns N Roses roadie, plausibility flies right out the window, and so do the laughs.

    "That's My Boy" has more promise in its male leads than it ultimately delivers. After all, Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg have a lot more in common besides initials. They're both Saturday Night Live alumni who made names for themselves by writing original, funny songs. They also both practically single-handedly revitalized SNL's popularity by attracting a younger following.

    You would think a movie starring both of them would showcase each of their talents. Unfortunately, in "That's My Boy", Samberg was restricted to a straight man role, while Sandler routinely eats scenery with his atrocious Boston accent that sounds more Louisianan.

    The film's premise does not leave much room for laughs as it is. Sandler plays Donny, a native of Somerville, Massachusetts who, when he's 13 years old, has a thing for older women, particularly his teacher, Miss McGarricle (Eva Amurri Martino).

    When Miss McGarricle takes too much of a liking to the young Donny, they have sex, they get caught, and Miss McGarricle gets pregnant. She bears a son, but gets sentenced to 30 years in prison.

    In a contrived, totally unrealistic plot point that only serves as fodder for jokes later on in the film, young Donny is ordered by the court, who apparently had never heard of child care services, to raise his newborn son. Even more unrealistically, Donny becomes a celebrity, sells his life story for six figures, and blows his money away.

    The second part of that scenario rubbed me the wrong way already. Do you remember the name of the boy with whom 6th grade teacher Mary Kay Letorneau had sex? I don't. That boy was featured in the New York Times, but not on the cover of Teen Beat!

    Anyway, Donny's son Todd (Samberg) grows up to become a successful hedge fund manager, but only after moving away from Donny when he turned 18 (Again, child services anyone?). Donny, on the other hand, spends his money so irresponsibly that he ultimately owes $43,000 in back taxes.

    When he finds out about Todd's engagement to beautiful Jamie (Leighton Meester), Donny convinces a TV talk show host to pay him $50,000 for exclusive footage of Donny, Todd, and Todd's biological mother (still in jail) reuniting at last. Such a contrived plot point serves as the reason Donny shows up unannounced to Todd's wedding site days before the wedding.

    Rather than the wedding party, consisting of Jamie's family and Todd's boss Steve Spirou (Tony Orlando), being repulsed by Donny's disheveled hair, ratty clothes, vernacular that consists of the f-word spoken every third sentence, and his irritating faux Boston accent, they somehow see his charm. It's surprising, because if a guy who acted like Donny showed up at my wedding, I would call security before he even opened his mouth.

    Naturally, because Donny is a boy who never grew up, his shenanigans supposedly ruin Todd's plans for the perfect wedding. The usual cliché plot points happen when Donny and Todd have a falling out the night before the wedding, sentimental music borrowed from "Full House" reruns play during the night scenes, and the climax happens right when the bride and groom are taking their vows.

    I should note that there's also a plot twist involving the bride that was so out of left field that it landed in another ball park. Without giving it away, I really wish the film hadn't gone there. That twist made me cringe far more than it made me laugh.

    Add those hackneyed wedding movie story lines to Sandler's constantly disseminating his tired onslaught of fat jokes, penis gags, fart noises, antics revolving around elderly people having sex, and homophobic humor, and you've got "That's My Boy". The difference between him doing those jokes in this movie and his last movie, "Jack and Jill" (2011), is that here, when using an irritating voice, he doesn't cross dress.

    Don't get me wrong, though. I don't hate Adam Sandler. In fact, "Happy Gilmore" (1996), "The Wedding Singer" (1998), and "The Waterboy" (1998) still make me laugh both because the jokes are fresher and funnier, and because Sandler's character in those movies had heart. Here, he plays a buffoon so obnoxious you want to punch him in the face.

    The other jokes not spoken by Sandler, but by other characters, fall flat 9 times out of 10. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan plays Sandler's financial adviser who happens to be a huge New England Patriots fan. Get it? Because he's actually the Jets coach in real life? Hardy har har!

    Among the many cameos in this film, the only one that's genuinely funny is Vanilla Ice, who plays himself. He surprisingly does such a good job parodying his image from 20 years ago that Happy Madison Productions should actually give him his own movie.

    However, Vanilla Ice's role in the movie reflected the problem of "That's My Boy": when Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg are in a movie together, the funniest person should not be Vanilla Ice! Sandler really needs to reevaluate his on-screen humor and his career. While his movies are making money, he's gradually losing credibility.

    To paraphrase an earlier, funnier Sandler movie ("Billy Madison" (1995)), "That's My Boy" is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in this rambling, incoherent film was Sandler even close to anything that could be considered funny. Everyone in my screening room is now dumber for having seen it. I award this movie 2 out of 10 stars, and may God have mercy on Adam Sandler's soul.
  • ajman199822 July 2012
    okay look, I'm one of Sandler's biggest fans. No jokes. I spent over a year learning a Bobby Busche impression, just for the amusement of myself. You guys are too hard on him. How can a guy not make a few flops??? This film wasn't even bad. Other than the over use of crude jokes, it was good. If you edited about 10 or 15 minutes of the crude and sexual jokes out of this, it would've been Sandler gold. The character he played was really original, not one of those family guy characters he just keeps on playing over and over. It was like his mid 90 characters like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, the ones that made us love him. Of course, it wasn't as good as a character. Overall, a pretty fair film that could've been great with the edits. I really don't know how you can say you walked out of the theater?!!! Same with Jack and Jill, it was bad, but it didn't deserve the horrible reviews. The guys made about 20 massive hits, how's he not gonna make one or two flops??? Anyways Sandler, make the edits and re-put it in theaters and I think it'll do way better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's My Boy is content with being a belligerent vulgarian comedy that it is willing to concoct any setup, any one-liner, or any character as long as it's on par with its irredeemable crude standard. It's first fatal flaw is that it erects so many raunchy situations that it completely undermines the characters that are involved in them, which is the whole reason we laugh. We laugh not at the situations themselves, but how these characters react to them. But this is only the icing on the cake of disgust.

    Such topics covered in the film are teacher-student molestation, strippers, poor parenting, child abuse, browbeating the less fortunate, incest, and many more. Only Sandler would take such heartless and degrading topics and throw them all into a film where no wit, soul, or morals can be found. They are employed with such carelessness and such a disregard for humanity that it becomes utterly revolting. The only laughs to be found come from, not a main character, but one that shows up at the end of the film (something you should expect from a Happy Madison picture). He is Abdoulaye N'gom, who was also in the Sandler produced Grandma's Boy. How come somebody didn't think to put him as one of the side characters? The story can be summed up in fragmented words such as lazy, overwritten, camaraderie, inconsiderate, offensive, demeaning, and mean-spirited, but let's focus on the plot itself. It starts out on the ever-so bright note of teacher-student molestation, where young nitwit teenager Donny Berger is happily seduced by his teacher, Miss Mary McGarricle in a closet. It results in an unexpected pregnancy, where Miss McGarricle goes to prison, and their baby is left with the teenage Donny, who can barely take care of himself, let alone another child.

    Donny names the kid "Han Solo Berger," and at eighteen, the kid becomes estranged from his parents, telling people they died in an explosion, changes his name to "Todd Peterson," and begins a new life. Donny (Sandler) went on to live off a six figure deal to sell his story to a Television show, and carelessly blew all the money, forgetting that he needed to pay taxes on the earnings. Donny now owes the IRS $43,000, and winds up striking a $50,000 deal with a filthy reality show executive to get him, Todd, and his mother (currently in prison) to do a reunion event on camera. It's scummy and outlandishly selfish.

    Todd is Andy Samberg, who is stunned to see Donny show up uninvited and quickly tells his wife's family that he is a close friend of his, and this leads to some contrived shouting matches between the two as to how Donny was the worst parent ever. This is true. It's a too little, too late effort, but Donny decides it's time to make nice with Todd, so he stays at their house during the wedding to reconnect with his son, while trying to conceal the fact that he's only there for money.

    This is yet another Sandler film I like to dub an "anti-character" study. First off, there is hardly a likable character in the film, except for Todd, who is just a poor man's version of a neurotic success story. The character Donny comes equipped with Sandler's most horrendous accent since his character in The Waterboy, and this could very well be Sandler's worst film in years (I have not seen Jack and Jill). It aims to go for the baddest of laughs, but due to the lack of discipline, plausibility in the writing (why isn't the baby given to child services?), and the removal of heart in its material, it's a middle finger to morals and an ode to chaotic, mean-spirited circumstances.

    That's My Boy inhabits a world of such cruelty to almost everyone involved. The males are incompetent caricatures, motivated by ego and greed, the women are no better than the size of their breasts and buttocks, shown in a misogynistic light almost saying that women exist to either show off parts of their body or to be ditzy, foul-mouthed bimbos, and every middle-age side character is shown as an amoral horn-dog, both men and women alike. Remember Big Daddy? One of the few Adam Sandler films sort of slanted and aimed more for children? It involved a louse who is stuck raising an illegitimate kid for his best friend. You could sort of label That's My Boy the raunchy sequel to Big Daddy, an explain it extracted the heart and sentiment out of it. But saying that would give the film more purpose than it's entitled to. It's a loathsome, painfully unfunny affront to comedy.

    Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Nick Swardson, Peter Dante, and Abdoulaye N'gom. Directed by: Sean Anders.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why do I go into Adam Sandler movies with the hope that each new offering will be the one that redeems him as an actor, a writer, and a producer? You'd think I was a masochist or delusional or both; although I've willingly subjected myself some truly abominable projects of his in the past two years alone, including "The House Bunny," "Grown Ups," "Just Go With It," "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star," "Zookeeper," and "Jack and Jill," I've also seen him expand his horizons towards more mature, more compelling endeavors like "Punch Drunk Love," "Reign Over Me," and "Funny People." Hell, he even won me over with "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," which certainly is of the same raunchy, tasteless caliber as most of his other films. He has surprised me before, and I live in hope that he will surprise me again.

    I had to keep telling myself that as I sat through his newest film, "That's My Boy," in which Sandler doubles as the star and the producer. For him, and for everyone involved, this is a pathetic new low, representative of nothing apart from a desperate plea for attention. With its bizarre blending of disgusting toilet humor and heartfelt moments of drama, it exemplifies a complete lack of understanding on the filmmakers' part about who the movie was intended for. When you include a scene in which an obese stripper eats an omelet while using her legs to hang upside down from a pole, there is no conceivable way to believably work in a sentimental father/son bonding story. There is only one kind of audience this movie is made for, and I'm fairly certain it will respond more to the stripper than to any depiction of family drama.

    The story begins in 1984, when a boy barely in his teens has sex with his hot female teacher, who quite willingly came onto him. They're eventually caught having sex in the school assembly room while, wouldn't you know it, a full assembly is in progress. The intent is obvious: To make light of recent news stories about female teachers seducing their male students. But hold on a minute. Imagine if the foundation of the plot had been an adult male teacher seducing his female student. Would we consider that funny? Of course not. We would rightfully think of the girl as a victim. So then why is it funny when the gender roles are reversed? Why is the boy a stud instead of a victim? In either case, this is statutory rape we're talking about, and the last time I checked, this was not suitable material for a comedy. What we have here is not only a glaring double standard but also a warped sense of humor. The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves.

    The affair resulted in the teacher's pregnancy, which in turn resulted in a thirty-year prison sentence for her. As for the teen, he was required to become a single parent to his child, a son he named Han Solo, until his eighteenth birthday. Initially, it turned out pretty good for him; he won the respect of his classmates, he became a teenage celebrity, and a TV movie based on his life was produced. But then we flash forward to the present day, at which point we find that the teen has grown into a slovenly, foulmouthed, beer-chugging slacker. His name is Donny Berger (Sandler), and if he wants to avoid a three-year prison sentence, he must pay the IRS $43,000 in back taxes. He strikes a deal with a sleazy talk show host: If he can film Han Solo reuniting with his mother (Susan Sarandon) in prison, he will pay Donny $50,000.

    There's only one problem. Donny's now adult son (Andy Samberg), who has legally changed his name to Todd Peterson, hasn't spoken to his father in years and has made every effort to hide his past. Now a hopelessly neurotic diabetic, he has become a successful businessman and is engaged to woman named Christina (Leighton Meester). Donny tracks Todd down through a candid publicity photo, reenters his life the weekend before his wedding, and poses as Todd's oldest best friend. Even though he has the social skills of a drunk on a bender, Donny is inexplicably able to win over all of Christina's family. This would include her rather elderly grandmother (Peggy Stewart); not only does Donny masturbate to side-by-side photos of her as a young woman and as she appears today, he will also have sex with her. Yes, she initiates it. And yes, he willingly accepts her advances.

    As the plot lumbers ahead, we see James Caan as a priest with a thick Irish brogue and a rotten temper, bear witness to a disgusting and completely unnecessary plot twist involving Christina and her testosterone-pumped military brother (Milo Ventimiglia), and endure a few visual jokes involving vomit and semen. We also watch as Vanilla Ice plays a parody of himself as Donny's best friend, made all the more unbearable by the fact that he's actually a pretty decent actor. All the while, we're expected not to laugh at the phony drama of Donny and Todd working towards repairing their relationship. The people behind "That's My Boy" make countless mistakes, but the biggest was to believe that this subplot could in any way, shape, or form be taken seriously. I take that back. The biggest mistake was making the film in the first place.

    -- Chris Pandolfi (
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For his last movie he broke a record with the Razzies Awards in getting 10 awards in every category such as Worst Movie, Worst Actor, etc. You would think he could not hit more rock bottom. That is unless you've been unfortunate to waste your hard earned money, and more importantly your time, in seeing this movie. Perhaps they will add a new category for this years awards so he can do another sweep and break last years record. I am not even going to comment on the movie itself in this review, as that is just even more time from my life I will not get back. I am going to turn on the TV and watch anything that's on to get my mind off this, even an infomercial on the Shake Weight, as that will still be orders of magnitudes better then this movie.
  • This is the funniest movie Sandler has done in a long time, simple as that. I get that people were PO'd about Jack and Jill, and I'm no fanboy of Adam Sandler.. it was incredibly bad. The ratings and reviews of this movie seem to me like lingering hate from that, or from people that gave up on him long ago. Maybe I'm wrong, either way I doubt that anyone who liked his earlier stuff or Grandmas Boy, Hall Pass, The Hangover, Horrible Bosses etc.. wont' like this.

    The cast varied greatly from many well known actors and actresses to current top stars and new faces, they all played their parts really well.

    Adam Sandler has redeemed himself, That's My Boy is hilarious.
  • After seeing this horrible film (on a dare), I was confused. How could Adam Sandler take such an absolute nosedive in his career so quickly and completely? I mean, he's demonstrated that he has some talent and knows how to make a funny movie (Wedding Singer, Zohan, etc.), and even his mediocre movies (all the others) aren't really truly awful... until Jack and Jill and now this. He does seem to be actively campaigning for his very own Razzie category at this point.

    Then I had a revelation. Maybe this is all part of some elaborate real-time performance art piece, á la Joaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here, in which Sandler deliberately tanks his career in the most public and humiliating way possible. Then after finally hitting rock bottom, he'll go on Letterman and proclaim the last five years a hoax and release an indie documentary about the nature of fame, Hollywood, and the human experience, finally going on to win a prize at Sundance.

    At least that's what I hope, because if that isn't in fact what is happening here, the other option is almost too sad and depressing to think about. So fingers crossed for the whole hoax/indie documentary thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sandler...have you lost your mind! Two horrible films in a row:Jack and Jill, and there triplet That's My Boy... the worst of them all. I am a big Adam Sandler movie fan (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, ext.), and putting a wig on Sandler and making him act drunk is just going to make bumps in his career. The two directors must be very dumb because some of the greatest actors (Adam Sandler, Andy Samburg, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino.) have now become not as great. Making Al Pacino bad is the worst thing you can ever do, and the director of Jack and Jill...congratulations! You are the worst director on earth. I hated the movie and had one only one laugh. I had more laughs watching Elmo. Don't see the movie it's bad.
  • zjwen5 October 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Screw all those who hate this movie and talking about moral issues here, it is a comedy movie, it has NOTHING to do with reality.

    In the beginning the young Adam Sandler gets seduced by his teacher, is she a pedophile? Sure she is, is it real? NO!! It was just so they could set up a really young father so they can create a hilarious movie. This movie never was intended to be serious, so all that happens should be looked at with a wink.

    Was the acting good? No. Did it need to be good? F*ck no! The whole situation and setting is hilarious, now do we need good acting to laugh? Quite frankly, my opinion is that most no brain comedies are funnier when the acting isn't that good (OK it shouldn't be overly bad either, but this was just perfectly in between).

    And all the weird characters gave this movie a genius boost (like the fat black stripper, the pretty boy jazz dancing incest having brother and such)

    I would recommend this to anyone who is into movies you don't have to think, to people who like Adam Sandler, who people who smoke weed, to people who aren't stuck up, to people who don't pretend to be some genius critic, to people who just want to laugh.

    I really don't understand all the haters and moral tree huggers here. This movie was just a good old hilarious laugh, almost non-stop.

    I think, after Jack an Jill, Adam Sandler is back with this movie. When I go to see an Adam Sandler movie, I don't expect to be seeing great acting (even though I really didn't like Jack and Jill) I expect to see a hilarious over acted movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a fan of Adam Sandler but my god this movie is horrendous. My wife and I went to an early showing of this one and it was OK at first with the young version of the Adam Sandler character hitting on his teacher who gives him detention only to have sex with him and getting pregnant and going to prison for 30 years. After the opening credits it all crap. Sandler's character was a huge jerk in a very white trash way and nothing coming out of his mouth was funny. Pair that up with the character of his son who is a major wuss who has is very socially awkward person who has to take several prescriptions and carries an extra pair of underwear in his shirt pocket in case of emergency despite becoming a success after moving out of his dad's and you have an unfunny and overall difficult to watch film. After a little less then half the movie my wife and I couldn't stand watching it anymore and for the first time ever we walked out. Do yourself a favor and do not watch this it is a waste of money.
  • I have tried to watch this abortion of a film called "That's my Boy" a couple of times now , and all I can say is "Who is giving Adam Sandler money to make "films" , and who in the hell thinks this CRAP is funny"? If there was ever a reason to think our society is in it's last days , this "film" could be the biggest indicator of it. Raped by his high school teacher , Adam Sandler plays the lead and is idolized by his peers. THIS IS A PREMISE OF A MAJOR Hollywood MOVIE? WTF PEOPLE! I guess there are rape jokes , incest jokes , racist & sexist jokes all through this "film" . Is this any indication of what Sandler thinks about in his real life? And , another thing bothers me about Sandler's movies. How the hell does he get legitimate actors like Al Pacino and Susan Sarandon to appear in his crap? Pacino was in his previous piece of doo - doo, "Jack and Jill" , and Sarandon has a walk on in this "film". Now , of course , his latest fiasco , Pixels is playing , and , really people , don't support Sandler anymore! His "films" are just that. A filmy , disgusting slime that insult your stupidity , leave you feeling violated , and depleted of all intelligence. SANDLER , JUST GO AWAY , YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A member of my church gets free passes to flicks and invited my wife to join him and his wife. It was packed of course and we had the misfortune getting the very last few seats. Of course not four together and of course the front row. If they had been together I pretty much know we would have pulled the chute early on. I had little tolerance for Sandleresque scenes prior and now I can't even look at the guy (ok that might be a little strong). Notice I am not talking about the movie even after I checked the spoiler box. I lost any desire to waste my time doing so. Seriously, if you have a sink in the house half clogged with nasty blacken old waste rejoice in getting it cleaned out. That free-flowing water situation is about the polar opposite of sitting though this disaster.
  • Like i can understand why snowflakes will hate this but the people that dont find everything and anything offensive would love this movie its hilarious and one of Sandlers best movies
  • Clearly, then , this movie isn't for everybody. If you're not a true Adam Sandler fan, then do yourself a favor and don't go. Do the rest of us a favor and don't moan and write about how shocked and disgusted you were. Do something else, for goodness sakes! I laughed out loud. I loved the jokes- this is Sandler's funniest movie in years. I liked his "serious" stuff like "Punch Drunk" and "Spanglish"- but I love the raunchy, over-the-top comedies. That's what I go to an Adam Sandler movie for.

    I can't give a rationale for why this movie delighted me so much. Can't do it. I just know I thought it was hilarious. And the audience I was in (a small town with a large university) laughed and whooped throughout. And for what it's worth, many of the guffaws and whoops were female, as near as I could tell.

    I see one or two movies a week. Lately we seem to have a movie dry spell (in my view). I left the theater tonight actually smiling a huge silly-ass grin. I was uplifted, energized, and felt really, really good.

    If you can find this kind of humor funny, check this movie out. This is a particularly well done rendition of whatever it is we should call Sandler humor. I LOVED it!
  • Yes, its not nearly as good as anything Sandler starred in in the 90's but i would argue that its about on par with most of the stuff he's been in in the 00's laugh wise. (On the scale of movies from the 00's,I think its probably the equivalent to "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry" if only Andy Samburg were as good playing off of Sandler as Kevin James was. Samburg's not bad, but the movie really doesn't let him do anything outside being the straight man here.) Its certainly got more laughs in it then Jack and Jill at the least. No, not everything that's in it is funny, yes it goes on for way, way, way longer then it should. Yes, some of the jokes are pretty awful. Yes the premise is quite unbelievable. (30 years after the student/teacher affair scandal rocked the tabloids--why would random people still know who Sandler's character is by sight? especially if he hasn't been in the media in a good decade or two at that point and he was near completely broke???) Plot holes aside I would still be lying if i said that i didn't laugh at a fair number of things that happen throughout the film, and i would be lying if i said that i didn't think the semi serious scenes between Sandler and Samburg didn't work. I thought they were really effective. The scene where Sandler is hugging Samburg and tells him he regrets letting him go all those years ago and that he wished he'd been a better dad and samburg drunkenly forgiving him and kind of shrugging off the years of resentment actually felt heartfelt and genuine. That's really what drunken forgiveness looks like. It was kind of similar to the scenes in "Chuck and Larry" where Sandler stands up in open court and says how he feels flat out about people who call him names and how much they hurt more then he'd ever care to admit in public. Sure those scenes were written to give both films some semblance of dramatic heft--and to give Sandler something dramatic to play-but to me they were both effective, and they both show how even in somewhat tossed off comedies Sandler can still manage to maintain his dignity on screen and come off as a better actor then the material. Maybe he really has become a better actor as he's gotten older, because i really think he's a lot better at playing these serious heartfelt moments towards the last half hour of his films where his character is supposed to learn a lesson then he's ever been before. (Especially in something like Click where the humor turns much more bittersweet in the last half) Its because I felt that Sandler geuinely wanted to be a better person to his kid, that i thought the ending worked, (even if the end reveal does kind of come out of nowhere) and i thought the movie to be a resonably good time if you've liked sandler's movies these past number of years more or less....and c'mon some of the things happening are pretty funny.

    Also the very quick scene with Vanilla Ice where Sandler asks him to drive him at the end and Vanilla goes "You Kidding Me????" and then strikes a pose and then Sandler waits a beat and says "Is that a yes or a no? I don't know what that pose means Ice." was pretty hilarious--and that was just a tossed off thing. (Why wouldn't Sandler's character be friends with Vanilla Ice anyways???)
  • Nice to see Leighton Meester on the big screen she is a talent and the soundtrack, as in all Sandler films, is full of retro cool, also seeing Susan Sarandon's cameo almost made me laugh. Better than Jack & Jill but thats not saying much, although not as good as Zohan, if you can call YDMWTZ good. Better than Click & Little Nicky put together, again not saying much. Actually at times through out this hard to watch excuse for a comedy, due to his hair style Adam Sandler looks similar to his Little Nicky persona without the obscure voice. His character here also has an obscure and irritating voice, it's not funny or unique, its dumb. My IQ dropped a thousand percent watching his antics as a dad who rekindles interest with his long lost son that he hasn't seen since turning 18. With a name change and an impending marriage into a wealthy family, washed up former child celebrity Donny, seeks him out for ulterior motives. There is supposed to be a family message here somewhere but I couldn't gel with any of the sentimental rubbish. If a grandma getting funky in bed or a big fat pole dancer popping out tennis balls floats your boat, go see this absolute undesirable bad aroma of a movie that makes The Wedding Singer look like The Godfather. Who is this intended for, too crude for 13 year olds, too stupid for 30 year olds. The first 10 minutes of the Kentucky Fried Movie is funnier than this embarrassment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sounding a cross between Little Nicky and Billy Madison, Adam Sandler provides his worst performance in a comedy that makes JACK AND JILL seem like THE WEDDING SINGER.

    We begin with a pretty boy pre-teen (did Sandler ever look like this?) having an affair with his lustful teacher. She has a baby, goes to jail, and Sandler's Donny becomes a media sensation seen through the opening credits. The real story begins thirty years later as Donny's uptight son "Todd," played by Adam Samberg… a hybrid of Seth Rogan and a cartoon alligator… is about to land a big promotion and marry his beautiful high-maintenance fiancé.

    Meanwhile Donny, in his own seedy neck of the woods, owes a bundle for taxes and will go to jail if he doesn't get fifty grand. With an offer to appear on a tabloid show, he has to maneuver his son, who he hasn't seen in years, to visit mom (the teacher) in jail for a big payoff.

    Dad and his boy reunite in Todd's boss's summer home before the wedding, and most of the film has the duo tricking everyone – Donny's supposedly his best friend and Todd, living a lie and having changed his name from "Han Solo," just wants to be normal.

    With an abundance of "toilet jokes" that keeps pushing a ragged envelope – from masturbation to incest to everything you can possibly imagine – the plot is all but forgotten. Donny's a sloppy playboy but lacks the charm that'd make us believe any woman would fall for him while Todd remains a deer caught in headlights, never changing his "I can't believe this is happening" expression.

    And an all-night bachelor party, trying for the stuff THE HANGOVER characters would have forgotten, is full of bawdy situations completely lacking humor or purpose. Not even pop culture punchline Vanilla Ice can save the day... or night. It's in the 11th hour, when the wedding approaches and the truth of Samberg's betrothed is in question, that we begin to wonder what'll happen next. But by then it's too too much, too late.

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  • joelguyt17 June 2012
    A waste of money it was; not necessarily my money, but a waste of the large budget of this film. In no way do I think this film gave any value for its budget.

    I found the film very shallow, and it disappointed in terms of entertainment. It was unnecessarily crude and the sex "jokes" were more than abundant. Of course, I expected such humour after watching the film's trailer, but it miraculously managed to turn out worse than the already low expectations.

    The "jokes" were very childish and prompted me to smile, at most. The only parts I laughed at were people falling over/into things; the sense of humour really wasn't worth it.

    The acting does not deserve credit. Actually, James Caan stood out as the only proper actor, in my opinion.

    I really liked many previous comedies that starred Adam Sandler, and this film was real rubbish compared to any of them.
  • richterj23219 November 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    In short, a comedy without any comedy. While I regularly enjoy disgusting remarks in movies, I was often laughing at how bad the jokes in That's My Boy were rather than at their humor. Between Adam Sandler jacking off to an elderly woman, and the uncreative quips made about the statutory rape involving him and his teacher, I felt embarrassed for the actors who had to deliver the ultimately atrocious lines. And just when I thought the movie couldn't get any worse, it threw a horrific curve ball with the incorporation of incest to heighten the conflict between the bride and groom-to-be. The insertion of this was not only distasteful, but a weak attempt to add originality and intrigue to the already ridiculous plot line. That's My Boy is yet another representation of Adam Sandler's downfall as an actor, and modern cinema's desperation to push the limits too far past socially acceptable. An overwhelming disappointment.
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