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  • dkqdvx25 July 2020
    We started watching this because of the high reviews on IMDB. Unfortunately, many of the reviews seem to be bad. If you click on each account, you'll see that they have only left one review for this documentary.

    The documentary follows "Dr Turi" telling a really detailed, boring, long account of his encounters with aliens. The cheesy background stock music doesn't help with his storytelling. It's almost like he's trying to promote himself and sell some sort of life coaching course.

    The documentary lakes substance, has very low production value and was inaccurate. For example, at the beginning of the documentary, "Dr Turi" mentions "The Grand Hotel" in Eastbourne. This hotel is in fact in Brighton (as shown in the footage). The lack of research here made us question the authenticity of the documentary.

    Utter rubbish, don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you enjoy spending weekends visiting relatives in the local mental hospital, this marvel of cinematic inanity is your new favorite movie. You get to spend virtually the entire length of the film in the presence of one Dr. Louis Turi, who bills himself, variously, as a 5th Kind UFO Contactee, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Cosmic Consciousness Teacher, Author, Speaker, Astropsychologist, and Celebrity Astrologer, as he spews a psychotic load of babble about his many contacts with aliens from every corner of the galaxy, with plentiful asides about spiritual and metaphysical matters. The entire 90-minute interview is shot in closeup, so after a few minutes you begin to feel like you can smell Dr. Turi's rancid breath.

    It turns out, as another reviewer here as already noted, that Dr. Turi's only legitimate credential is a bonafide certificate in welding. Frankly, after watching the first few minutes of this flaming train wreck, it occurred to me that Dr. Turi himself is about as alien as any creature I hope to ever encounter. Maybe that's why so many aliens are intent on contacting him. At any rate, if you are determined to suffer through this idiocy, I suggest starting with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and watching in increments of no more than five or ten minutes at a time. (NOTE: I was going to give this 3 stars for its vague entertainment value, but the high proportion of bogus 10-star reviews convinced me otherwise.)
  • This guy has the same level of credibility of a...wait, I don't even know how to scale it. But he hits the bottom. So bad, so full of BS. Leave this "documentary" alone, waiting for it to disapear.
  • What nonsense. Sorta like listening to a TV preacher interpreting the Book of Revelations. This Turi character is a total phony, an astrology nut and a (marginal) motivational speaker. He calls himself a doctor but his only legitimate piece of paper is a certificate in welding. WELDING! He claims a doctorate in metaphysics which he bought from a diploma mill in Sacramento.

    He has had alien encounters? Consider that the only people who claim such encounters are yokels who always relate that the aliens primary interest is in their private parts. It's similar to medieval claims of seeing the Virgin Mary with the claims always made by ignorant young country girls. Do we ever hear of aliens making contacts with professors at universities? .

    Turi claims his first encounter is with some "big" aliens in a bar late at night. Any society capable of space travel would be, intellectually, far superior to those of us on Earth. Why would they be in a bar late at night waiting for teenage Turi and asking him if he wanted to play cards?

    Reading other reviews on here it appears that this guy has a cult following. How naive can you all be? In my local newspaper the astrology forecasts are appropriately on the same page as the comics.
  • "Doctor" Turi has been a longtime fixture of late night radio for the past 30 years. His "Doctorate" is from the ULC (online) and his predictions have always been made in the most vague terms with his self provided interpretations of his own words made after the event. As a film, there is no depth here. The content is like looking at the image of a lake painted a theatrical backdrop, there is no life or reality in it.
  • This guy is just full of sh_t and he ruind me my impression from other documentaries where he was interviewed.
  • I am a bit of a skeptic on ET encounters but enjoyed the tales of Dr. Turi. If nothing else, he is a great storyteller. The doc is nicely laid out and filmed. It will cause you to think about what is around (or inside) of you! Worth a watch!
  • Dr. Turi's testimony and wisdom on alien contact provides a great overview on the subject and also adds a philosophical interpretation that will challenge conventional biases. His personal stories are exceptional and fascinating, told with great passion and personality, and give something for the skeptics to think about. But the real takeaway here is how he compels us to see our place in the universe. Aliens not only affect human history on a grand scale, but affect us on an individual level. Our rational mindset is preventing us from being in tune with the cosmos, and extraterrestrial contact reminds us that we are connected to something greater, and we are called to aim for the light.
  • This guy has no 'proof' of anything. The cases I want to hear about are the ones where an entire B-29 crew all see a ufo or a group of cops or airline pilots. But he has high scores so just shows how gullible people can be.
  • As a pronounced skeptic I still found this a fascinating portrait of a character one does not often get to spend this much time with. Portraits like this are an interesting window into thought processes beyond the stated "norm." Worth experiencing no matter where you fall on the alien question.
  • I found this very interesting. It reminds me of astrology...some people really get something out of it if they are perceptive and those who aren't, don't. Dr Touri is an engaging personality for sure.
  • The film takes on a look from a in depth interview. I'm not too familiar with this topic and if its something that you follow, the filmmaker covers a lot!
  • snakepaws26 March 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    It really is that bad. When watching a documentary about alien contact, there is a certain level of open-mindedness and suspension of disbelief needed. However, this starts out with some fairly benign, yet mundane, stories from Turi's younger days with alien contact and lost time, and then starts to devolve into a spiral of nonsense.

    Spoiler tag because there's just nothing of substance here, and the rest of the film plays out as follows: By about the halfway mark, he's talking about curing his cancer holistically with "various roots he'd never heard of" (and never bothers to elaborate), a recipe he got from aliens. And by about two-thirds of the way through, he's fancying himself a modern day Nostradamus, talking about making predictions that come true, and giving a spiel about astrology-good and religion-bad.

    Basically, by the time you realize this is a promotion for Turi's site, it's too late, and you're pretty deep into the film. Avoid if you're actually looking for an alien abduction, contact, or UFO documentary.
  • I had wondered about Louis Turi. I was originally skeptical but still curious about him. His forecasts are surprisingly accurate - well not so surprising once you begin to understand how things work.

    Alien Contactee is like that friend that opens up about their past and trusts you with their story. When you make a new friend you get to know them based upon the now. As the friendship grows you begin to wonder about their past. If you're fortunate enough to be a good friend you'll begin to learn more about your friend as their past becomes familiar to you. Over time, Louis Turi has become to feel like a friend to me and this documentary has helped me have a deeper understanding of him. It's taken me from being critically skeptical to remaining curious & from wondering to exploring wonder.

    For anyone that's feeling like there's still a lot left to learn about their self, the world, and the cosmos but feeling like they shouldn't really explore beyond their comfort zone then this documentary may be for you. There is a whole realm to explore and Dr. Turi can be that friend that helps encourage you to explore it. For those not already familiar with Louis this documentary is a good introduction. For those of us that already know him this only deepens your understanding of him.
  • Incredibly important to hear and see a first person account of this extraordinary life story that is ongoing. Thank you Doctor Louis Turi, the director and team bringing this together. Health, well-being, and blessing to all of your families.
  • mattspence-2381426 May 2020
    I really enjoyed this movie and "I want to believe", Dr Turi is a incredible speaker and a passionate human being that I have learned a lot from watching his youtube videos. Its crazy the types of UFO encounters that he's had. This is a must see movie for anyone wanting to learn about crazy experiences, Well done!!
  • I have doubts and I admit that accepting ET's is challenging.

    HOWEVER, Dr. Turi is worth giving a chance - if you listen him, he offers something so much more to humanity than just the typical "UFO Conspiracies" and all it takes is time to dig into his work to hear his unifying message. He's a French guy with a very French attitude that is great!

    It's an entertaining film regardless. Maybe it's not about needing to believe in UFO's but I'm willing to keep an open mind ...
  • Doctor Louis Turi shares his incredible UFO experiences in which he encountered extraterrestrial beings on four different occasions throughout his life. Through these experiences he has obtained the knowledge and wisdom of the divine and how we relate to the cosmic force which we call God. Keep an open mind and marvel at the experiences Doctor Turi shares which will leave you wanting more.
  • gjcvikel23 May 2020
    I find Dr. Turi to be a honest and truthful man. I enjoyed this movie very much. Everyone that is seeking the truth should watch it.
  • I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone searching for a real experience that impacts many aspects of life as a whole. I definitely got a lot from it and know that everyone will be able to take something from it to learn from going forward.
  • maestroes25 May 2020
    Wow Dr turi is an amazing human being. I have been searching for the truth of what it means to be human, and none can compare to what he teaches. His life journey is extraordinary. Was good film about cosmic consciousness and the age of Aquarius. He is the real deal, trust me.
  • lucnn24 May 2020
    I would also recommend to get Dr. Turi books which go into details of his life and his power full predictions.
  • janmarieann24 May 2020
    It was really fascinating to hear firsthand of the extraordinary encounters Dr. Turi experienced throughout his life. Where you go and what you do after watching this movie is up to you. To me, what he is offering to mankind as a result of these encounters, is the real gem of a gift I am so very grateful for. Check him out and see for yourself. He's the real deal. Dr. Turi has rediscovered the Cosmic Code and is willing to share it with us. Thank you, Dr. Turi! We are truly blessed!
  • aujinxd27 May 2020
    Thank you for this wonderful video, a must see. Important to be informed .. makes you think.
  • Dr Turi's gives his accounts of encounters with aliens since childhood and how they led him to an understanding of our earth, universe and our human place in this vastness. Definitely worth watching. More than just 'another story' of another encounter. "Dog food", that's funny.
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