Raymond Sellars: Alex, we need to work together here, because I'm the only one with the technology to keep you alive.

RoboCop: Dead or alive, you're coming with me.

Alex Murphy: Kind of suit is this?

Dr. Dennett Norton: It's not a... suit, Alex. It's... it-it's you. This was the only option. We're here, all of us, to make you whole again. Full body unlock. I want you to walk now, Alex. You can do that.

Alex Murphy: This seems so real.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Alex, it's-it's very important you understand what is happening. This is real. It's not a dream, i-it's not drugs or anesthetics.

Alex Murphy: I know I'm dreaming because I can feel all of this.

Jae Kim: Alex, amputees can often feel their missing appendages. It's called phantom limb sensation.

Alex Murphy: What do you mean "amputees?" What the hell did you do to me?

Dr. Dennett Norton: Alex, you need to relax.

Alex Murphy: Take this off me now.

Jae Kim: Alex...

Dr. Dennett Norton: You need to relax.

Alex Murphy: I need to get out of this thing.

Jae Kim: Alex, Dr. Norton saved all of...

Alex Murphy: What did you do to me?

[grabs Dr. Norton]

Alex Murphy: [shouting] What have you done to me?

David Murphy: I saved all the Red Wings games on my computer.

Alex Murphy: You did? How'd they do?

David Murphy: I don't know. I've been waiting to watch them with you.

John Lake: You got something on us? Or is this personal?

Alex Murphy: No, it's nothing personal. Although, I don't like you as a person.

Dr. Dennett Norton: He suffered 4th degree burns over 80% of his body. Lower spine has been severed. If he survives, he'll be paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Mrs. Murphy, we... we don't have to do this.

Clara Murphy: I need to know everything before I make a decision. Please continue.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Vestibulocochlear, optical nerves have been critically damaged. He'll be blind in one eye. Most likely deaf.

Dr. Alan: Frankly, Dr. Norton and the Omni Foundation are the leaders in this field. In my opinion, this is the only chance your husband has. I'd seriously consider their offer.

Clara Murphy: I'm sorry, Doctor. I need time to think.

Liz Kline: I'm afraid, Mrs. Murphy, time is one thing you don't have.

Clara Murphy: You said you could save him, but what does that mean? What kind of life will he have?

Raymond Sellars: Make him more, uh... tactical. Make him look, uh... Let's go with black.

Raymond Sellars: What's bigger than a hero?

Rick Mattox: Dead hero.

Raymond Sellars: We need to give Americans a product they can love, a figure they can rally behind.

Liz Kline: Sir, I have dissected this bill. There are no loopholes. We can't put a machine on the streets.

Raymond Sellars: Forget machines. You saw the polls. Americans don't want a machine. They want a product with a conscience. They want something that knows what it feels like to be human. We're gonna put a man inside a machine.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Raymond, you-you wanted a man inside a machine, and that's what you've got, but-but the human element will always be present. Fear, instinct, bias, compassion - they will always interfere with the system!

Raymond Sellars: Okay, but, Dennett, I've gotta give the American people something they can root for, something aspirational, right? They have to believe in this thing. "Pretty good?" That's not... I don't know how to sell "okay." We, you and I, have got a release date, and we've gotta make it, okay? So I don't care how you do it. I'm askin' ya, come on, can you help me? Just get him to do that. Get him to do that.

Dr. Dennett Norton: That is a machine.

Raymond Sellars: I know, but it's a man inside a machine.

Dr. Dennett Norton: No, that's a man inside a machine right there!

Raymond Sellars: And his life depents on it, and the future of Omnicorp depends on it, so get your ass back to China and get it fixed. I don't care how you do it, just go do it!

Pat Novak: This, my friends, is the future of American justice. How many like Thomas King will pay for their crimes now that RoboCop is here? Yes, let's not shy away from what this means, people. Men weren't up to the task, but Alex Murphy, a robot cop, was.

Alex Murphy: Holy Christ, there's nothing left.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Your body may have gone, but you're still here.

Alex Murphy: That's not even my brain.

Dr. Dennett Norton: We had to repair the damaged areas, but we didn't interfere with your emotion or your intellect. Do you... do you understand me, Alex? You're... you're in control.

Alex Murphy: I'm in control?

Dr. Dennett Norton: Yes.

Alex Murphy: Okay. If I'm in control, then I wanna die. Just unplug whatever it is keepin' me alive and end this nightmare.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Now, say I did that - w-which is, as a doctor, would almost be impossible for me, but... but say I did. Wh... w-what do I say to your wife? What does she say to your son?

Alex Murphy: That it didn't work. That you tried. Somethin' went wrong. You did everything you could, but I died.

Dr. Dennett Norton: So after all they've been through, all the pain, all their hope restored, we would just rip that away? Your wife loves you, Alex. She signed the consent forms herself; otherwise, you couldn't have undergone the procedure. She loves you and she gave you a second chance. I need you to take it.

Alex Murphy: I don't wanna see myself like this again. Ever. And the same goes for my family. Just put me back in.

Alex Murphy: Hey, Doctor, what happens if I tase an exoskeleton with a little asshole inside?

Dr. Dennett Norton: I, uh... I think w-we're all curious to find out.

Rick Mattox: Go ahead.

[last lines]

Pat Novak: [referring to Dr. Norton] The fact that this mother...


Pat Novak: ...is not serving time in some federal penitentiary is a huge, hot, heaping pile of horse...


Pat Novak: Now I know some of you may think that this kind of thinking is dangerous and these machines violate your civil liberties. Some of you even believe that the use of these drones overseas makes us the same kind of bullying imperialists that our forefathers were trying to escape. To you, I say... stop whining! America is now and always will be the greatest country on the face of the Earth! I'm Pat Novak. Good night.

RoboCop: Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back.

Tom Pope: I-I'm just from marketing.

RoboCop: NOW!

Tom Pope: Okay, yep, yep, yep. Yep.

Senator Hubert Dreyfuss: I don't care how sophisticated these machines are, Mr. Sellers. A machine does not know what it feels like to be human. It can't understand the value of human life. Why should it be allowed to take one? To legislate over life and death, we need people who understand right from wrong. What do your machines feel?

Raymond Sellars: Well, they feel no anger. They feel no prejudice. They feel no fatigue, which makes them ideal for law enforcement. Putting these machines on the streets will save countless American lives.

Senator Hubert Dreyfuss: You're evading the question.

Raymond Sellars: No, I'm not.

Senator Hubert Dreyfuss: Yes, you're evading the question. I asked what do these machines feel? If one of them killed a child, what would it feel?

Raymond Sellars: Nothing.

Senator Hubert Dreyfuss: And that's the problem. That's why 72% of Americans won't stand for a robot pulling the trigger.

Liz Kline: Dr. Norton, how... how is he doing this?

Dr. Dennett Norton: His software is faster. His hardware is stronger. He's a better machine.

Liz Kline: But you said humans hesitate.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Only when they're making decisions.

Liz Kline: He's not making decisions?

Dr. Dennett Norton: Well, yes and no. In his everyday life, man rules over the machine; Alex makes his own decisions. Now, when he engages in battle, the visor comes down and the software takes over, then the... the machine does everything. Alex is a... he's a passenger, just along for the ride.

Liz Kline: But if the machine is in control, then how is Murphy accountable? Who's pulling the trigger?

Dr. Dennett Norton: When the machine fights, the system releases signals into Alex's brain making him think he's doing what our computers are actually doing. I mean, Alex believes right now he is in control, but he's not. It... it's the illusion of free will.

Chief Karen Dean: We have a problem. Alex is breaking protocol.

Liz Kline: What's he doing?

Chief Karen Dean: He's off solving his own murder.

Tom Pope: Oh, that is genius. Why didn't I think of that?

Rick Mattox: I wouldn't buy that for a dollar.

Pat Novak: Well, there you have it. Who could argue with that? Which begs the question. Has the US Senate become pro-crime?

Rick Mattox: Tin Man! Tin Man. Tin Man. Oh, there it is. You look like crap. What's the matter? Can't shoot? Huh? What were you thinking? This isn't a drill. You're a robot. I'm a red asset. Wrote that myself. What do you think? Come on, Tin Man, just pull the trigger. Pull it. You can run. Go on. Run. Run!

Alex Murphy: [to David] Now give your mom a kiss.

Clara Murphy: Good night, baby.

Alex Murphy: [pulls David away and kisses Clara] Too slow, boy. You're just too slow.

Alex Murphy: I saw Clara and David. That ain't my home right now. It's in a damn lab across the hall.

Jack Lewis: I'm sorry, Alex.

Alex Murphy: Startin' tomorrow, I'm gonna take down Vallon and his whole damn crew.

Jack Lewis: I was waitin' to hear you say that. Least I know you're the right color now.

Andre Daniels: Y'all gonna play good cop, bad cop?

Jack Lewis: Nah, Daniels. Bad cop, RoboCop.

John Lake: Don't shoot me. Okay? I swear to Christ. It was Dean. She helped pulled those guns. Just don't shoot me.

RoboCop: Thank you for your cooperation.

[shoots Lake]

RoboCop: You can cuff him now, Jack.

Clara Murphy: Alex. You need to come home.

RoboCop: Clara, please stand aside.

Clara Murphy: You need to speak to your son.

RoboCop: Right now, I see three crimes in progress.

Clara Murphy: Alex, listen to me. I know you're in there. David won't show his face at school. He's having nightmares. He's falling apart. I am falling apart. Please. I can't do this on my own. He's been scared ever since that night.

Raymond Sellars: Shut him down.

Walter Karrel: DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT! Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot!

RoboCop: Walter Karrel, look at me. You have two options. Option 1: I shoot you with 50,000 volts which may cause respiratory failure, organ malfunction, internal burns, and loss in bowel and bladder control and then I arrest you. Option 2: you tell me where John Bigg's drug lab is located and then I arrest you. You have two seconds to decide.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Consciousness is nothing more than the processing of information.

Tom Pope: I give you Sergeant Jack Freeman, masculinity incarnate. Led Pittsburgh SWAT for five years, now confined to a wheelchair.

Liz Kline: I think I can see the appeal.

Dr. Dennett Norton: No.

Tom Pope: What? Why?

Dr. Dennett Norton: Well, check the psych evaluation. He's far too unstable.

Tom Pope: He's trying to say that he has a temper.

Dr. Dennett Norton: Have you any idea what we'd be putting him through? The psychological strain requires someone emotionally balanced. We have to be scientific. I mean, we're not exactly selling a soft drink here, are we?