[On a CB radio, late at night]

Travis Grady: Who'd I just pass there? That you, Good Buddy?

Good Buddy: Treetop tall and wall-to-wall. Travis, you messed up sonofabitch. What you doing on my road?

Travis Grady: Late on a gig, bud. I'm taking the shortcut past Silent Hill. Stopping for coffee as soon as I hit Brahms. I'm beat.

Good Buddy: Bad dreams still keeping you awake? I told you man, a girl or two would go a long way. Sleep like a baby with a chick in your cab.

Travis Grady: Guess I just don't meet the right girls, Bud.

Good Buddy: Maybe if you weren't always blabbering about

[radio static]

Good Buddy: - remember how or why...

Travis Grady: Hey chill. You don't see me bringing up your issues.

Good Buddy: No need. My old lady keeps me fully informed of my failings. The girl keeps notes.

Travis Grady: You mean she hasn't left you yet?

Good Buddy: Any day now. See you 'round, Travis. Take it easy.

Travis Grady: 10-4. Catch you later, Buddy.

[Travis encounters a strange woman while exploring the sanitarium]

Travis Grady: You were at the fire! I saw you there.

Dahlia Gillespie: Of course you did. That was my house... burning. My daughter, Alessa. You were the one who saved her?

Travis Grady: Yeah. She was your daughter? Why did you leave her? Why did no one help? You all left that girl to burn.

Dahlia Gillespie: So we did. The world is stranger than you think.

Travis Grady: You're crazy. What happened to her? Lisa said she was dead.

Dahlia Gillespie: Alessa is with those who care for her. Do not trust her, Travis. She does not know what she is doing.

Travis Grady: How do you know my name?

[Dahlia starts to walk away]

Travis Grady: Hey, answer me!

Helen Grady: I had to do it.

Dr. Harris: You had to? Please, help me understand.

Helen Grady: That's what you do with pests. That's what you do, isn't it? And he was a pest. Oh, he was a bad boy! Always has been. I tried to pretend he wasn't... but they were there to make sure I didn't forget.

Dr. Harris: They?

Helen Grady: The people in the mirrors. They see it all! What's really going on.

Dr. Harris: And it was their idea?

Helen Grady: Yes. They saw the devil inside of him. I had to kill him! My responsibility. My flesh and blood. I brought him into this world, so I had to take him out of it! Good wombs can bear bad sons, they say. I know you think what I did was wrong.

Dr. Harris: I just want to understand... Helen...

Helen Grady: No! You want to keep me locked up, doctor. But you can't. I can leave whenever I want. I can step through that mirror and into their world. This world is just a daydream.

Dr. Harris: Helen?

Helen Grady: When will they bring me my boy?

[Travis unexpectedly encounters Lisa again in the Artaud Theatre]

Travis Grady: What are you doing in here, Lisa?

Lisa Garland: Sorry if I scared you. I thought I was the only one in here.

Travis Grady: It's dangerous.

Lisa Garland: Dangerous? You're kidding! The door was open, so I let myself in. I just love the theater, Travis. I want to be an actress. But mom was a nurse, and her mom was a nurse... So I'm going to be a nurse. I've got what it takes though.

[moves toward Travis and speaks in a sultry voice]

Lisa Garland: I can't stop thinking about you, Travis. I want you. You're all I think about. Let's get the hell out of this crazy town... Run off - the two of us. We could be so good together...

[laughs and moves away]

Lisa Garland: See? I could be a star!

Jodie Mason: Harry, it's a baby!

Harry Mason: It's a girl. Go on, hold her.

Jodie Mason: Cheryl... we'll call her "Cheryl".

[In the Joke ending, Travis stares up at the moon]

Travis Grady: The lonely moon... You've always been there for me, haven't you?

[a UFO descends from the sky and an alien and Mira the dog debark]

Mira the Dog: Ruff! Ruff!

Friendly Alien: Greetings, Travis!

Travis Grady: You seen my truck? I have to find my truck.

Mira the Dog: [to the alien] Ruff, ruff!

Friendly Alien: Your truck is on our planet. Come with us.

Travis Grady: Can I drive?

Friendly Alien: You drive stick?

[Travis, the alien and Mira board the UFO and it flies away]