This is the first Silent Hill main entry developed by a non-Japanese developer.

This is the first main entry Silent Hill game where the player can fight with their fists. It's also the first to feature button pressing sequences or quick time events to break out of certain enemy attacks.

At the start of the game, if Travis remains by his truck instead of heading to Silent Hill, after the music ends, a few seconds later a voice will say Grady's name.

Originally released for the PSP on October 26th, 2007 Silent Hill: Origins was later re-released on the PlayStation 2 on March 4th, 2008.

Silent Hill: Origins is the first main entry to be released on a handheld namely the PSP.

Origins was so post to clarify the events of the original Silent Hill, but it only ended up contradicting the original game. Characters that are in both games ages don't match up. The cause of the house fire, which is how Alessa was ultimately burned, has been changed. Although the otherworld (which is where the nightmare and monsters come from) has yet to be created, it appears in Origins. Instead of one ritual being performed on Alessa like in the original game, there are multiple shown in Origins. Instead of Alessa being inherently good, she is represented as being evil in Origins. There is also a new doppelganger of Alessa who doesn't appear in the original game. Finally, Origins attempts to establish a franchise timeline which was purposely never implemented by the series' creators to have each game be set in "modem day" or just each games' year of release. Some of the developers, such as Tomm Hulett, have admitted and apologized for the inconsistencies such as the representation of Alessa.

Was originally titled Silent Hill: Original Sin before being changed to Silent Hill: Origins.

The first Silent Hill entry that was not developed by KCET which was the original development team. They were also known as Team Silent.