Federico Fulce: I just had the most painful piss of my life.

Atom Galen: Look at that snow down there, it's melting fast. What do you think?

Evelyn: You don't want to know what I think.

Atom Galen: Sure we do.

Evelyn: Honestly, I think that people are incapable of change, and their days are numbered.

Evelyn: I used to believe that people couldn't change; that all we could do is have as much fun as we could before it all came to an end. And now, now I don't want it to end.

[first lines]

Dr. Kruipen: My name is David Kruipen. What is sacrifice? What does it mean to make a real difference? Throughout my life and career I have straddled two worlds. Increasingly I have become respected. Increasingly my books and articles are published and read. Increasingly I have been embraced by policymakers and referenced by bureaucrats, but today I realize that I have... misguided myself. Today I rediscovered what I knew when I was young.

Evelyn: There has to be another way. Please! People listen to you.

Dr. Kruipen: You didn't.