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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Fire (PoZar)" is an American animated short film that was released very recently, slightly over two weeks ago, and this is the newest filmmaking effort by David Lynch. After his new take on "Twin Peaks" is finished, he keeps dishing out new short films the way he has done so many times during his career. This one here runs for slightly over ten minutes and is a pretty diverse collaboration because Lynch, who not only wrote and directed here, but also drew the characters himself, got help from a Japanese animator and an Eastern European composer. I liked the music quite a bit. It has the typical gloomy, mysterious approach you find so many times on Lynch's works. Obviously, even if this is animation, it is not the kind you may want to watch with your kids. Not really because it is that scary, but because they will have no clue what's going on and most likely even be bored by a film this short. Admittedly, it is pretty difficult to understand the action here and the title is not much of a help either. The fire is one of really not too many aspects that are easy to identify. So I gotta say that I understood more about this film by reading the plot summary here on imdb than by watching it. Nothing new with Lynch though, who is in his mid-70s now already. There is always a mystical, maybe even mythical, auro to his works and this one here is no exception. One thing that crossed my mind is that it shows us a scenario in which a new danger comes to light and could even be apocalyptic, so I wonder if this is maybe Lynch's take on the current Corona situation. Oh well, probably not. I assume that he started working on this one much earlier and not just two months oor so before the release, even if it absolutely not a long movie. So I said I liked the music, but that is almost the only thing I liked here. The animation style is not a preferred choice for me. This is entirely subjective. Others may like the retro touch that is to it. Honestly, if somebody had told me this was made in 1920 and not 2020, I perhaps would have believed him if he had made said statement with determination, competence and self-confidence. It looks this old for sure, not only because it is in black-and-white. So yeah, I wwas kinda glad that this film ended so quickly. Gotta give it a thumbs-down here and while it is not among my least favorite efforts from Lynch, it is also nowhere near my favorites and I cannot recommend it unless you are a Lynch completionists. If so, then don't expect anime or anything here only because of the Japanese animator's involvement. I guess I'd rather see Lynch himself again and perhaps some monkey. That was more fun. Final note: You can watch it whatever languages you (don't) speak. It says English here on imdb, but there is no dialogue.