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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I feel this song really starts off the decade following 2020. It is another new decade of music - the vocals, the style, the fashion is very much of this time. As we are in quarantine, entertainment is quite important to keep us from being bored. This song stands out in my mind when thinking of music from 2020.

    I wish Ariana's first lines were repeated in the song - is it a business method to make us repeat the song?! Her voice and looks are maturing more now. Her lips look so big and I love her hair down. Lady Gaga wears a tight outfit that shows off her amazing cleavage.

    I was missing the very cheerful-sounding pop music and this served me. The pop culture world is largely dominated by the Jenners and the Kardashians right now - this resulted in "slaying" being the ultimate goal in all aspects of popular culture.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What we have here is the music video for the song "Rain on Me" and this released in May 2020, so it is still relatively new and fresh. You can read the names of the two artists in the title as well. I kinda like the color of Grande's voice in some other songs from her and I at least liked some of Gaga's very early work because of how catchy it was, but this song fits in right with her other recent music stuff. Which means the quality is not good. The song is extremely forgettable in my opinion, the lyrics have no depth, the tune is not catchy and the music video is equally disappointing. In minimally over three minutes the two are basically dancing in the rain, first on their own (with their dancers), then eventually together and the music video closes with a hug between these two because apparently coming up withh this turned them into friends. Yeah, right. Anyway, one thing that surprised me a bit here was how Gaga had this more pink background in terms of color and Grande had a more metallic selection. Would have expected the other way around. But why did they just pick Gaga's color when they are united, not find a mix or compromise? Pretty strange. Just a minor thing, but it caught my attention. By the way, the director here was Robert Rodriguez, the guy who has worked with tarantino on several occasions. I mean I'm alright with him, but looking at this shallow thingey we have here, it is nothing to be proud of and maybe his worst career effort. Still, as he is only in his early 50s, despite how long he has been in the industry, I have hopes for him to step things up again in the future. Maybe music videos are just not his biggest strength gently-speaking. Yeah, that is pretty much all. So no matter how many millions and millions have clicked this on Youtube and in how many countries it made number one (actually in my country it barely reached the top10 and I am slightly proud of that), this neither a good song nor a good music. Easy thumbs-down for me, I'd even call it a failure the moment Gaga goes over to talking/rapping with her trademark deep voice. They thought giving her the final words like this was cool, but the opposite is the case. Absolutely skip and I hope both artists can find a way to get back to their peaks again, but especially with Gaga I have severe doubts with how long hers are already a thing of the past and it seems Grande's quirky shtick is also slowly getting old as she is moving closer to 30 now. This song brought out the worst in both of them for sure.
  • Calicodreamin5 December 2021
    In the midst of a global pandemic Gaga and Grande released a song that bolstered many a persons emotional state. To them we are forever grateful. Is it my imagination or is there some neosporin controversy involving the making of this video?!