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  • Before anything you have to be aware that this anime is unique , this anime changed my life ,before watching this i was hunted by a demon from the 19 centurie,he was destroying my life ,but in first 5 minutes of the first episode i could hear the demon scream and crying for the AnimeMan to help him ,the demon just died of a stroke is heart couldn't take that unique cgi

    YOU are wondering why i gave it a nine , this anime saved my life that is right but the cgi was so unique and magnifique that radiation traveled from the screen to me and now i have a tumor so that is a no no , and i problaly will , you know in the future ..maybe..
  • RebelPanda10 January 2021
    CrunchyTroll has funded an anime even worse than Gibiate. This time it is a CGI sci-fi ecchi show made by a rookie staff. They've never worked on an anime before and it really shows. Everything about this show is bad. The opening is hideous, terrible song, the action scenes look so janky and awkward. The camera can never decide where it should be. None of the voice acting syncs up with the uncanny mouth movements. The only semi passable aspect is the voices.

    I feel so sorry for anyone involved in the production of this anime. It should be canceled for the sake of their reputations and dignity.
  • NB: I've wrote this review just after watching the first episode (I've dropped it), be aware of it.

    Plot: very interesting, mysterious and intriguing.

    Animation: unwatchable. Every movement is kind of robotic, smooth but literally nonhuman. The worst work I've ever saw. Especially for a nowadays work, we are in 2021, right?

    Drawings: none. Everything is Computer Graphic made. And not so well.

    Soundtrack: not bad, at least.

    Conclusions: don't waste time watching it, really. This is the worst work I've ever saw. I can't recommend it to anyone. The manga is a way better, the drawings are amazing!
  • Lucifer92811 January 2021
    I usually dont comment but what the hell is this It feels like my eyes broke If it would have been my first anime i would have never tried other anime after this. CGI Anime are not the best people like most but it isn't comparable to the today standards.
  • I could only watch about five minutes. Look, I know this is a review and a review should include someone who actually watched a full episode at least, but I couldn't. The "animation" was so god awful that it just had this uncanny valley effect that makes it unwatchable. When I saw the reviews, I thought it was just people complaining about CG like in Knights of Sidonia or Golden Kamue - IT IS NOTHING LIKE THAT, this really is the absolute worst animated show I have seen since those old 1990's OVA anime rush jobs that were straight to video.
  • I couldn't watch more than 4 minutes, including 90 seconds of opening. In comparison, ugly drawings by a toddler you stick on your fridge have a much better art style and animation.

    This is from a brand new studio, and I would compare this anime to shooting themselves in the foot with a Gatling gun. There is a good chance the entire team behind this is never allowed to work again.
  • I knew nothing about this going in other than it was a crunchyroll original. Decided to check it out and although the first scene was somewhat intriguing, I was quickly turned off when the OP started and my interest declined the more the episode went on. Some characters are animated as traditional 2D but some are 3D, with no explanation or acknowledgement for this. It's very jarring. Not only that, the 3D characters felt so robotic and lifelessly animated. I don't mind 3D anime as much as some people, but it didn't feel like there was really any effort put into this at all. I barely made it through the first episode and don't think I will pick it back up.
  • This anime is truly perfect down to every detail, the plot the animation the voice acting all incredible, this anime made me feel something for once in my life, its touching moments, the incredible action, the deep story line. All of this leads me to believe this is the best anime of all time. Ex-Arm truly changed my entire life, i got a wife, children, and i became the eco of my own company because Ex-Arm inspired me to not only think outside the box but to not be afraid to be different no matter what others think. If you haven't watched Ex-Arm you aren't the best you that you can be.
  • Unfortunately I couldn't even watch a full episode. The animation (if you even can call it that) is so extremely bad. When I saw the poster I was super excited for this since the art on it looked the same like the webcomic Leviathan that is great. Turns out that the anime is absolutely nothing like it. Neither the manga it turns out . So most likely has crunchyroll just paid for a sick as poster making it looks good when it's the complete opposite.
  • cazius12 April 2021
    Half an episode in I stopped watching because the CG is horrendous and was causing my poor soul pain.
  • A fun show to watch, but the MC is the only person to get any character development so far. CG is usually pretty bad for the first few episodes of a show like this, so I will forgive that, and it got much smoother and cleaner. All of the characters in the main cast(except for Alma & Akira) feel like nameless extras. 11 episodes in and I couldn't care less if most of them got killed off.

    Great potential, I like the art style, they need to spend a little less time on fight scenes so you have a chance to bond with the characters