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  • The women are the most important part in making a good porno movie. If the women aren't attractive there is really no chance of making a good porno movie. I didn't find any of these women really attractive. It's not that I don't like women with big tits, because I do. To me it doesn't matter if the tits are real or fake, big or small, as long as they fit the girls bodies and look good on them. In this movie we mostly get women with too large breasts that sag and look really ugly. Good examples of this are Taylor Wayne and Chantz Fortune. The only girls that had tits that somewhat fit their bodies were Carolyn Monroe and Devon Michaels. But Devon on the other hand had a really muscular body with broad shoulders that made her look too masculine for my taste, even if she had a curvy body. I was really looking forward to seeing girls that look more like Angel Dark, Carmella Bing or Eva Angelina. But those kind of girls were nowhere to be found.

    Many of the girls gave good performances but it doesn't really matter if they aren't attractive enough to give me a rock hard dick. Especially Taylor Wayne gave a great performance and seemed to be really into the sex. But with tits like that in combination with her pale skin and freckles, it was just too hard to get a good boner. And even if you find these girls attractive the editing might ruin it for you. This one is full of close ups and bad angles here and there. I gave this movie a 2 out of 10 and that was simply because of the lack of quality women. The bottom line is there are way better movies with way hotter big titted girls in action, if big tits is your thing.