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  • A depiction of greed in a lawless city, and it's not Seoul. Towering office buildings to make law and to govern at the front; plague, slum and violence at the back door.

    Mayor office, police system, prosecutors, gangsters, thugs are the same, they desperately threaten, betray and kill to be on top to get a piece of power with money politics or ready to die.

    Can't get enough of the full action and surprising turn of power in every episode. Every character is insecure.

    I can relate to my late father's job as prosecutor in several different provinces in a country in SEA. Scary and insecure.
  • cheshire-129079 November 2021
    Generally underwhelming. Overall, I found both the plot and the characters somewhat boring. Perhaps that's my bias, though, because I dislike storylines where the main character is asked to blindly trust someone who doesn't even try to explain the reasons for what they're doing. I find it irritating wherever I encounter it, and this series is no different.

    I will say, however, that I thought that it improved as the series progressed - fewer long and boring gang fight scenes, for example - although the jump from the first to the second half of the series felt a little disjointed. I also find it hard to believe that any of the evidence they produced would be admissable in a courtroom. It was an adequate watch for passing the time and improving some of my language skills, but overall I wouldn't bother rewatching it.
  • Well, to be honest I prefer the first Bad guys to Bad Guys 2 this annoys and heroics for so long that I pissed off myself. In terms of plot, acting, the characters are sickening except for Gang Joo's acting so cool that I have spent watching all the episodes because there is JiSoo, the only handsome and my favorite young man. sometimes each of these episodes annoys me to the point of whining. and I'm tired of seeing Je Moon. he doesn't fit into a character in Bad Guys 2.
  • ...I don't need protagonists to be great or even good. But it's terribly annoying when they come across as dumb and dumber still.

    On top of that it's all very Boy's Own. The female characters are either villains or victims.

    Despite the acting talent, one of the weaker Korean dramas I've seen.
  • After watching the first episode it seemed like it would be a promising series. The acting is good and the plot interesting, but.. And there's a big but here. They're censoring parts of a scene for some unknow reason by blurring a couple of people out. This ruins the whole immersion and makes the series unwatchable.

    If you don't want something in your series, just don't show it instead of censoring it.