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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was not a fan of "Groundhog Day" despite its achieving near-classic status over the years: my initial reaction when it came out was that the picture would have been much funnier and effective had Al Roker been cast instead of Murray. But Adult actress-turned-filmmaker Whitney Wright takes the central gimmick and hits the bullseye in "Endless".

    Beautiful Avi Love is the heroine, magically given the chance to relive and re-do a day in her life, a chance to have things turn out differently including the suicide of her husband Will Pounder. As in the original fantasy, she is also doomed to endless repetition, as was Tom Cruise in the clever sci-fi version "Edge of Tomorrow".

    Beyond this central gimmick, Wright delivers a moving romantic story of bisexual Avi's love affairs with Lacy Lennon and later Ana Foxxx.