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  • Well, first of all, I rented this movie today, thinking it would be a horror as the film was marketed as a horror. I can't believe this film was marketed as a horror in th UK! This is terrible as it's actually a comedy drama! I thought it was a horror as the whole DVD was in the style of a horror film and the summary even made it sound like one, the title was also different (Awaken The Night) I don't know where they got that title from. On the UK DVD cover it has Nikki Reed and DJ Qualls faces above a dark creepy forest, where a woman (supposedly Nikki Reed's character) is running away from a man (supposedly DJ Qualls character) and theirs even splatters of blood on the woman and blood on 2 of the trees. I think the UK marketing for this film is unacceptable because this movie definitely isn't a horror and theirs not even a forest or blood in it.

    But, the film was actually very good, although it wasn't anything like I expected it to be. The acting was brilliant, the style was very modern and real, and over all the film was very good. I would probably give the film 6/10 overall but I would give the UK marketing for it no stars as it is just unbelievably stupid.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay,when I first saw the trailer for "Last Day of Summer" I didn't really seem to take interest in it,but with Nikki Reed being my favorite actress I decided "what the heck,may as well watch it." So I watched it! I happen to have this movie listed in my top 10 favorites! This film was just great,amazing,and...really I just loved it! This film owns up to it's drama and comedy...again,as always,Nikki Reed did just amazing,and still gorgeous as ever! This film is great for many reasons,like,the actors and actresses were well picked...Quills and Reed were amazing! Again,some of the funny bits got me,coming from Quills and Reed's character. Just to see the way this film came out,the way the main character is just impacted by the 2nd main character. In just one short day(or 2) she has changed his outlook on his own life and how it changed hers...unexpectedly too! This whole movie isn't complete comedy but little bits like,(**SPOILER ALERT!!!**) when the 2 main characters(Quills&Reed) come to see this big tarantula out of no where from behind the bathtub,the reaction I love(:! Joe(Quills): "*screams* S***!" Stephainie(Reed): "S***, it's big!" This has to be one of my favorite scenes from the film,plus the story of elementary school when they were kids and the last 2 big scenes. I recommend this film to anyone really,this was just a great little comedy and drama,like it says to be! It was quite upsetting to see it not make cinemas):,but at least it was made! I give this movie 10/10 stars(:!
  • If director Vlad Yudin had settled for a firm idea, rooted in plausibility, dialog, and human interest, his film Last Day of Summer wouldn't be the mess that it is. Unfortunately, though, the film is rooted in dirty-minded humor and boasts a premise it can't bare to support. As we watch two very strong actors lumber through many ill-conceived situations and undercooked plot developments, lacking all the tension and the character resonance needed for the story to work, it becomes clear that Yudin's attempt wasn't to offer maybe a catalyst or a relief, but rather, to provoke a cheap, unnecessary laugh at the bumbling qualities of the insane.

    The film is lead, and mostly carried, by DJ Qualls, who I always regard as a nice touch on any film he is in, whether it be the average Delta Farce and Road Trip or the near-abysmal work The New Guy. Qualls is easily the most redeeming thing about the film as he played Gregory (nicknamed "Joe" by himself), a disgruntled and often belittled fast food employee with plans to go on a violent killing spree at the restaurant after being fired by his cruel, immature boss. Gregory buys a small gun, fills it with bullets, but chickens out at the last minute because he sees a fellow fast food patron (Nikki Reed) look over at him. When trying to talk to her outside the building, while she's on her phone, he gets mad at her rudeness and the fact he is being ignored, snaps, and points the gun at her hip. He takes her back to a motel room he rented out, successfully kidnapping her with no certain agenda or plan of action whatsoever.

    What unfolds is a talky but only mildly interesting story about this troubled man, his quest to prove to others he is a "solider of his destiny," and him dealing with the notion he just kidnapped a woman who wasn't doing anything wrong. I give credit to the film for being unpredictable, but its unpredictability is an afterthought when watching a film like this. At no point was I ever regarding the writing of the film as so profound and nonlinear that I didn't know what would happen next. It was more of a feeling along the lines of, "this film is so asinine, what could possibly come next?" It's also sad to note how much capable talent was discarded here. Not just Qualls in the lead role, but Reed in the supporting role. Reed's performance in Thirteen, which was semi-autobiographical about her life, was a stunning one of true adolescent dysfunction. Here, she is resorted to being a caricature, barely given any story or development whatsoever. At one point she tells "Joe" that she needs to get home to take care of her young son. Her concern is never addressed by "Joe" or her ever again.

    Under more assertive direction and less toilet humor, Last Day of Summer could've worked as a stunning examination into the mind of an uncontrollable madman with a listless agenda. Instead, it is a movie barely lifted up by the work of its two stars, who may lack chemistry even in more dramatic scenes, but still manage to hold their own ground throughout the movie. In retrospect, Yudin's film works as a "what no to do" analysis on making a film about the insane.

    Starring: DJ Qualls, Nikki Reed, and William Sadler. Directed by: Vlad Yudin.
  • Well what a load of rubbish 3 pounds 💷 wasted and 85 minutes of my time. So you win some you loose some, in this case I lost some. Certainly will not recommend this 📼 film to anyone. Steer clear of this turkey.