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  • David Trueba again turns from documentary work to fiction, and blends a degree of surrealism into this moving story of two criminals recently released from a Chilean Jail: one is searching for the wife who has abandoned him for a millionaire and one who wants this master safe breaker to join him in a complex heist.

    The latter meets and falls in love with a mute girl, Victoria, who aspires to dance, and sets out to help her achieve her desire.

    All the actors play their roles extremely well. Miranda Bodenhofer as Victoia is new to the screen having been discovered by Trueba when, after many auditions, he recalled a girl he had seen eighteen months earlier in a dance class when researching locations. She delivers a moving and delicate interpretation of her key tole as the main subject of the film.

    Ricardo Darín as Nicolás Vergara Grey, a jaded criminal, is perfectly cast, and Abel Ayala playing Ángel Santiago, the bright ambitious youngster, adds an optimism to the plot that goes beyond the script.
  • This is a fun and uplifting Spanish romantic drama packed with emotion , engaging events , entertainment and provoking situations . With the advent of democracy in Chile and fall of the nasty dictator Pinochet , a general amnesty for prisoners of non violent crime is enacted . Angel Santiago (Abel Ayala) , a young man is freed from prison but he is determined to revenge the abuse he suffered in penitentiary , as he plans his vendetta against the jail chief . Later on , Angel goes in search for the known bank robber Vergara Grey (Ricardo Darin) who has been pardoned and whose robberies have earned him a reputation he'd abandoned back . Vergara is a master safe breaker who is searching for his son and spouse (Ariadana Gil) , but she has left to him for a millionaire . Angel's scheme for a daring robbery is marred by a young mute called Victoria (Miranda Bodenhofer) . Her magical presence illuminates the rogue Angel . As the impulsive and stubborn Angel and the mysterious young dancer Victoria fall in love , but their relationship is hindered by complicated happenings .

    This is an essential and fundamental drama/romance/thriller that causes nice impression and agreeable feeling . Earthy and touching flick with amusing elements , entertaining and contrivances ; including attractive images , and being original as well as delightfully filmed . The film starred by three good actors , all of them lending transparency to characters they embody , along with an excellent support cast , displaying prominent roles . The yarn has the classical plot about boy meets girl , performed by fine actors , important pointer to a movie's quality , developing a moving love story starred by an enticing couple , as she is a mute dancer who aspires to be first ballerina, he is an optimist thief recently released from a Chilean prison who sets out to help her get her desire , both of whom have a funny love affair . It is a light and wistful story , easy to watch , and easier to love . The film relies heavily on the relationship between the roguish hustler Ángel Santiago/Abel Ayala and Victoria Ponce/Miranda Bodenhofer as his young sweetheart who dances splendidly . Although a lot of things separate them , they join themselves , make love and live together , but then things go wrong . Abel Ayala gives a sympathetic and natural acting ; though , sometimes , this character seems a little silly and nonsense . Masterful and top-drawer acting by Ricardo Darin , as usual . This is the start to a fruitful collaboration between writer/director Fernando Trueba and the great actor Ricardo Darin . He became the most popular Argentina actor , in fact there's a Darín touch , perhaps its the light and tender irony he gives to many of his characters and being one of Latin America's most bankable actors , whose presence can help pre-sell a movie . He began acting in TV series , but his international breakthrough came with Nine Queens and The Secret in Their Eyes that won a best foreign-language Academy Award and earned $6.4 million for Sony Pictures . Darin's some of his most important acting include Fabian Bielinsky's Nine Queens (2000), Juán José Campanela's El Hijo De la Novia (2001), Luna Avellaneda (2004), El Aura (2005) , Pablo Trapero's Elefante Blanco (2012) , Borenzstein's Kóblic , Damián Szifron's Relatos Salvajes (2014) and La Señal (2007), which was also his directorial debut . Fernando Trueba wanted to work with Ricardo Darín for ages , as he deemed all the characters he played seem to have been especially written for him , so the moment he saw this role as Nicolás Vergara Grey could fit him , and only for him to play , as Trueba offered it to him , and as Ricardo gave an awesome performance . It packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Julián Ledesma , shot in Chile , Santiago and Los Andes . The picture had several nominations as Cinema Writers Circle Awards , Spain : 2010 Nominated CEC Award Best Director , Best Adapted Screenplay : Trueba , Antonio Skármeta , Jonás Trueba , Best Editing ; Goya Awards Nominated : Goya Best Supporting Actor Ricardo Darín , Best Director , Best Screenplay Fernando Trueba , Best Production Design , Best Costume Design Lala Huete . This was Spain's official submission to 82nd Academy Award's Foreign Language in 2010 .

    This simple , acceptable and delightful motion picture was well produced/written/directed directed by Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba , as the flick is entertaining and well worth your time . Being his first hit : Ópera Prima (1980) following the style of the "Madrid comedy" and that was a big success in Spain . Trueba had major success with Sé Infiel y No mires Quién (1985) , starting a longer collaboration with the producer Andrés Vicente Gómez . He went on directing numerous successes such as Coarse salt , Year of Enlightment , Milagro de Candeal , Niña De Tus Ojos or The Girl of Your Dreams , Calle 54 , Embrujo De Shanghai , Chico and Rita and recently : The Artist and the Model . The multi-award winner in Spain Fernando Trueba was President of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and he received the 1994 Oscar for Best Foreign Film to Belle Epoque (1992)and when accepting his Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, director (Fernando Trueba) said: "I would like to believe in God in order to thank him for this prize, but I only believe in (Billy Wilder), so... Thank you , Mr. Wilder!" . Wilder himself reportedly phoned Trueba for acknowledgment and told him: "Hello Fernando, I'm God" . Being his last films : this ¨El Baile De La Victoria¨ and ¨La Reina De España¨ .
  • Ricardo Darin is acknowledged as a great actor in Argentina. His popularity has raised from being another face in soups to become one of the leading stars on stage and in films. He has also chosen wisely every movie and role. El baile de la Victoria, on the other hand, seems to be a film too much influenced by the director's vision, don't letting most of the audience discover its charm. The movie seems -as obviously those followers of Trueba would disagree- dull and lacking any real substance. Text is also pointless and does not convey any big ideas regarding the historic themes approached. I did not finish viewing the film.