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  • Before hitting porn paydirt and immortality as the amazingly long-running contract star for Wicked Pictures, Jessica Drake starred at Sin City, with this proving to be a fine vehicle.

    Well-directed and designed/detailed by Red Ezra (who uses various pseudonyms for his many, many contributions behind the camera), movie has Jess fed up with dating, especially via computer, and deciding to become an old-fashioned matchmaker herself (sort of sublimating).

    She advertises and soon gets clients by phone and email who she can hook up, deciding that lunch (with the prospect of sex) is ideal. She introduces the matches as sort of case histories, giving the feature an effective vignette structure.

    One involves the real-life couple Voodoo and Nicole Sheridan (who hump bareback rather than needing to adhere to the safe-sex condoms Sin City favors) and each sex scene is well-executed. Of course, Jess eventually uses her service for her own needs, leading to a happy ending and clever final note.