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  • lor_6 April 2018
    Little effort yielded meager results in this crummy "crank 'em out" DVD from Paul Thomas, adding just a tiny bit more tarnish to his reputation as a great Adult Cinema director.

    He chose to take the phony credit of "Chuck Lords" for a hundred or so quickies like this one, though in the BTS short subject we see good old PT conversing with his cast, as when he advises superstar Euro import actress Maria Bellucci to pretend she has trouble with English when pronouncing the all-important word "swinger" as "schvinger" instead.

    Swinging is the theme of this apparent 1-Day Wonder, as the couple Monique Alexander and Alan Stafford dabble in what would become know several years later as hotwifing. Alan first lend-leases his wife to stud Jack Venice, but is singularly morose after viewing the voyeuristic result.

    But he perks up in a threesome given the greenlight by Monique, humping Brit Porn import Savannah Gold and nearly as busty Holly West out in the pool. The sudden arrival at their doorstep of Maria and her man Christian XXX sets up a wife-swapping finale (or group-sex perhaps) but PT pulls a fast one and has our leads suddenly chickening out. So Alan humps Monique and Maria shtups Christian, mechanical sex and fidelity winning out by default. Of course Maria emphasizes anal sex, the stereotyped mode of intercourse for all Euro babes in this low-grade world of porn.

    With poor continuity and maximum mindlessness, this is a paycheck for an artist who should have tried harder every time at bat, rather than saving his creative juices for just those big-budget blockbusters that once made Vivid top of the heap. Both he and the label have headed for retirement land.