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  • It's a stupid movie with a stupid premise - but, strangely enough, it works pretty well. The ludicrous story revolves around Frank (played by Andrew McCarthy) who goes into the hospital to donate a kidney to his brother in law, only to have the doctor remove the - um - wrong organ. He then has to fight some pretty funny fights as he tries to convince the hospital to reverse the procedure. Yes - medically the movie is nonsense, but this isn't a medical drama. It's just a stupid comedy that is at times very funny. The conversation between Frank and the doctor who performed the accidental gender re-assignment surgery on him is a comedy gem of misunderstandings and had me in stitches, and there were other scenes in the movie that had me laughing out loud - which doesn't often happen. It features interesting characters who are given interesting names (there seems to be some sort of tribute going on to movies of the 1930's since there were character names taken from at least "The Wizard Of Oz" and "Mutiny On The Bounty.")

    Is it a great movie? Will it be considered a classic? I'd say not. It's crude at times and pretty typically National Lampoon material and it has a definite low budget feel to it. Some of the performances are less than outstanding. A masterpiece it is not. But for some mindless entertainment it actually works. (7/10)
  • dylanisnotonfire6 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a fun original movie in a time of remakes. The best things it has going for it is Andrew Mccarthy and the weird plot. It's fun to see the Weekend At Bernie's duo back together again and nearly "back together again" (wink wink nudge nudge). It's downsides are that it feels like a National Lampoon flick when that's not what's popular anymore, and the picture quality being poor. It could have easily been an 8 or a 10 with a bigger budget and better writing. The flick is filled with strange moments and even stranger characters so you'll find someone in the movie you really like. It's a fun time but not something to share with the kids, definitely something to have on in the background at a bros night in.