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  • I wish IMDb would let me rate this film a zero. I saw this movie, being a loyal fan of the original. I also thought nothing could be worse than Slap Shot 2 with Stephen Baldwin. I was sorely mistaken. Not only is this a failed attempt at an underdog sports movie, but it misses the spirit of the original as well. Characters are cardboard and the plot was a thinly veiled sequel to the Mighty Ducks. How little respect to producers have for the sport that they don't do any research? A rag tag bunch of ball hockey players joining a ("the") Junior League? The Hanson brothers need to stop soiling their legacy and stick to state fairs and minor league hockey intermissions.
  • ethan-gta419 July 2012
    Possibly one of the worst films I've ever seen in my life. I am embarrassed that this piece of filth was made in my country. This film is an embarrassment to the original slap shot. I would not recommend this garbage to my worst enemy. How can someone make a movie THIS bad?? Its unbelievable.

    Slap Shot trilogy in a nutshell: Slap Shot: Great movie, very entertaining.

    Slap Shot 2:Bad movie, not HORRIBLE, but kinda hard to sit through.

    Slap Shot 3: Abomination to film. i would rather watch grass grow for 10 years than watch 2 minutes of this "film".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I got this movie, I was thrilled to get to see the Hansons on the screen once again. Sadly, the film was just as bad as I feared it would be.

    The original Slap Shot was a true masterpiece, quite possibly the best hockey film of all time. And Paul Newman was the icing on the cake. This movie doesn't even deserve to have the name "Slap Shot" in the title.

    No violence, no dirty words, not even any real hockey. And the references to the original were so unbelievably tacky. Instead of a minor league hockey team fighting to prevent disbandment, it's a bunch of ball hockey orphans who somehow found their way into a junior league. They also somehow got their own team in a matter of days. You can tell they made it for the little ones, it sucks.

    Somewhere the great Paul Newman is rolling in his grave. This movie puts Slap Shot to shame. Do yourself a favor, and don't even bother watching this. It's truly a disaster.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The original Slapshot was a raunchy comedy that got in our faces and made us laugh. It could probably never be made today, because it had some very politically incorrect jokes about masturbation and homosexuality.

    I knew we were in trouble with this film when it started out with "Universal Family Features". That told me that the level of humor was going to drop considerably. The "edge" was probably going to be as sharp as a butter knife.

    The plot line is that an evil real estate developer is going to buy up the town and remake it as a golf course, taking out the orphan's home in the process. The Orphans form their own hockey team and take on the team sponsored by Evil Lady's company her son stars in. The usual, predictable Disney Channel pap.

    Somewhere, Paul Newman is spinning in his grave!

    Things to be thankful for? Leslie Neilsen doesn't embarrass himself nearly as much as he has in past movies. The screen time of the "Hansen Brothers" is relatively short.

    My only consolation is that some little crumb cruncher will talk his parents into renting the original Slapshot, thinking its the same kind of movie. Heh, heh, heh....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    4.5 is too generous of a rating for Slap Shot 3! I bought Slap Shot 3 from the cheap movie bin at Sears! I had low movie expectations, which were overwhelmingly met! The script is unoriginal. Save the orphanage from an evil developer. There is few laughs and Slap shot 3 has noting similar to the movie series, except for a few references. A few cameo appearances. The hockey scenes where stale and uninspiring. Slap Shot 3 was on the penalty kill the whole time, and gave up too many goals. Slap Shot 3 is not a hat trick. Slap Shot 3 also equal my rating of 3 out of 10. Stay away from this plus minus movie which is definitely in the minus.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can not believe how awful this movie is. Words can not describe it. It's blasphemous to even make a sequel to the original much less a third movie. My eyes bled and my ears fell off just viewing the trailer. Adding Messier and Gilmore only sprayed Lysol on an otherwise pile of horse poop from a horse who ate eggs and chili for a week. This looked like a Might Ducks repeat which is bad enough. Please tell me in what universe ball hockey players make it to Juniors? Any why must the Hansons continue to be tricked into making sequels? Is nothing sacred anymore? I'm writing my local congressman to ask him to push for legislation banning the viewing or selling of this movie. Caddyshack 2 should have been the beacon for all directors to never make a sequel from a great original. This movie receives an intent to injure match penalty for the injuries my brain sustained from watching it. Colin Campbell should suspend this wretched piece of doo doo.
  • I missed seeing #2, but I have seen the original, and this one.

    Many scenes from this one are taken directly from the original, but this time it's a kids team, and while there are some dirty plays, the tone is on playing clean, being good at the actual sport.

    What is also refreshing about this one is the almost complete lack of homophobia that saturated the first film. That one was one continuing f@g joke from beginning to end, which would have been humiliating for a young gay hockey fan to have to sit through in a crowded cinema. But times have changed, and that crap is out. It turns out that you can save the town without compulsively insulting and degrading a whole group of people who live in it.

    Unfortunately, as with most films featuring the big Corus logo at the end of the credits, it's still a pretty stupid plot, with pretty stupid gags. So it only gets a 6/10 from me.
  • bevo-1367831 March 2020
    What 3
    Ignore the hundreds of poor reviews. This movie really stands up.