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  • This is one of those softcore films which has a wraparound story in which several credited actors have a few sex scenes but spend most of their time sitting around a house swapping erotic tales, which are illustrated by inserted sex scenes from previous softcore material using uncredited actors.

    Plot: A husband and wife marriage counselor team have a therapy session with a married couple, sharing stories about their previous clients as a way to illustrate their points. And they state that they are not big into ethics or morals, which is a good warning since the offer their clients alcoholic drinks during therapy and are not above sleeping with their clients as part of the session. The story is quite average, not exciting, but not totally boring, and is obviously written simply to introduce the inserted sex clips.

    Sex: The simulated sex clips are a real mixed bag in terms of quality, everything from poor to excellent, but mostly in the average to good range. The wraparound story has four new sex scenes, and starts off with a bang with a very good scene between Michelle Lay and Randy Spears. Unfortunately, the other three scenes are quite average, mainly due to the unappealing and under-performing Chloe Morgan. As for the archive footage scenes, I recognized clips from several episodes of "The Best Sex Ever", and I suspect that the other clips are from other softcore TV series from the early 2000's.

    Women: Michelle Lay is always appealing. On the other hand, I'm just not sure how Chloe Morgan has managed to slip into the softcore business. She must be better on the casting couch than she is on film. She provides low energy, lackluster sexual performances, she's too skinny, and her nose is too big. And although I prefer natural breasts and have nothing against small chested girls, flat chested Chloe's the first girl I've ever seen in porn whose nose is bigger than her breasts.

    Acting: Michelle Lay does a terrific job; I could see her holding her own in a mainstream film. Randy Spears is solid as usual, and Sean Juergens is way below average as usual. Newcomer Chloe Morgan... oh, I hate to keep bashing the poor girl... is just awful. There were times when it was obvious that she was looking over and reading her lines off cue cards.

    Overall... very average... although it could have been better than average if Chloe Morgan had been replaced by a better and more appealing actress.