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  • After seeing this movie I simply cannot forget it. A man woken up to go to work, obvious depression and numbness. On his way to work you see many different absurd jobs of "ordinary" people. But, obviously, he is highly ranked - he is wearing a suit, taking taxi to work... We can imagine that the servants in his home and others that serve him on his way to work consider that he has some important well paying work position. And you find out that he truly does! From the position of "ordinary" people with their boring simple jobs, his job in some tall nice building might seems something to envy for. In reality, his job could be even worse than theirs.It is such a reflection of reality because the higher positioned you are, the more crap you have to take each day.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "El Empleo" is a surrealist animated short from Argentina which takes place in a world where every single activity, even those that are supposed to be made by objects and artifacts are done by ordinary humans, who "work" playing the role of mirrors, tables and automobiles in everyday life.

    Very well animated (I particularly like the stylish character design) and having an excellent atmosphere (The lack of dialogue or music accentuates the sense of "realism" of the strange world where this short takes place) "El Empleo" feels pretty much like an absurdist play, which effectively works in a short format.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw this short film it opens with the usual laurel leaves award logo which all short film festivals seem to use now, except in this case the screen is full of them for about the first 30 seconds of the film since, as it tells us, it has so far won 102 awards. I tried to ignore this since I never think it is a good idea to pre-hype your own film with talk of greatness. The short film is basically one joke, or rather one point being made. We join a familiar scene as a man walks up to prepare to go to his work. The scene is made less ordinary by the sight that this mirror is held by a person, his coat and keys held by a person and so on. He does to work on someone's back, only stopping at traffic lights (which are two guys wearing a red or green shirt under a coat), this continues until he reaches the place of his work.

    Although it is amusing and cleverly done, essentially I think this short is meant to make us think about the nature of work and the ultimate space we all fit in. Although the examples are extreme, it is difficult for many to really say we work to make a huge difference and that, without the specific job we do, somehow the world would spin off its axis and collapse in chaos. So, while the specifics offer more than the dead-eyed tasks performed in this film, it is only a matter of degrees in many cases. As an one-message deal, the film does frustrate for its comment but lack of alternatives and I did wonder what the makers thought the world should look like if this really is what they are saying. The lack of context does rather feel like they are kicking the service industries, including those performing essential but ultimately unfulfilling tasks.

    The animation is clever and some of the uses of people in the place of automated tasks is frequently quite clever but this is a simple short that makes one point and then continues to make it throughout. It is still amusing and thought-provoking but with 102 awards under its belt I can only presume it touched a nerve in many others even though it didn't do too much for me personally.
  • Kirpianuscus2 August 2017
    people as objects. pieces in a long routine. same gestures, same movements, same way and steps and duties and beginning of the day and the end of the work day. social criticism. obvious truth. reflection of irrationality of contemporary society. the well known facts who, on the screen, are real terrible. but this is the structure of our life. and the great virtue of this short animation is not to put the mirror front to its public but its beautiful simplicity. because nothing could be attached to a cold, realistic, maybe cynical verdict about us by ourselves.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just watched this animated short on YouTube as linked from Cartoon Brew by Pes. Directed by Santiago Bou Grasso, it depicts a man on his way to work as he does his usual routine. Except that many objects-like a table, a clothes-hook, a tall lamp, etc.-are depicted as a person or persons standing still or on all fours just...there doing nothing. When we get to what this man does...Oh, just watch this short film on YouTube if you want to see how this ends. Quite amusing if not hilarious and wait till you watch after the end credits! Pes himself actually thought this film was a little long since he thought this could have been a couple of minutes shorter (funny I thought his Western Spaghetti was TOO SHORT), but I thought the length was long enough. Anyway, I highly recommend El empleo.
  • I was attracted by this film very much. In this film, there is no dialogue and music. There are sound of foot or opening a door only. Thid affect makes think what is happening. Next, I was attracted because this film is mysterious very much. I thought that this film attracts people by marking us feel mysterious. Also, at first, I was not able to understand what is happening. However, I understand what is happening a little at last. Maybe, I think that this film expresses the current society. In the world, almost of all are employed. We live by working. Also, when we go shopping, there are people who sell goods and are employed. When I thought this point and see this film, I was fear. However, I don't know why I was fear. As a result, I think that this film makes us think many things and attract us.
  • Vincentiu4 February 2014
    people. as objects . or tools. at first sigh, a society criticism. in fact, a warning. about manner to discover the other. a splendid animation because each of its viewers discovers his universe frame. because it reflects frustrations and need to escape from status of piece from a animation who represents more than artistic success or a great revelation. it reflects the every day reality and represents good opportunity to reflect not about an absurd, without soul system but about personal reaction front to that provocation.a dark movie. and a sunny end credits. one of animations who seems be a parable. in fact, their are only the clock for wake-up.
  • Hitchcoc20 July 2019
    The man at the center of this feature lives a mundane life. He is employed as are all figures in this film. What we have here is technology reduced to human terms, where taxi drivers actually carry people on their backs. Where a man literally is a doormat to his boss. Obviously, all is metaphorical. It's interesting how many of these short features show life as being pointless and depressing. Jean-Paul Sartre, you have been proved correct.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Employment" is a 6.5-minute short film from 7 years ago and first of all do not be scared of its country of origin Argentina and language Spanish. You don't have to speak it as there is no dialogue in this animated short. We see a man get up in the morning and already in his house the tasks of inanimate objects are taken over by people, such as the one of a lamp, a chair or a table. When he leaves the house, same can be said about the likes of traffic lights and even elevators. And in the end we are reminded that everybody, even our hero has someone above him in terms of chain of command and the protagonist may have the worst job of all we saw in here. This short film is about as much about his employment as about the employment of all the other people we see here. There is probably a touch of criticism against society in here, especially with the ending when the lamp guy just decides it's enough. The animation certainly looks a bit older than 2008, it also could have been a 1970s or 1980s effort by the NFB the way it looks. Good short film with some smart scenes and all in all a decent watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film highlights the reality of the world we are living in. The starts with a man waking up to his daily routine. He is supported by real people, someone holds mirror for him, someone play legs of table, chair, etc. Their faces are sad, and that's a statement. We expect him to be a rich man exoloiting others, turns out that his job is worse than any of them.

    Everyone is working for someone, not living their own life to the fullest. At the end we see the man holding his lamp quits his job for a welcome change.
  • With its low-key, quiet, almost ASMR aesthetic, 'The Employment (2008)' is oddly calming in its own rustic sort of way. The short is essentially an extended metaphor, one that takes aim at our capitalist society. It's pretty powerful, even if it doesn't exactly shout about its importance. It just lets its events speak for themselves, silently portraying a series of domestically outlandish scenarios as outlandishly domestic as possible. It's hard to describe how relaxing it is thanks to its very specific vibe. It's an impressive, well-considered and entertaining short film that has something to say and says it well.
  • Midyetava8 January 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    There are many things to write yet none would be as shocking and effective like the movie. I've read some opinions about the movie, and I was shocked even more... Hey guys, this movie just criticizes how employees are "used, materialised". It does not target the "employment".

    The alternate reality created by the writer is so shocking and disturbing the people might have difficulties facing it. The movie is simply great. And no, if a movie receives 102 awards, let me know it from the start :) , it doesn't bother me, on the contrary I liked it.

    Thanks for this great movie, it's not only thought-provoking, it's also 'perception-breaking'. A cinema lover is incomplete if s/he has not watched this movie. Thumbs up.
  • Screen_O_Genic29 August 2020
    Haven't we all experienced being tired of life? The same daily routine, the lengthy and overburdening trials, the same dramas, the awful people, neverending personal issues, etc., you get the picture. And doesn't work make it all worse? The same drudgery of having to get up every day, the same daily routine, the lengthy and overburdening trials, the same dramas, the awful people, never-ending personal issues, etc., you get the picture. This appealing crudely animated film perfectly encapsulates all of that. Used and abused, tried and tired, weary and wearily the clock ticks on...
  • The seed for this animation film can be found in the Indian a 2006 ad- film, for Happydent White( Though this commercial is all about bringing smile to your face, but deep down it shows the same ordeal faced by employees all around the world.

    Now bout this short film, from the start you have a bad feeling for the guy for all his acts, but as soon as he lay down as a door mat, you start seeing yourself in this man.
  • You service other people, other people service you. Everyone has his/her own role in the society. Just do your job. Sometimes you feel some little power in your job while other time you feel powerless because your are at someone else' control.
  • This is a story of a man who wakes up and goes to his work. It is simple story, but this has many unique scenes and is a little unrealistic. All the things he uses are human, from the table to the taxi. At first, I feel that this is full of humor and an interesting way of expression. However, I changed from the first image of this film and find the meaning of this title. Furthermore, I began to feel something fearful. It is because, of course, there is no dialogue and music, but mainly because of his astonishing action.

    In addition, the sound of his snort is so cold and hopeless that I cannot help thinking about what working is. The way of feeling about it differs from person to person such as blue- and white-collar workers. This film is a symbol of working in modern society and might express the filmmakers own thoughts on this theme by the scene after the credits. Watching this film gives us a good opportunity to think the meaning of what we are doing every day.