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  • Highly enjoyable action movie. Great fights, stunts and a good story which lead to a satisfying ending. Even after all this, I still prefer the first movie, because it introduced us to Parkour. Few years later, Parkour is popular the world over and it's because of films like this and Casino Royale. The first movie had arguably the best action sequences I'd seen for a long time, so it's no surprise for a sequel to pop up, which cranks up the action 10 fold. Good performances, especially from the two leads, who have the right chemistry for this action comedy. Both Belle and Raffaelli are chief pratitioners in the art of Parkour, but also show that they're pretty adept at acting too. I hope they make a third movie because it would be great to see these guys on screen together again. One of the better movies of the year unsurprisingly and I say that because I knew what to expect whilst watching this film and I wasn't disappointed. All in all a fun action movie, that many will enjoy, I know I did.
  • This exciting flick contains nail-biting action , thrills , spectacular scenes and plot twists . Thrilling and violent movie with a phenomenal starring pair and in which Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle cast all the Stuntmen themselves . Set in the rundown ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and an ex-thug try to infiltrate into a police precinct and Palace of President in order to save their barrios when some enemies are bent on destroying the five tower blocks at the heart of District 13 with tactical precision bombing . Once upon again Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) and Leito (David Belle , the originator of Le Parkour) are reunited upon to avoid a bombing on destroying the blocks at the heart of District 13 and save the city . They have to confront a nasty Police Chief from the Department of Internal State Security (DISS), and even Le Président De la République (Philippe Torreton) . With acrobatic skillfulness and adrenaline pumping belief in their own abilities, they throw themselves out from incredible heights, and jump from roof to roof ; locked doors and 'No Trespassing' signs become irresistible challenges . They face off their enemies in order to avoid the total destruction their district as Damien and Leïto convince the five gang lords to band together to prevent it when the president authorizing the strike .

    ¨13th District : ultimatum ¨ is an amazing film that packs suspense , thrills, noisy action , shootouts and violent fights . The main couple is unabashed in its dedication to fanboy stunt work . From the beginning to the final the noisy action and fast movement is unstopped , including breathtaking scenes in which bounds and leaps through apartments blocks and at moments give the impression that they are flying . Cyril Raffaelli as a hard-rock , two-fisted agent is top-notch . This is a frantic rehash of ¨Escape from NY¨ , rightly realized in French style . The highlights of the movie are The Parkour , also known in USA as Free Running whose origin was in ¨Yamasaki¨ film directed by Ariel Zeitoun , Julien Seri and also produced by Luc Besson with his production company called ¨EuropaCorps¨ . Duo protagonist more than make up for in an skill to soar across a rolling medley highrise flats blocks . The way in which the actors prove this abilities , is in fact an activity called Parkour and was invented by David Belle himself , influenced by his father Raymond Belle . Cyril Raffaelli also choreographed all the fight sequences ; however David Belle didn't practice all his Parkour stunts , most of the ones that you see in the film were of him performing the stunt for the first time .Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle had three months to prepare all their Parkour stunts for the film . There weren't any special effects , wire-work, computer graphics... used in 90% of the Parkour scenes .The film was at the subject of a controversy when writer/producer Luc Besson accused cinema chain UGC in the French media of boycotting the film by not showing it in their Parisian suburbs cinemas, and thus trying to stop its intended audience from seeing it. UGC replied that they felt their distribution for the film was up to par and that in any case it wasn't Besson's business to decide which cinemas should or should not carry the film. Good and atmospheric cinematography using Steadicam and zooms with numerous locations from Paris slums ; however set in Paris, some of the film was shot in Serbia. The musician Da Octopuss creates a stirring, moving soundtrack fitting to frantic action . Lavishly produced by the successful French producer and director Luc Besson . The flick was stunningly realized by Patrick Alessandrin though Alexandre Aja and Pierre Morel (who took a break from filming ¨From Paris with love¨ to come visit the set in Paris) were originally hired to direct the movie the first . Filmmaker Alessandrin gives the action a dance-like quality and the whole movie lasted 14 weeks for production , idea, script, casting, filming, etc . Rating: Better than average, well worth seeing , this is a highly agreeable follow-up . The picture will appeal to explosive action fans
  • claudio_carvalho12 September 2009
    After a successful mission against drug lords, the efficient Captain Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) is framed at home with three kilograms of heroine planted by the police in his kitchen and he is arrested. Meanwhile a group of teenagers film the action of dirty agents leaded by Roland (Pierre-Marie Mosconi) from the security agency executing policemen in their car and then leaving the car with the corpses in the 13th District to blame the gangs and begin a civil war. Behind these events, the corrupt chief of the security agency Walter Gassman (Daniel Duval) had received a huge amount as kickback from the constructor Harriburton that has interest to construct buildings in the poor area and uses the situation to force the President of France (Philippe Torreton) to authorize to nuke five towers in the district. The teenager with the film is hunted by the police but he delivers the memory card to Leito (David Belle); meanwhile Damien calls him from the precinct asking for help. The friends team-up with five dangerous bosses to gather evidences to prove to the president that Gassman has provoked the conflict in their district.

    "Banlieue 13 – Ultimatum" is a great sequel of the awesome 2004 "Banlieue 13". The story has non-stop action scenes very well choreographed and an excellent screenplay; the performances of Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle with the Parkour are again very impressive. Unfortunately I found the conclusion disappointing and pointless and it seems to contradict the objective of the dwellers of the 13th District that meet the president to avoid him from blowing up their homes. How could they be so naive to believe in the word of a politician that was under pressure? Therefore in the end the winner is Harriburton! My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "B13 U – 13o Distrito – Ultimato" ("B13 U – 13th District – Ultimatum")
  • Happened to catch this sequel on Sky Movies (which was transmitted sub-titled, rather than dubbed, so "thank you" Sky, for that) and thought it was great. I enjoyed it so much that I've just bought the first District 13 film on DVD from Amazon.

    Cyril Raffaelli makes a good hero in the Jason Stathan mold and I thought the fight choreography was exceptional - as good as anything that comes out of Hong Kong, more realistic than theatrical, and very effective for that.

    I was very impressed with Elodie Yung, too. Who wouldn't be?

    Can't wait to see the first film, now ...
  • Well, let me get it out of the way -- "Ultimatum" is not as fun or exciting as the first film. Fans looking for more of the amazing David Belle and the stunts of parkour will find these elements lacking in the sequel. B-13 had a simple plot and explosive action sequences that still hold up well today. New director this time around and the crisp compositions and editing of the original are replaced with more uses of the hand-held cam, to less successful results. If you liked the opening camera-work in B13 -- you get a lot more of it here as the camera swooshes around the blocks of District 13 introducing the major players in the film. Fortunatly, the chemistry of Belle and Raffaelli is still strong, but they just don't have enough to do together in this plot. Speaking of plot, I would dare say that this sequel has too much plot and side characters. Belle seems like a supporting player in his own film. Now to be fair, there are a couple of good sequences that spark the original vibe of B-13, but sadly, they are few and far between. I had high hopes going into this one, but was let down overall. Let's hope that for the third film (come on, there has to be one) that both Belle and Raffaelli are given the room to really top and go beyond what we've seen them do before.
  • chelano4 August 2010
    I was really hoping for something amazing after the first one, but this was just OK. David Belle is the founder of French parkour and unlike to the first one, he really didn't show much skill in this one. He did have one crazy jump though. Cyril Raffaelli also didn't show off his karate and wushu skills like the first. He did have a couple cool scenes though. Now the story is a little continued from the first, but very weak compared to the first. But they did add a lot of colorful characters in this one that I enjoyed. They all had their personal fighting style or action. The music in this film was pretty nice and worked well with the action. Now back to the story of the film. It is the same basic background like the first, but with a different bad guy. I guess you could say is it is pretty uneventful. All you really wait for is Belle or Raffaelli to do something cool. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy parts of the film, just not all of it.
  • Jackie Chan has grown old, as has the Kung Fu craze, it is time for the French to show their talents in Parkeur and martial arts. The story itself doesn't make much sense, but the moves are simply great.

    I have seen Banlieue 13 a long time ago and liked it for the action movie that it was, and this sequel was at least as packed with acrobatics, however I think it missed some of the feel of the first.

    Bottom line: Hard to say anything more about the movie. Just watch it if you like action.

    If this film doesn't make you want to go to the gym for at least 5 minutes, then I don't know what will :)
  • dmuel12 August 2009
    B13 Ultimatum is simply a re-hash of the original B13, the latter merely serving as a stage for the incredible acrobatic stunts and action sequences displayed in the film. But, the sequel is a bit of a let down as the stunts seem repetitive after the first flick. The novelty has evaporated. Neither film has much of a plot, and in the sequel the story is similar to the first installment. In a near-future Paris, there is little distinction to be made between police and criminals, particularly in District 13. No one in their right mind would want to live in this place, and if you did you'd need advanced skills in martial arts and some high caliber weapons to survive from one day to the next. In both films crooked police elements are out to destroy criminal gangs in the city to increase their control, and are willing to sacrifice innocent people to accomplish these ends. In this improbable situation vicious thugs become heroes, of sorts, by thwarting police efforts. If you've seen the first movie, you've seen enough.
  • ozmirage12 March 2010
    I guess you have to call this film a sequel; I can't imagine it making a grain of sense to anyone who hasn't seen the 2004 original. It's a sad effort; not just because it doesn't match its predecessor. Where B13 was bright and glossy despite the funk, the sequel looks dingy; where B13's cast was uniformly vivid and memorable (right down to the guy with a mouth full of panties) the sequel gives us anonymous bodies in motion, then halfway through deploys a mob of half-imagined, ethnic-stereotyped "good guys" who are given nothing much to do, dramatically or physically. Without Bibi Naseri (Tata), Tony D'Amario (K-2), and their gang, there's not one memorable face, let alone memorable character. Where in B13 David Belle looked fresh and omni-competent, you can see that five years has taken its toll on his looks and his skills. He's now old enough to play a complex character with a face to match, but all he's asked to do is play sidekick to co-star Cyril Raffaelli, who barely gets enough screen time to make an impact. The film runs just a quarter-hour longer than B13 (101 minutes) but seems twice as long and half as much fun. Only thing notable about it: the WORST English subtitles (clearly translated from Chinese) since the heyday of the Shaw Brothers.

    The DVD of B13-Ultimatum is boxed with the original. If you already have that, don't buy this one, just rent it.
  • The incredibly acrobatic pairing of Parkour pioneer, David Belle and martial arts maestro Cyril Raffaelli team up once again for this sequel to the simply breathtaking District 13. It seems that the happy ending of the original film didn't come to fruition and the run down district of the films title is as crime ridden and grotty as ever. Once again, a shady government faction has designs to blow up the place (there's a bit more to it than that actually but that's basically it in a nutshell!) and it's up to our boys to re-team in an effort to put a stop to their nefarious plans.

    Well, it has to be said that I concur with the general tide of opinion as regards this one; It's certainly a great watch in its own right yet pales against its predecessor not least of all due to the incredible Parkour displays which so elevated the original being extremely toned down here.......Why?!?! Nonetheless, as if to balance this, Raffaelli at least gets to show off far more of his incredible fighting skills in some truly amazing sequences, the like which are so seldom seen outside of Hong Kong cinema. It would have been really nice to see a few more appearances from members of the original cast (the hulking K2 and Leito's incredibly sexy sister would have been most welcome!) but it was not to be sadly. Still, as said previously the film stands well in its own right.....just try to overlook the somewhat sappy ending though.
  • The plot of District B13 Ultimatum is a lot sillier than the plot of the original movie, and our heroes are a bit older and as a result they move a bit slower, but this is nevertheless an entertaining sequel that you won't want to miss if you enjoyed the first one. Unfortunately, I did see the dubbed version rather than subtitled, and I'm sure that took away quite a bit of the quality. Even so, there were enough really good stunts to keep me watching for an hour and a half, including a great bit where a car drives through a high rise building. The free running is not as seamless as the original and there's some choppy editing to create the illusion of stunts rather than actually pulling them off, but this certainly isn't as bad of a sequel to a cult action flick as Ong Bak 3 was. I discovered D13-U and saw it on a rainy afternoon when there was nothing else to do and I ended up having a really good time.
  • For those of us who unfortunately have not seen the original BANLIEUE 13 - aka DISTRICT 13 - (made in 2004 with the same crew except for the director - Pierre Morel), some of the background information that usually follows in a sequel is missing and according to many, the sequel here BANLIEUE 13:ULTIMATUM - aka DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM is not as strong a film. And perhaps that allows the viewer to appreciate fine French film making without the comparison!

    Luc Besson (of the Trasnporter series et al) wrote this script (or rather, this plan of choreography, as there is not a lot of spoken dialogue in this fast-paced thriller) and Patrick Allessandrin directs a story of a region of Paris (District 13) that is cordoned off the rest of Paris by a group of five warlords who manage to control the drug ridden violent region. Basically the tale is that of two men - Captain Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) and undercover cop of the 'good' police and Leïto (David Belle), an ex-thug who in the previous film infiltrated a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb. That was supposedly in 2010. The film opens some years later when District 13 is now in control of power over the government and the 'bad police' are attempting to destroy the area and rebuild according to their greedy plans. The action is the story and the action is immensely exciting! David Belle invented a discipline known as Parkour, which consists of moving quickly and efficiently in any environment, using only the abilities of the human body, and though his acting credits are minimal, he is stupefying in his live action role. Belle and Raffaelli are the reasons to watch this thriller as their screen chemistry is magnetic. Other standout performances in the film include the much tattooed Elodie Yung as Tao (the principal gang queen), Philippe Torreton as the much oppressed President, and the evil appearing Daniel Duval as the nemesis who turns the keys of the plot.

    The cinematography is superb, the musical score is French rap music that while it suits the mood of the film becomes irritating in its repetitiveness. In all this is an escape film that is high on excitement is not very high on intelligent dialogue. But put Bell and Raffaelli together and the combustion is authentically credible.

    Grady Harp
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three years after the events of the first film, Parisian cop Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) and good-hearted hood Leito (David Belle) find themselves teaming up again. They have stumbled upon an evil plan by a government baddie. See, our villain wants to convince the President to do a missile strike on the impoverished and gang ridden District 13 (no Prawns here guys) so that his company Harriburton (reallllll subtle there Besson) can get the contracts to rebuild the place from scratch.

    Wow, what a bummer. Words can't even describe how unmotivated this sequel is. Besson takes sole credit for the screenplay and I'm sure he might still have it written on his palm. The sliver of plot is basically a retread of the first film making this his ESCAPE FROM LA (complete with the same ending) to the first film's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. We know it is the future because everyone has tattoos on their faces and everyone has a gun, even little kids! Besson is annoyingly still continuing his cinematic quest for French street cred with Parisians from laughable ethnic gangs taking it all the way to the President. We are one ::thumps chest::

    The biggest disappoint though has to be action scenes. Despite the two athletic leads returning, you get barely a glimpse of their talent thanks to director Patrick Alessandrin's incessant need to cut up every punch and flip. We're not talking TRANSPORTER 3 bad, but it does crash the flow of the action to the floor. And for a 100 minute film, there is surprisingly little action. My personal favorite bit is in the opening as Damien fights guys while trying to protect a Van Gogh painting. The most laughable part is an escape from police headquarters in a minicar where they make a turn down a dead end and, wait for it, magically find a car ramp leading right up to the window of the building. Not close or nearby, it goes right up to the window. I'd laugh harder if the rest of the film hadn't depressed me so.
  • celr13 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    In the action category this is a letdown from the first installment. There's a couple of well- played fight sequences but after a while scenes with one guy fighting off an entire army with his fists gets a bit tiresome. There's one great escape which is up to par with the original. But besides being an average chop shop flick, there's something very confusing and disturbing about the whole basic assumption this film is based on. What are we teaching our young people, besides to risk their necks jumping off buildings to duplicate the stunts in the movie?

    Action flicks are about the action. Having a couple of actors who are proficient in their moves is an essential element, and here we have 2 pretty good martial artists. At least by Hong Kong movie standards. The backstory, the universe the story is set in, are usually just pegs to hang the action sequences on. Some story of good guys against bad guys. Cops versus criminal gangs and dope dealers, or as in some Chinese historical versions, Chinese patriots against invaders and imperialists. Here the moral landscape is confusing at best and morally distasteful at worst. Here we have a bunch of multicultural criminal gangs who live in high- rise blocks off the profits of their shady dealings and government dole who are painted as the good guys against a combination of cops and private security conspirators. Whose side are the cops on? Hard to tell. Are they just pawns in a relentless struggle between ethnic gangsters and other, more elite criminals?

    Here ethnicity is reduced to style. Skinheads fight along side of Arabs, Gypsies, and Black Nationalists to preserve their right to welfare. In the end they join with their fellow style- conscious multiculti ethnic brothers and sisters to blackmail the French government into giving them even better living accommodations. So our heroes Tomaso (Rafaelli) and Leito (David Bell) are fighting alongside the poor criminals against the rich criminals to preserve and expand government handouts for the poor criminals. No doubt they all want government to pay for their tattoos which seems to be their main means of expression and their reason to exist. The President of France easily capitulates to their demands because France is a welfare state, don't ya know. Bad behavior must always be appeased and rewarded. And certainly it is the duty of government to pay for the lifestyles of the shiftless, the gangsters and the just plain weird.
  • I was a bit disappointed with B13 Ultimatum, and I'm judging it against the first installment of B 13. I expected it to be on par if not better than the original but I found it slower, flatter and far less dynamic. Somewhat similar to Matrix and Matrix Reloaded, the 1st being fresh and dynamic and the 2nd being more polished and elaborate, though I thought the latter was still very good. B13 Ultimatum is plagued by some bad scripting and cartoonish and ridiculous characters - like the face-tattooed Tao - and lost credibility as the film progresses, becoming a mediocre Hollywood action flick. One detail that I found amusing and ridiculous was the amount of gun-less cops that were mowed over by the two protagonists, yet when they did use guns, the shower of bullets seemed useless against the seemingly bullet-proof little Citroen or Renault get-away car.. Hollywood, eat your heart out.
  • thesar-212 May 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I was a kid, or teenager in 1990, my friends loved the song "B Girls" by Young & Restless. (For those who don't know, it has the chorus that contains: "B stands for Bronco, big BMW, babe..") I wasn't the biggest fan of the song, even though it was catchy, but it my group of friend's "theme song." In honor of them and the fact District 13 – Ultimatum's original was actually titled District "B"13, I will present the 13 Best B's for this B-Movie:

    1. B – Bad Acting. That goes without saying, but c'mon. Even Jackie Chan's back up dancers have more of a feel around a set, or camera.

    2. B – Bland. Nothing new. Barely any thought process. Sure, they used a very expensive painting as a prop, but, again, Jackie thought of that already…in his sleep.

    3. B – Bloated. Too much of nothing. It would've been a great short. Or 22 minute intro to a new MST3k episode.

    4. B – Basic. By the numbers action, when it actually comes. (I should add: B – Blink or don't blink and you'll miss the action.)

    5. B – Brand Name Distorted. Sure, the first movie was a live-action cartoon, but at least it was fun and not to be taken seriously. This time around, they ask you to laugh at it.

    6. B – Butt Shot. No, guys, not a female, though they (SPOILER!) want you to believe (for far too long) that it's a female behind. Give it up, you thirteen-year-olds, or is that target audience?

    7. (and 8.) B – Bad Dialogue and Choreography. I don't know which is worse. The constant need to repeat the same shot 4-5 times (we got it already and it wasn't impressive the first time) or hear the words from their mouths that would make even Godzilla run.

    9. B – Balls 'N' Blame. I know we covered the male's backside, how about the front. They certainly had the balls to make this crud. I actually enjoyed the first one. And this one's years after the first one. They had plenty of time to think this out.

    10. B – Buffoons. As in, the actors, directors and writers. You go back to the early Jackie Chan films and there's no comparison. As arrogant Jackie is, he wouldn't let this happen even on his worst day. When he had a migraine. When he was injured. When he was in surgery.

    11. B – Break out. The "Prison Escape Scene" was hilarious(ly bad.) Take a lesson from Prison Break. There's a reason that was cancelled, and I hope this is just 2/2.

    12. B – Believability = Nonexistent. At least The Matrix had a reason they could do what they did.

    13. B – Boring. Yep, the scenes that they would like you to believe as "action" were as exciting as a Mentos commercial. If you're not laughing at the enormously had dialogue (or Belle's hair) you're yawning at the Disney channel's version of a Michael Bay film.

    Yeah, this was a stretch. But, there's no reason to see this. And as for that preposterously laugh out loud finale, you're the blame for getting that far. (I know I did, and even though I'm not Catholic, I'm currently Googling how many "Hail Mary's" I need to perform.)
  • It was not up to the standard to the first film. I still liked some fight scenes. I saw the deleted and extended scenes on the DVD, and it was basically 9 min of fight footage that was not used.

    Which i think was too bad. I think most of them should have been included in the film. I feel they could have improved the film a bit. Poor decision in my opinion. I think it had some great new moves from Raffaelli and Belle. In my opinion is these the reasons for it:

    worse editing in the fights, shaky camera, too little Parkour, too little fights for Belle, some poor camera angles and too little screen time for Belle

    If they make a third film, which i think they will do. They should have learned the mistakes i mentioned from this film. I hope they can find an even balance between the fights and Parkour scenes. They would be perfect.
  • If you like the Parkour scene and/or are a fan of the first District 13 (english title of the movie), than you will like this too. It's obvious that they do have a much bigger budget, the stunts are more thought of and work very good. There are even quite a few fight scenes besides the Parkour stunts that you will see in here as well. Which makes it more balanced then part 1.

    What didn't change though, is the paper thin story. If you are looking for a story, well then you shouldn't watch this (or Part 1 for that matter). It's all over the top and of course not based in any reality that we know of. But it's supposed to be like this and you should embrace it rather than hate it. It really does a good job and achieves in what it tries to do (imho)
  • Tweekums8 November 2018
    Three years after the events of the previous 'District 13' film things have not improved in the District despite promises made at the time. Now a corrupt minister is planning to expel the inhabitants and demolish the buildings so profitable redevelopment can take place. To this end his has a shadowy agency raise tensions and turn public opinions against the inhabitants of the district. They have honest cop Captain Damien Tomaso arrested on a trumped-up charge and murder two other officers before making it look as if they were killed in the District. Unbeknownst to them the killing was filmed; when they realise this the go after the witness but he has passed the recording to Leito. Damien manages to call Leito but before he can do anything he must get away from the security forces. Once reunited Damien and Leito set about exposing the truth and saving the community; to do this they will have to unite the various groups living in the district.

    It must be said the story isn't that deep and the villains couldn't be more obviously bad... that doesn't matter though. The story is just an excuse to give great scenes of parkour and martial arts action... and it really delivers these well. David Belle is amazing in the parkour scenes and Cyril Raffaelli is great in his martial arts scenes; these combine to give the film a feel similar to Hong Kong action films without it feeling as though the makers were copying that formula. The main cast is solid in the 'acting' as well as action scenes. The ending is a little disappointing; especially when we only hear distant explosions rather than seeing them... at least they weren't rendered in poor CGI. Overall this might not be a great film but it is a lot of fun and definitely delivers if you want action and a degree of humour.

    These comments are based on watching the film in French with English subtitles.
  • piloccovs22 November 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Review movie District 13 Ultimatum FRA 2010 Movie s tale isn't so interesting,without a real logic. Fightings are wonderful,free running..excellent but i expected more action scenes.Female s have an important part in the movie.A vague idea against racism also if is represented by an agreement of different criminal ethnic groups against a common enemy.My opinion is:the director pretended too much,forgot the real target of this movie,combats and fights and action,because he put in the middle so many different and difficult theme. Every criminal leader is eccentric and in different way full of himself.Make up and clothes great,tattoos excellent. Recommended for free running lovers.
  • chapsmack24 August 2009
    B13U gets to be another run of the mill sequel and doesn't add anything new from the original. While I liked the parkour and the action there wasn't anything significantly different from the first movie which proved disappointing. There was a little to complete lack of any guns which is surprising considering the number of gangsters involved. For solely action buffs and parkour fans, this movie would be a great addition to your collection. But for folks who are expecting some creativity and a decent storyline with the action not much really. This movie just picks it up from the original of 2004 and just stays there. 6/10.
  • It mightn't entirely surprise you that David Belle, creator of 'Parkour' and star of District 13 and this follow up, isn't the finest actor in the galaxy. But then we aren't really here to admire his Uncle Vanya. A human tree frog, Belle makes Jason Bourne look arthritic. All that's required of writer-producer Luc Besson is to spin preposterous, half-arsed plots around Belle's 'running, jumping and rarely standing still' shtick to create 90 minutes of stupefying spectacle, a delirious, laugh-out-loud no-brainer.

    But if the original could have benefited from even less story than it actually had, this one's certainly ironed out the problem. "I don't like it when you think", Leito (Belle) cautions supercop partner Damien (Cyril Raffaelli), and the audience, which is absolutely fine with us. This time they attempt to thwart the French secret service, who are killing cops to inflame an already ravaged District, then waiting for it to blow so they can erect penthouses amid the ashes. "It's like Iraq" sneers a gang leader, making the allegory explicit. Actually, it's like Robocop. But who cares about originality when you've got stunts?

    Like two halves of some super-evolved organism, if Raffaelli's the upper muscle, Belle's the dancing feet – although it's Damien who disguises himself as a shapely lapdancer to foil the dealers. With so much homoerotic tension here it makes you wonder if all those 'faggot' insults flying around are a smokescreen: at any moment, you can imagine the pair falling to the floor, covering one another with tiny kisses.
  • When I watched Banlieu 13 which was released in 2004, the first impression was: "Wow!" The action-packed movie was filled with parkour, or the art of movement. Thus what I saw back then were not computer generated tricks. How the fight scenes were performed by the lead actors David Belle (especially) and Cyril Raffaelli made the original Banlieu 13 a joy to behold, offering something unique in the action genre. Of course, the story was practically simple and the ending was easy to predict.

    The sequel takes place in 2013, three years after the first movie. The corrupted DISS set up a scheme to frame the citizens of the Banlieu 13 so that it would provide a reason for the government to completely demolish the district filled with gangster factions. To ensure the smooth execution of the plan, Captain Damien Tomaso was set up and sent to prison for possession of drugs. Later, Damien managed to contact Leito asking for help. Now Leito must find a way to free Damien while dodging the chase from the DISS, and prevent the annihilation of Banlieu 13.

    Compared to the first movie, B13-U was a disappointment. Sure, there were still parkour scenes in the movie, but after seeing the first movie, there's barely anything feels new in the sequel. The story was even more simple than the first and this made the film even less appealing. Acting was not the main strength of the first movie and it wasn't as well in the second one.

    Overall, B13-U was a mediocre action movie, completely unsuccessful in picking up the success of its predecessor.
  • I enjoyed this sequel a decent amount, I'll get that out of the way, but like the 1st it relies on its crazy action sequences and cool characters to get it over the hill. I enjoy a good action movie, but I feel a story is essential to any type of movie, and the action genre is certainly no exception. These movies rely on crazy stunts and thrilling action sequences, and while they certainly deliver on that part, I really found the story to be superficial and rather mediocre. Cyril Raffaelli|Tomaso| and David Belle|Leito| are charismatic and fantastic as ever together, but they can't make the movie anything more than above average. Raffaelli has one incredible fight scene at the start of the movie, that really blew me away with how crazy it was, and some of his stunts were spectacular. These movies are rather brainless and are great on a popcorn level, but the stories definitely leave a lot to be desired.

    Bottom line. It's entertaining for the action, I certainly don't regret watching it, but these things need a better story to fully succeed. Still worth a viewing for action junkies.

    6 1/2 /10
  • B13: Ultimatum is basically kinda of a rehash and even a boring rehash really of the first B13 and just not very good as a whole really. It packed some good parkour moments and some solid action here and there? But the script was definitely poorly written and the overall movie was just not very good as a whole in the end.
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