One of very very few productions who got the permission to shoot on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tom's skeptical parents seen sitting in the living room are real-life parents of Matthias Schweighöfer.

On the second day of shooting Matthias Schweighoefer and Friederich Mücke had to laugh for more than 3 hours and couldn't hold on so that production had to stop. After Lunchbreak they continued to laugh so much that an other scene which supossed to be shot on the same day could not wrapped.

Matthias Schweighöfer had to eat 14 omlettes for the diner scene.

Camera Operator Stephen Drinon asked Schweighöfer and Mücke why they do not do push up's before their takes ? Because both were topless in a lot of scenes. They asked him why should they ? Drinon told them when he was shooting independence day Will Smith were doing push up's before takes to make him look more muscled. After that they start doing push up's.

Tom Zickler, the real life East German whose travels inspired this film, hardly spoke English when he traveled through the United States. He was well-known and successful German film producer who passed away suddenly from severe illness at age of 55.

First time ever that Matthias Schweighöfer had been in the USA.

Shot in Albuquerque, New York, San Franciso, Las Vegas and Berlin

Matthias Schweighöfer said his favorite scene of the movie is when Veit sit on the bed hugging the teddy-bear.

Shot in 85 days.