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  • With evident delusions of being Mel Brooks, or perhaps the Neil SImon of "The Cheap Detective" era, Cash Markman perpetrates this very self-serving Penthouse feature promoting the 2008 Pet of the Year competition.

    It's a spoof of those creaky Old Dark House murder mysteries of the 1930s, more recently revived in real life with the phenomenon of Murder Mystery Weekends. Markman's usual series of dumb in-jokes (including early on the seemingly mandatory reference to Ron Jeremy) consistently fall flat, and he insists on trotting out repeatedly the old saw of creepy butler Slick Rhodes admonishing "Walk this way", surely a Brooksian vaudeville gag.

    Frank Bukkwyd plays the new owner of Penthouse magazine, orchestrating the deadly weekend at a castle where various real-life Penthouse Pets of the month vy to evidence their inability to act. It's all about sex, with the male cast members, including Steve Austin as an obnoxious agent, left to merely watch lesbian sex. Markman manages to deliver 10 sex scenes, some solo masturbation in content and others very brief Sapphic couplings.

    Several of the pets play character roles instead of being themselves, for example Alektra Blue as the cook and Katie Morgan as a servant. The others are killed off serially until a dumb finale when Bukkwyd explains what's really going on. Show ends on a cheat: sort of promising we'll find out who actually wins the 2008 contest and then failing to deliver. (I googled the result and found out that Erica Ellyson was the lucky girl.)

    Only unusual aspect of this one is the featherbedded crew: many positions filled by the usual suspects for a Penthouse video are here padded ridiculously, perhaps expensively, for example: crediting nine grips instead of the usual 3 or 4.
  • Well, Jaime is among my favorite Pet: She is totally natural, body and soul, so she is really over the top : She has the best curves ever (tongue, tits, hips and ass) and seeing her nude is just totally mind blowing as she is truly photogenic ! With that, she is an incredible character, fun, simple, communicative, smiling and giggling, always happy and full of great energy ! My discovery was a bit complicated as she came from a double halo : first, i was into Shay Laren as she was a hot version of a girl I knew but when she did her photo shoot with Jaime, I was totally hooked with the latter : This small busty brunette was indeed the hot version of the sister of the above mentioned girl. For a long time, i didn't do Jaime as this girl was kind of my girlfriend. But as soon as our story ended, Jaime became free and it was great to follow her life and watch her evolution. Her website was just incredible as she really worked hard for it. Then, one day, she got her make-up diploma and left modeling forever. Sometimes with this list of #69 vixens, i wonder if it's not a elephant cemetery as well as Jaime was again a dear name who has completely disappeared. I hope she is happy in her life, maybe with kids and a straight husband (as she wasn't really into girls or doing hardcore).

    Anyway, this Penthouse movie is one of their best : it looks like a Scooby-Doo episode (it's funny and scary) and the cast, leaded by Jaime, is just great with also #Justine and Alexis Love. The lesbian sex is hot and very light as it's not about domination, submission. Here, all the pets prove that they are first of all healthy and intelligent women.