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Village Voice
Salvation Boulevard isn't groundbreaking or even consistently funny, but it is mildly inventive and the absurdities of its characters are tender and recognizably human. Best of all, we're encouraged to laugh with them rather than at them.
A.O. Scott The New York Times
As the plot swerves toward an almost crazy conclusion, there is the inkling of a strong, interesting idea here, about how some versions of modern religion are predicated on the systematic denial of reality, but Salvation Boulevard is itself too loosely tethered to the actual world to make the point with the necessary vigor or acuity.
Keith Uhlich Time Out
Mostly laugh-free black comedy, which gathers an impressive cast - Marisa Tomei, Jennifer Connelly and CiarĂ¡n Hinds round out the ensemble - for bad sitcom-level shenanigans.
Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News
Loosely adapting Larry Beinhart's darker novel, Ratliff and co-writer Douglas Stone indulge in so many cheap shots and caricatures, their disdain drips off the screen.
Noel Murray The A.V. Club
Salvation Boulevard doesn't seem to have any higher aspiration than illustrating how religious people can be hypocrites. (Gosh, who knew?)
Ray Greene Boxoffice Magazine
In this case, boredom is the deadliest sin.
The Hollywood Reporter
The action that follows is as broad and unconvincing as the characters involved: director George Ratliff manages to turn even dignified Ciaran Hinds into a ham.
Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal
The movie transforms a dim idea - "Elmer Gantry" lite - into comedy that's dead in the water and as dull as it is broad.
Ian Buckwalter NPR
Without the humor, the stereotypes that define these characters aren't satirical; they're just mean-spirited and dull.
Rex Reed Observer
It's a stupid farrago of aborted ideas, misguided actors, lame direction, submental writing and follow-the-dots plotting that never comes anywhere within a 10-mile radius of what I used to call coherent filmmaking.

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