Mitchie Torres: [from trailer] This is me, trying to save something that I care about.

Shane Gray: So am I!

Mitchie Torres: Really? And how's that working out for you?

[Camp Star "launches" a campfire invitation from out on the lake]

Jason: We're under attack!

Jason: [Talking to Junior Rockers] Ok. Who wants to play the Drums?

[children put hands up]

Jason: Who wants to play Guitar?

[Children Put hands up]

Jason: Who wants to be a lead singer?

[1 child puts his hand up]

Jason: Ok you will need to wear tighter pants and learn how play a Tambourine

Shane Gray: [Shane walking past outside] I Heard That!

Jason: [Whispering] It's True

Junior Rocker Jamal: Jason, do you think were gonna win?

Jason: Of course were gonna win. You guys are rock stars!

Junior Rocker Jamal: But what if they are too?

Jason: I guess I really didn't think about that.

Jason: Good night.

Jason: [takes a bolt out of his jacket pocket and gives it to Shane] Oh, here you go.

Shane Gray: Is this from the tire?

Jason: Yeah. I saw it laying on the ground. Thought it might be important, so I put it in my pocket.

Shane Gray: Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Jason: How could I have told you if I didn't remember until now?

Shane Gray: It's fine. Just one bolt, right?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Shane Gray: We good?

JasonNate: Yeah.

Shane Gray: [a tire from their bus breaks off and starts falling into the river below] Please.

Nate: No.

Jason: Oh, please, don't. No, no, no.

Nate: No!

Jason: No, no, no!

[the bus falls into the river]

Jason: Told you it was important.

Ella: [about Mitchie being dictatorial about winning "Camp Wars"] That girl is taking the F-U-N out of summer.

Peggy: There is no F-U-N in summer.