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  • lisafordeay1 October 2010
    I saw this on Disney Channel on September 17th and was looking forward to seeing it. A sequel to the 1st one its about Camp Rock who are up against another camp called Camp Star of course the two clash together and they dance and sing to see who is the best. Demi Lovato was great in this as well as the jonas brothers who one in particular drives me nuts as he is so annoying.

    The music was great,the cast was alright,the duration was OK and the dialouge was OK.

    I like one song in particular Its on which is a great song as well as the duet between Demi & Joe.

    For the acting i'll give it a 5/10 For the story a 7/10 For the whole thing a 5/10 Not Oscar worthy but its alright.
  • My best friend and I liked the original camp rock- but this one was just bad. However- it's as good as any Disney channel movie sequel as it oozes with cheesiness. Let me put it this way- I was staring at the television and I couldn't pay attention. It just was boring, and just overall- odd. There really was no climax- and if there was- it was only two minutes long. So in the end, you'll like it if you're under 13. You probably won't like it if you're any older.

    Even though the original Camp Rock was weak with it's story, it still maintained the entertainment factor. This one, just didn't provide that. I felt like I was watching a mixture of High School Musical 2 mixed with that new Jonas show and Camp Rock. That combination just didn't work.
  • DiamondGirlfl7 September 2010
    It seems that the only thing Disney can do is keep repeating itself over and over...with very little original anything being created. They are trying to promote another teen queen with using Demi Lovato in the starring role. While she can sing fairly well, her acting skills leave much to be desired. There is no depth to any of it. We are suppose to believe she is THAT upset about everything happening around her. The camp on the other side of the lake apparently has everything amazing going for them...and want to WIN the competition. The heck with having a fun and memorable summer...those kids are there because they ALL plan to be HUGE stars...soon...that is if their egos don't get in the way and they can prove they can actually sing, dance and perform. The well known Jonas Brothers show up..not as themselves...but as camp counselers...who are suppose to teach the younger kids how to be ROCK stars. Of course...two of the three seem to do OK..but one always seems to have issues...that we suppose to find funny..(Kevin..the now-married one...who never gets ANY love interest in any of their shows..)..While they do sing and play isn't anything memorable at all. We know who we are suppose to cheer for...the good kids...the ones who have heart and are responsible...with or without adult supervision...which there is very little of most of the time. Lets' see...teenagers..left the adds up to more than just roasting marshmallows over the campfire. At least in the real world anyway. These are clean-cut Disney Kids though...and none have thoughts of anything even remotely out of line. What got me was they way these kids the highest of fashion...very un-camping like attire. Who wears dresses and jewelery at camp? Both the girls and the guys were over-dressed big time. And yes...I is a movie for pre-teens and teens that haven't outgrown family oriented programing. Trust a few years...these same kids will think this stuff is lame. On to bigger and more adult themes...and then the next generation of Disney fans will come along. The way Disney crams their programing at everyone is ridiculous. It is like riding the rides in the Disney Parks...they are all fun the first few times you ride them...then after a get tired of it all and wish for something else that is different and more memorable. The Disney of old is NOT the same as what they are cranking out today. Pity.
  • Having children has turned me on to bubble-gum pop, and it doesn't get much tastier than Camp Rock 2. The songs are catchy, but there's real emotion behind the writing and execution, more than there needed to be, and certainly more than the air-headed High School Musical films. When Demi Lovato sings "Can't Back Down," there's a certain gravity and toughness to the performance, and the song rocks like a boxing training montage. The background dancer's moves are somewhere between martial arts and sign language, and are executed with chilling precision. In contrast, "It's On" bounces with youthful energy, although I admit to being puzzled when putting the captions on ("let me see how you bob" will haunt me for months to come). The Camp Star numbers are all Vegas and Cirque glitz, and newcomer Mdot Finley owns the stage like an R&B Bono. The bittersweet "This Is Our Song," sung as the campers gather around a fire and uncertain of the fate of a place they've grown to love, turns defeat into victory by the sheer joy of singing in unison, of harmonizing with people you've bonded with. Do I take this stuff too seriously? Undoubtedly I do, but put that down to the genius of the songwriters and the likable performers Disney has under their wing. Well done.
  • davidelifreedman4 September 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was all ready to love the newest Camp rock movie, but sadly many of the things that were great about the first movie were not there. First of all, did Mitchie change completely over the year because she used to be a girl that just wanted to fit in and become a singer, but now she's a girl that bosses all of her friends around, is mean to some girls and wants to be the star. Pretty much, she turned into Tess. Next, Tess became a character that I actually like. Even though she didn't have many moments in this movie, when she was on screen she was interesting to listen to. Next, I was very disappointed by the lack of character development in Caitlyn, Peggy, Sander, Barren and Ella. They didn't stand up for themselves once while Mitchie was bossing them around. I can't remember one line that Peggy or Sander had in the whole movie and yet they were very likable characters in the 1st movie. Next, for the first time have I thought that the Jonas Brothers acted well. In this movie, they were all very strong with their individual plot lines. Next, Luke Williams was not a character, he was an emotion... obnoxious. The audience got zero background of him and zero motivation or change throughout the whole movie. I did like Chloe Bridges acting in this movie as Dana. Dana had a few mood swings during the movie, but other than that it was fine. Now that I have talked about the plot, let me talk about the songs.

    Brand New Day was a fantastic first song for the movie. It was sung well, was energetic and was entertaining. Fire was also a fantastic song that moved away from the "disney song", but was still thoroughly engaging and the special effects were great. Can't Back Down was also fantastically energetic and fun. Demi sung this very well. It's On was the first song of the movie that wasn't fantastic. It wasn't fast paced enough to be a fighting song. I think it was good, but not great. Wouldn't Change a Thing was fantastic also. The harmony between Joe and Demi was fantastic to listen to. Heart and Soul was an average Disney song that no one ever remembers after a few days, nothing special. You're my Favorite Song was a nice song that got much stronger when Joe and Demi started harmonizing. Introducing Me was a fantastic acoustic performance by Nick Jonas that was very nice. Tear it Down was not great. I was expecting another performance like Fire, but it was not good. What we Came Here for was also disappointing and I really wish that it had not just been Joe and Demi singing. I think it would have been much better had the other actors also sung in the final song. This is Our Song was a nice song while I was listening to it and I think it would have been a great second last song. It would have been fantastic had they put it in instead of What we Came Here for. What this movie really needed was an ending song like We Rock from the first movie that would have been fun to listen to, but overall the music in this movie was great. In conclusion this movie did not live up to Camp Rock.
  • OK.. I'm completely disappointed. It was generous enough for me to give 4 out of 10.

    1st of all, I like the 1st Camp Rock way better. This one doesn't work for me at all. I keep forwarding the movie. Most of the parts are just lame. Especially the songs. Hate all the songs (maybe just one that i like) but that doesn't change the fact that this movie is suck.

    Let me get this clear, i don't like Demo Lovato. I just hate her acting skill. She really should be focusing ONLY on her singing career!! She is suck at acting. I bet many will agree with me on this.

    As a suggestion, maybe the next camp rock's director should find another girl for Mitchie's role.
  • First off, let me start by saying that I only started watching Disney channel when I had my first child 2 years ago and I have seen some of the cheesiest acting on that channel possible. Enter the rare ray of sunshine known as Demi Levato and all that changes. I tune in to watch Sonny with a Chance every week, with the kids of course, and I am always entertained by Demi. Same goes here. Needless to say, I think this was an amazing effort by Disney to put out a quality film for both kids and adults alike and coming from a musical and dance background myself,I was captivated by every moment. Bravo gang and hope to see you back for a third summer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK i don't even no why i sat through this movie, number 1 was bad but this was just pathetic, why oh why was it even thought of.(Demi Lovato) cant act to save her life, the same as (Alison Stoner). what a pathetic film. what a pathetic script, what a pathetic bunch of stupid actors. come on people book your ideas up do not go and see this movie you will regret it.... i can only rate this as a very weak 1 and thats being generous... people who may like this will be aged around 6-12. and to be fair i think they will struggle with the poor script. OK this is my personal opinion only i try to be fair in all my reviews but i do warn you people this is bad as in terrible....
  • When the "High School Musical" franchise's main series ended on 2008, the first "Camp Rock" rose to fame and so as musical films by Disney Channel. Soon, many are made but didn't reach the heights of "High School Musical 2". Two years after the first "Camp Rock" with it heavily advertised by its single "It's On", "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" goes damn straight to strike TVs around the world trying to set a new record high defeating "High School Musical 2's" record.

    Here, Demi Lovato returns as Mitchie Toress for another summer with Camp Rock with her friends. When on her way to Camp Rock, she found that there's Camp Star or another camp across the lake owned by Axel Turner or Brown's friend, owner of Camp Rock's rival now. Invited by Camp Star for a "bonfire", Camp Star's main spotlight, Luke Williams gave a performance and soon, Camp Rock was in danger of being closed down. At stake, Mitchie challenges them to an ultimate showdown deciding who should continue, Camp Rock or Camp Star.

    Unlike the "High School Musical" movies which always have the same sound, nothing so different except for the third movie, "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam's" music has a different sound very conspicuous from the first one. It's growing different as it ages with its viewers who are also growing older. The music I guess in this film has much more mature themes than the first film's music does. And so, the music was a very praised part of the movie.

    The story is not really changeable due to its target of audience. I don't think this would have to be perfect as children's minds are still young and so, if they put a sophisticated and hard-to-understand stories, children would have no way of what they're talking about. Maybe for adults, they would think that this is a very simple story. But, anyways, it's a musical film and the plot doesn't have to be so original like "Inception" or something.

    By the way, what also makes Camp Rock at stake is that because Camp Star has much better features. Despite only having some normal cabins in Camp Rock, Camp Star's cabins are air-conditioned, their stage is huge and more advanced than Camp Rock's but they have a very tight schedule which eliminates fun.

    I'm not going to talk more about the plot or else I'm going to spoil your enjoyment of the film.

    The acting. As always, Demi has been energetic with her singing and dancing. She was just great with her performance. How about the Jonas Brothers? They're better than before and their role here is much larger than theirs in the first. With new appearances from Matthew "Mdot" Finley and Chloe Bridges, the whole cast was just so amazing.

    As most Disney films do, "Camp Rock 2" has a moral. The moral is quite easy to find out. If you want it then it's "If you are united, everything is within reach or possible", simple as that.

    This review is getting too long so I'm going to shorten up starting here. The humors here play a larger role than in the first film if you notice. The choreography with the music grows and they're breathtaking. The special effects, well I don't need to talk about that. The directing is also different as the director changes.

    "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" overall is a great film for your kids to enjoy. Not only having a different sound on the music, it has much more music which can total up to fourteen different songs. Overall, this film is easily to be enjoyable and a movie which will stay on children's hearts.

    Prince AJB's rating: 8/10

    Thank for reading my review on "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" and hope it's useful.
  • Although it wasn't a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination, I did like the first Camp Rock. Camp Rock 2 was reasonably good I felt, but I think the first was superior. Camp Rock 2 does look good, with nice photography and lovely fashions and scenery.

    I also enjoyed the songs. Maybe not as memorable or as toe-tapping as the first in the first, but the melodies were pretty groovy and the lyrics decent and easy to sing along to.

    Demi Levato like in the first is a breath of fresh air, both as a singer and an actress she shows a lot of promise. The supporting actors are not bad either.

    However, the story is predictable and perhaps if they slowed the pace down some of the relationships could have been more believable and less underdeveloped. There is also some corniness in the scripting, and a lot of the characters are on the stereotypical side.

    Overall, reasonably good if in need of improvement. 6/10 Bethany Cox
  • As I can see, the majority of you reviewers were disappointed about this movie, and I agree with most of you. 4 of the songs in this movie were lame, the Nate-Dana love story was pathetic, and Mdot's character Luke Williams was very annoying, but in a very hysterically funny way. The Jonas Brothers are easily the worst actors on Disney, but in this film, Kevin was the most fun to watch, and Demi's character Mitchie was annoying and became a crazy control- freak!!! Please note that this movie and the Cheetah Girls: One World were the worst DCOMS I've ever seen, and that's no surprise, considering that they were both directed by Paul Hoen, and co-written by Dan Berendsen, who ironically did a brilliant job of writing the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. This movie sucks, and for those of you who haven't seen it, you're doing yourself a favor. It's so terrible that even the Camp Star songs were much better than Camp Rock songs. Another thing I'd like to add is that when Shane and Mitchie were arguing, I thought the scene would be well acted out but it was so weak and poorly done especially from Joe who's acting worsened mainly because Shane's personality altered between the 2 movies. Overall, I'd have to give this film a 4/10. What made Nate and Dana's love story so unrealistic was done by a number of stupid stuff: Like the charm bracelet hitting him in the eye, even though he was way in the audience just made no sense and it was random, as well as when he said "Here I am", and she randomly got mad and assumed he was "Just like every other teenage guy in the world"!!!!!!! Give me a break!!!!!!! Some other unrealistic situations included some songs in the movie, most notably, "Wouldn't Change A Thing, which is a good song, but who in their right mind would sing a duet when they're nowhere near each other, and at night, wouldn't that wake everybody up?!?!? The best song was It's on, and Introducing me was funny, but overall the film and it's soundtrack were very disappointing!!!!!! 4/10 Kobe Busia
  • Disney Channel hit back with a sequel to the musical Camp Rock with Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. The movie takes place a year after Camp Rock and is about Mitchie who returns to said place with her friends to find out that there's a new camp open across the lake called Camp Star. As you may guess, they both soon start to get in a little competition and decide to settle the score once and for all in a final jam X-Factor style, performing in front of millions of viewers live on television and whoever gets the most votes win. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is actually a very pleasant surprise as it's an improvement from the first one on everything and it's actually a little enjoyable. The plot might be just as cheesy and just as bad as Camp Rock and a little stretched but it's a Disney Channel musical movie so if you expected different, you will be disappointed. The sequel's story is much better and improved and actually felt like a proper movie and not a bunch of people singing songs randomly. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam has the original cast from Camp Rock and they're much better. Demi Lovato, who plays Mitchie, can be bad sometimes but she did have her moments and the same can be said for The Jonas Brothers, who have also improved a lot.

    The characters are better written and this time round, the other two brothers from The Jonas Brothers actually have a part in the movie whereas in Camp Rock, they were hardly in it or hardly got involved in any part of the movie. Mitchie and the other characters are more tolerable this time round but Tess the 'diva' and the characters from Camp Star are too irritating. The script and the writing has quite a few weak moments but there were a couple of good scenes. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam not only has a better story but it also has better songs and dances and there are some songs that are actually catchy (although there is one song that sounds way too familiar to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours which is sang by one of the Jonas Brothers). The singing has improved from the first movie and The Jonas Brothers sound a little better this time but I still think that Demi Lovato can't sing properly. She screams and shouts her lines when she sings. It's not bad in the first minute of the song but as it kicks in, she starts shouting and screaming the notes and you constantly have the remote control in your hand, with your thumb on the volume buttons. With the first Camp Rock, it felt like it was trying too hard to be the new High School Musical and really pushed the boat to try and overtake the popularity and success of High School Musical, however it failed to impress. With the sequel, it could easily rival the successful High School Musical and is very easily better than Camp Rock.

    Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam might be better than the first movie but that doesn't mean it's a good movie, it's average at best. In this sequel, you can actually see that they've tried to improve the movie from the first one and while it does pay off, the movie is instantly forgettable, even if there are a couple of songs that aren't bad. The messages in the movie is crystal clear and it's your usual Disney message of working together as a team and how you should stick together, no matter what. If you were a fan of the first movie or like Disney Channel shows and movies like High School Musical or Hannah Montana, then the chances are that you may like this. If you've missed it then don't worry because Disney Channel has repeated the movie four times every day so far so you won't miss it so easily. If you're a parent and you're watching this with your children, you may find it alright but it's something you couldn't watch again. I couldn't watch it again, just thinking about it is making me cringe a little.

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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review was composed by my 10 year old daughter just after watching the movie. Please don't read this review until you've seen the ENTIRE film. The spoiler factor is VERY high!

    Here's her review...

    I think parents should read this so they will know how disappointed their kids might be.

    Kids have waited all summer to watch this movie. We were looking forward to watching it. This is a Disney film and in these kinds of movies the heroes always win!

    The ending isn't fair! Not what we expect from a G rated Disney film.

    I feel like I was lied to by the commercials all summer.

    The last part of the ending is confusing. It seems like there might be another movie, but that doesn't seem possible because of the rules of the competition.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you've watched Camp Rock, you'll surely enjoy the movie. If you haven't, and you enjoyed High School Musical 2, you'll definitely enjoy the movie as this movie is way better than HSM2 or HSM3.

    Camp Rock 2 is very entertaining in terms of music and dance.

    The plot has changed in a big way, unfortunately, this time, major characters in the first movie like Tess, Peggy, Ella and other Camp Rockers didn't get to enjoy much screen time, in fact, it was very noticeable that Meaghan didn't get screen time at all especially if Demi was around. She was always at the back, dancing or back up singing. By the end of the movie, you'll be missing and wondering where Meaghan Martin's gone to.

    Demi Lovato is noticeably very, very charming in the movie. I, myself enjoy the scenes every time she's on and singing. She works the camera well. Her scenes and chemistry with Joe Jonas are also entertaining, JEMI fans will be delighted. Her chemistry with Joe hasn't died and she brings out a lot of charisma in the movie. Demi and Joe's voices blend together so well, you'll appreciate their many duets.

    I believe the supposed comedian of the Connect 3 was Joe (Shane), but his presence is always topped by Demi Lovato's, Nick's or sometimes even Kevin's presence.

    Nick Jonas is adorable in the movie! He's even got more charm than Joe does and his song Introducing Me, was very catchy and charming at the same time.

    Kevin Jonas is very charismatic as well and I believe he plays his character the best out of all the Jonas. Frankie was cute too.

    I don't mind much that Camp Rock 2 has become more of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers' movie, but it kind of edged the first movie's intentions a little.

    But I do appreciate the music and dance. Highly entertaining.

    Demi Lovato's acting has improved, Nick and Joe Jonas tries but their charm carries most of their acting out.

    The Jonas Brothers song (Heart and Soul) was awesome.

    Meaghan Martin was very much missed in this movie. Her scenes were short but you'll never fail to notice her as her bangs rock and she always looks gorgeous. She played her character the best out of all in the first movie but this time, she didn't get much chance to stand her ground at all.

    The plot line revolving around Chloe Bridges and Nick Jonas was very unrealistic (the charm bracelet flying all the way over to Nick, I still cannot get over!) and a little exaggerated (I do not understand her sentiments at all!) but she definitely has charisma and Nick's adorable song is enough to win a young audience over.

    I recommend this movie for young audiences and those young at heart. :)
  • The scenes were greater than the first episode and the actors and actresses had become more talented with greater shows. I don't matter to the storyline of a such musical genre. I don't think I must compare them with mystery genre. They don't need a great storyline. The scene of Nick Jonas solo guitar playing and singing for the girl was a real climax to me.
  • SnoopyStyle16 September 2018
    Everybody is back to camp. The girls are now friends. The Jonas Brothers bus falls into the water and they arrive with the chickens. Star Records owner Axel Turner has opened high intensity Camp Star opposite Camp Rock and stole most of their staff. The kids volunteer to be camp counsellors. Tess joins Camp Star as one of its leading performers. Mitchie accepts a challenge from Camp Star in a televised competition.

    As a sequel to a moderately successful Disney movie, this does what it's supposed to do. It has a bigger villain. The performances are bigger. It's bigger but less. The only aspect I like is them being camp counsellors. That's the natural progression that this sequel should embrace from the start. Everybody including Tess could return as counsellors to a new crop of rugrats. Disney has plenty of them. Tess could be forced to go by her mother. I keep picturing Wet Hot American Summer. It would certainly be less raunchy but it could have been fun. This is not fun. This is far from fun. I don't understand the perceived danger from the competition. They're going on TV and it can't hurt. Win, lose, or draw. They get their faces on TV. The lack of danger takes away the stakes. The trick is for the losing camp to close up shop as part of the bet. It's good that this is the final jam.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, and just when I thought DCOMs couldn't get any worse than Quints. Just kidding, Quints sucked a$$. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is thankfully the final Camp Rock movie in this unfortunate series of events. Yet again, horrible acting mixed with dreadful songs and an unbelievably ridiculous script toss this film into a spiral of garbage. If you are looking forward to this movie, please stop. Run in the opposite direction and go pop in "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" for some real entertainment. Trust me. This "film" is slightly improved from the first due to Demi Lovato's sort of better acting skills, better camera work, and...that's it. Unlike the first movie, the characters randomly break out into song about their situation, which is a huge issue that continues throughout the whole film. In "Camp Rock," the characters only sang when on a stage or prompted to, which felt real and fit with the camp. However, one of my biggest annoyances in musical movies is when nonsensical things like people breaking out into perfectly synchronized song and dance with no preparation happen. Another absolutely horrible part of this movie is when Demi Lovato's character, Mitchie, leads Camp Rock into Camp Star with an absolutely mind bogglingly bad, horrendous, cheesy, cringe worthy dance number and chant. I literally had to skip this part or I probably would have died. The Jonas Brothers return yet again, but are equally as bad as they were in the first movie, if not worse. Like I said in my review of "Camp Rock," I don't get at all why this boy band was even cast in the film to begin with. Money grab again? Yup. The best actor connected to these brothers in this movie is the big black dude who screams something about their bus rolling down a hill. That's downright sad. (Not because he's black, black people are gr8 I'M NOT RACIST.) Also, the obnoxious, vomit inducing romance between Nate and that girl with the ten mile wide mouth from Camp Star is the most unrealistic, rushed, cheesy a$$ bullsh*t I've ever seen in my life. Why the hell are they so obsessed with each other after talking for literally thirty seconds? Like really, Nick Jonas, you're going to spy on this girl with binoculars by the side of a lake just because she's hot? REALLY? The plot sucks. Doesn't make sense. The final outcome of Camp Rock losing is I guess a good lesson to teach kids that winning isn't everything, but it was kind of a dumb decision when the entire film was about them working really hard on this one specific performance, only to have it fail miserably. Also, why are they suddenly friends with the bully Tess, who then betrays them yet again, reversing the sort of I guess meaningfulness of them being friends again, by joining the rival camp. What? Besides being random and sounding ridiculous, the musical numbers ARE HORRIBLE. I skipped every one of them after a few seconds due to their sheer lack of quality. Now you may be wondering, 'gee, are the musical numbers in Camp Rock 2 better than the ones in Camp Rock?' I thought about this for a minute, and realized the musical numbers in the first film are slightly better those in the second. However, I can say they're easier to laugh and cringe at in Camp Rock 2. IT SUCK.
  • First viewing I found Camp Rock (2008) to be empty, but I felt the same about HSM. HSM started to click at my second viewing but this took much longer to take off.

    One thing that helped me to like this was tracing the identity of each of the songs and I have listed my findings at the message board.

    Another help was its links with Suite Life. For me, Suite Life was powered by Maddie Tisdale, who helped me to appreciate HSM. This has Alyson Stoner as Caitlyn Geller, though she did not stand out so much for me, first viewings. On the Suite sampler dvds she stood out more, for me, as a quality character. So, then she was an 11ish playing an 11ish and here she is a 16 playing a 14ish? Alyson also played Victoria in (the television series? of) Lilo And Stitch, her second ever screen role (?), a long list of screen roles.

    So, Suite was a step towards attractive China-ish Asians in the leading role and Camp Rock (2008) is that even more so, very multi-cultural. 2009 partly sank that.


    I get the impression that Camp Rock (2008) tries to have a serious message about being oneself as a curse or a blessing and I accept that is a central question for teens and later and relevant to some Camp Rock characters. I actually find that aspect to get in the way as it dominates some of the best songs in a negative childish sort of way, Camp Rock 1 and 2 can be positive or negative childish. Despite that there is still stuff that I can like. The early dance of Lola, played by Aaryn Doyle, as this story occasionally even being hot steamy Disney?


    My first impression of Camp Rock 2, extended Blu-ray version, is that some of the songs have immediate appeal, but that there is also a flip side, a modern storytelling style of grunging down, an equivalent to gargoyle creation. Could be that Disney musicals are heading to the path that HP features took. Mitchie and Tess have been given horror cow makeovers, my Blu included a DVD version and the lower level of detail allowed Mitchie to be a lot less scary. Tess sings but I did not always notice the sound as two or three of the songs do not have good stereo compatibility with my system and typical volume settings and I first experienced that problem in HSM 1, glaring trouble for many of the support vocals in the cafeteria song Stick To The Status Quo.

    I like the quote of the painfully low budget HSM clone Sunday School Musical, the lookalike to one of the female leads, also an echo of Drop Dead Gorgeous. Camp Rock 2 can feel like a complex aspect of the Message Story. I tend to shrug that off and like the many fun bits.

    As such I find these stories to be talking about stuff that the dispossessed have big trouble with. But I also need the story to be nice and okay and big chunks are not so bad. Add the Disney - Sandler 'Bedtime Story' and it talks to me of Disney maybe exploring new directions. The storytelling style is not what I prefer in Camp Rock, more like it in Bedtime Story, but this still rates higher in entertainment than many that I have seen recently. Camp Rock 1 and 2 are rather okay as well as being appallingly bad.

    As for comments that the Jonah brothers cannot act. For this sort of story I find that they fit in well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll just come out and say it; I have never really been much of a Jonas Brothers fan, nor one of the Camp Rock franchise. I like Demi Lovato as a singer and actress, although the first Camp Rock movie was a bit disappointing to me.

    Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam was entirely different. I had the opportunity to view it two days before it's television release from my cable company, and after watching it with my six year old neighbor, I loved it. I found myself singing the songs after the movie was over, and throughout the rest of the day. Sure enough, the next day I watched it again. And then again the morning of the premiere... and then the premiere that night. Yep, four times.

    It's a totally different movie from the first, in my opinion. I love that there was more character development, as well as a more interesting plot line, what I think is better music, and overall a better performance.

    I loved the chemistry going between Mitchie and Shane, and the struggles that they had as the pressures of the Camp Wars got to them. I wasn't too hot on Nate and Dana together, as I'd prefer Nate and Caitlyn :) The ending surprised me most - it's the most un-Disney movie ending I've seen. In HSM, they won the game. In Den Brother, the kid was allowed to be the troop mom (or whatever). Here, they lost... yet still won. So I guess it's still pretty Disney.

    The Jonas Brothers were good actors, surprisingly funny, and proved that they could so comedy, drama, and most everything in between.

    Demi is an all-around great performer. No other words.

    I don't give it a full 10 star rating because some of the supporting actors bothered me. They weren't the best. Otherwise, the songs were catchy, dancing was awesome, and overall, a great movie. You could say that I'm coming down with Jonas Fever now... ;)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was very little to enjoy about this movie - the previews were very enticing but the actual film was very disappointing. It was as if someone at Disney picked up discarded Jonas and Sonny with a Chance scripts and combined them into one convoluted mish-mash and called it Camp Rock 2. The story kept swinging from one scene to the other without interconnecting threads. Many story lines were simply left hanging altogether, especially the ending!

    The character of Mitchie has grown up since Camp Rock - into a bossy little bee! There's no sympathy factor - you really don't WANT her to win because she's so unpleasant. One minute she's throwing a hissy fit and then they cut to scenes of her suddenly smiling and laughing with Shane - how'd that happen? Someone needed to give her a comeuppance but it never happened. I really disliked her character immensely!

    The trouble with this film is that you never got to actually "know" any of the characters, with the exception of Nick Jonas' (as told in song). Why is Matthew Finley's character so obnoxious? Where is Peggy, the winner of the first Final Jam (she's barely there)? And talking about the Final Jam - both acts were flat - there was no "wow" factor at all - this was supposed to be a contest to blow everyone away and both numbers were amateur hour feats!

    The only positives I can find is the interaction of Kevin Jonas and the kids - I wish they'd shown more of that, as it added sorely lacking heart to the film. And that's my three cents.
  • I haven't watched the first and second film but I've heard about the plot. They wanted to make it just like the High School Musical franchise. I don't like the Jonas Brothers because they think they're cool and all that. One of those brothers have a bad attitude. Taylor Swift dated one of them but I don't know who. I like Taylor Swift and I feel bad that she got dumped by a loser Jonas brother.

    Anyway, the drama in this sequel was cheap and cheesy. I thought that it was the end of that but they're making the third installment. I said to myself, "Are they're really going to make the third film? You're kidding." Demi wanted to do this. They even wanted the film to be R-rated. I was like, "What?! R-rated?!" It will probably be in the next two years when it's going to be released. So the first and second were not good. They were just a waste of time and money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's part musical pissing contest, part Romeo and Juliet,part David/Goliath. The humble Camp Rock (do it for the music)is losing campers to the flashy Camp Star (grooming grounds for future one hit wonders.) The first to jump ship--as if we didn't see this coming--is Tess, the Broadway brat. She becomes the co-star/arm candy of the star of Camp Star. Instead of closing the camp, some campers become counselors; I must've been in the bathroom when the counselors abandoned their humble roots. In the center of the plot is a musical contest (playing for pinks)between the camps. With one camp having more cash than the other, guess which one wins. At least the ending was realistic, the one with the gold makes the rules. My opinion of the music: mixing board mediocre. My daughter (she's 9) likes the music; but if I have to listen to "Tear it Down" one more time, I'll scream. I've dubbed it "Young, Dumb and Full of Cum." In my humble opinion, Disney may never make a movie that warrants a 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    They irritated the crap out of me throughout this whole summer with opening Camp Rock 2 clips including "Its On" & "Can't Back Down". Yes I understand this is Disney we are talking about but I think the main reason why the premiere did not do so good was because of this. And basically everything else. There was no need for a Camp Rock 2. Because since the first one came out We could already assume what was going to happen. I believe my words after viewing the first were "Camp Rock 2 is a mistake waiting for happen", I was correct. We could already assume the reunite, the wars, the love scene. I watched the movie expecting to be disappointing in Demi Lovato herself. But I was appalled that I was disappointed in everything else.

    For starters, It was like seeing a whole new persona of Mitchie Torres. Yes I get that the old one was meant to be all about "shy-girl-wants-to-sing" but when she popped in the screen it was like starring at a 30 year old. I did not see Mitchie Torres. Just basically Demi being Demi throughout the whole movie. Made me see if this was really the Demi behind the camera. A sly person with a huge attitude and problem, it kinda brings out this line to the audience "Yes I know-ow you have a problem but check out what happened to me!". Regardless of anyone else's hard work, she still thinks they need to do more.

    Was there any need for Camp Star? And what I find funny was that there songs are more catchy than Camp Rock's.

    Watching the previews and the clips were a drag. I'm sparing myself from watching this movie. Because I felt that this movie (Just like Sex & the City) just served the actors and did no significance to the audience - or at least, It should of.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not your typical audience for this movie, a 27-year old male who was barely aware of the first movie and is definitely not a fan of the Jonas Brothers (themselves or their music). However, I've been strangely addicted to Sonny With A Chance on the Disney Channel of late largely due to the presence of the immensely likable and talented Demi Lovato. So, thanks to that factor and Disney's incessant, annoying advertising for this film, I thought I would give it a shot, and to be totally fair I even downloaded and watched the first one beforehand.

    Well, there are some strong positives in Camp Rock 2, I will admit, but they are canceled out by the large negatives. The plot of this film is far flimsier than in the first, for one thing. It's tired and predictable, the "twist" ending notwithstanding. So suddenly we have a rival for Camp Rock, yet they are never more than generic "villians" and egocentric stereotypes. Both Brad's nemesis and Luke Williams are not given any back-story, and don't really function at all as characters except to sneer and laugh at the camp rockers. Meaghan Martin's Tess, who was deliciously catty and given lots of fun lines to chew on in the first film, is relegated to nothingness and she defects to Camp Star and basically spends most of her scenes sniping with Luke. Thankfully those aren't many. The resolution of her "arc", such as it is, is lame and not very credible.

    But then, what IS credible in this film? The relationship between Nick Jonas and Chloe Sullivan's characters is laughably awful, and I find it hard to believe that his song - funny as it is - would have the intended effect after his weird and strangely creepy behavior in the rest of the movie. Um, then again the girl isn't that with it either. The three main friends of Mitchie's from the first movie are banished to maybe ten lines TOTAL combined in this one, and as a result I stopped caring about them. Kevin Jonas is moderately entertaining as comic relief but when the highlight of your character is getting your butt glued to a log, there isn't much else to say.

    Which brings us to the main attractions, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, and the songs themselves. Joe has good chemistry with Demi but aside from one scene (right before "Fire and Rain" when they argue), his acting is woeful and his facial expressions while singing are cringe-worthy. Demi is excellent for the most part but not up to her usual standard because her character is written into something else altogether. When she finds out the pressure that Brad will be under should Camp Rock fail to compete, she morphs into a domineering control freak and basically kills all goodwill that this movie could have possibility contained. Despite these failures of plot and character, Camp Rock 2 does deserve credit for some really good songs and choreography. Most of the dances are energetic and filmed and edited into rousing set pieces. "Brand New Day" is a good way to kick everything off, and I love "It's On" and "We Can't Back Down" as well. "Fire and Rain", aside from Joe's contorted face, is a great duet. However, most of the other songs fall flat; I didn't care for "Fire" all that much and the latter songs are all forgettable - including both Final Jam numbers and the campfire stuff at the end. The less said about the JoeBros' attempt to rock and roll, the better. Nick's song is definitely funny but less for it's intended purpose and more for the reaction it elicits. However the most egregious thing to me is that the single best song was cut out of the broadcast version! "Different Summers" is an outstanding showcase for Lovato's vocal range and yet did not air during the premiere; this is an amazing oversight by Disney.

    Overall, I can't say I wasn't entertained by the movie, but it was mostly for all the wrong reasons. The paper-thin characters, idiotic plot and subplots and some strange choices by the actors made it difficult at times but the songs and choreography were worth sitting through once. Hopefully Lovato and some of the other players get something worth their talent and time, one day soon. Until then, I'll stick to watching Sonny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will admit that the first camp rock is a guilty pleasure that I still love to watch (even though I'm older then the tweens it's aimed for)! However, this movie lacked a lot of the heart of the first film at some points it felt like one long music video for Demi Lovato (which isn't necessarily a bad thing because she's a very talented singer) but the storyline was lost. There was very little interaction with the other campers, who sang less then they were allowed to act, which was not at all. The songs were pretty good, Nick Jonas' ode to newcomer Chloe Bridges was probably the strongest of the bunch. I loved Kevin Jonas' time with the kids, very sweet. Also, the way they handled the outcome of the competition was unique and well-done, shows that this movie had potential for a better-than-the-average-Disney-channel-original-movie status. Even with all of that said Camp Rock 2 is still interesting enough to watch, and I am sure the young kids will love it, so 5 out of 10.
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