Justin Frost: I guess what I wanted to say was that... I'm sorry, for not being a badass. I'm sorry that I don't have a mullet or that I fucking ride a dirt bike and I throw cigarettes at people and I treat women like shit. Is that what you want? Innua... I'll have a pickup truck and throw you in the back and call you a bitch. I'm sorry, I am sorry... I guess... just... enjoy your salad... enjoy your salad.

Justin Frost: Right now I'm relaxercizing, and I have my regular civvies on.

Galaxy: [about Geocaching] You download latitude and longitude coordinates from a website into your GPS, which leads you to these caches that people hid.

Justin Frost: Hello. El nerdo alerto. Doink.

Galaxy: It's not nerdy, it's actually cool, and you have to be smart, you know? And, like, good with puzzles. So not nerdy, at all.

Justin Frost: Okay. That's actually the definition of nerdy, the way you're describing it.

Wyoming: A golden cow is galloping on your shoulders. It is the cow of awakening. Ride the cow! Ride the cow away to your noonan.

The Amazing Steve: Tell her you'll do it.

Justin Frost: I'll do it.

The Amazing Steve: Hey, there's a lot of flammable stuff around here! Half my act is homemade napalm.

Galaxy: I'm not a carnie, I'm a splinterhead.

Justin Frost: I was your mark?

Galaxy: Yeah... That was different. I mean, you were easy.

Justin Frost: Oh. Well, I was distracted. I'm not used to full service.

Justin Frost: I think maybe my thing is that I don't have a thing. If that is a thing?

Galaxy: See, I thought this was all nerdy.

Justin Frost: Oh, it is. Yeah. It's super nerdy, actually. It's just that, uh, nerd and nerd equals cool. It's like two negatives and a positive. Math thing, I don't know. Just tryin' to speak your language.

[last lines]

Wayne: [in hot tub] Hey, whose hand in that?

[first lines]

Justin Frost: [to imaginary adversaries] Easy everybody. Don't get hurt.

[karate cry]

Justin Frost: You, come here.

Betty: I am in love, Susan. Look at him. He rocks my world like no other.

Susan Frost: Well that's because there's been no other body.