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  • I had no expectations when I sat down to watch this movie. The only reason I even got it was because Schuylar Croom was in one scene. I'm so glad that I did watch this one thought because it was hilarious.

    The plot is similar to all romantic comedies. Nerdy guy meets edgy girl. She doesn't like him. He likes her. By the end they like each other. To be honest, this formula is so old that I was fairly certain I would hate this movie once I saw where the plot was headed. And to be sure the nerdy guy cliché is in full effect here. There are times where I just wanted to scream at this guy to man up just a little bit, but in the end he did not let me down. By the way, the final scenes are worth watching the rest of the movie.

    The girl also seems like she is trying too hard to be cool, but for the most part, it works. Also, there is very little on character development. You pick up a lot of little things, but the movie seems to rely on the fact that the formula is so familiar that you already know these characters.

    Despite all this, the movie has what most popular comedies in this era lack: jokes. A lot of the main characters humor is reliant on physical comedy, but he makes it work.

    All in all this is a quirky comedy that people should check out. Some parts will have you rolling your eyes, and some will have you cheering. The latter outweighs the former.
  • I was expecting more laughs from this movie, but it wasn't bad actually. The story was nice and interesting. However, the most interesting part of the movie was the quirky characters and there were lots of them.

    The cast of the movie was good, for both leading and supporting roles. The actors and actresses did a good job bringing their characters to life.

    The bad thing about this movie was that you wanted to see more development from the characters, getting to know them better and getting involved. Although the cast and characters was good, each character in the movie wasn't given enough time to fully come through on the screen.

    I had expected this to be more funny than it actually was. Just managed to raise some smiles for me here and there, but the overall impression of the movie was good. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half.
  • Excellent. The plot had some unique qualities. The humour is that typical late teens/early twenties, some slapstick, some fantastic low-brow. I enjoyed Splinterheads quite a bit. I laughed out loud quite a few times, despite watching the movie alone.

    I think what surprised me most was that the lesser known actors/actresses and those that have been out of the game for awhile (i.e. Lea Thompson) did a great job, as did Christopher McDonald. Thomas Middleditch is perfect for the role, and I look forward to seeing him more future projects.

    Racheal Taylor also great as the object of Middleditch's interest. Eye candy, while playing the role of Galaxy well.

    If you're looking for a fun date movie or a good laugh, this one is a great way to spend 90 minutes. If you can't enjoy this type of comedy, it's probably not your thing.
  • I saw Splinterheads opening weekend in NYC. A friend sent me a link to the trailer, and it just looked like something I would enjoy. The trailer did the movie justice, and I walked away from the film feeling as if I had been a part of the movie. Splinterheads is a true romantic comedy. Dorky guy gets cool chick. The story is great, and Thomas Middleditch's acting is genuine. His facial expressions said more then he did, and it added so much to the dorkiness of his character. I absolutely loved the characters of Wayne and The Amazing Steve, and couldn't stop laughing whenever they were on screen. Please go see this movie, it absolutely made my weekend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Indie films like this are perfect for just vegging out when you're hungover, there's no elaborate plot to follow or loud noises every two minutes. I kinda reminds me of "adventureland" with that girl from twilight except Rachael Taylor is way more attractive.

    Like the other guy said i would have liked to have seen him man up a bit more and take a bat to that guys head at the end, seriously guys like him just anger me, even if he is harder than you taking a beating is worth it to get as many hits in as you can, at least you go down fighting.

    Anyway i think thats at least 10 lines, its a decent film you should watch it.
  • laws17913 February 2013
    Only found out about this movie while surfing through netflix looking for something random to watch. The title caught my eye, but the synopsis of the movie seemed like it had been something that had been done before, thousands of times, but I figured I'd use the 15 minute rule and just turn it off if I didn't like it.

    Well, I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it. Yes, it is predictable. Yes, the character development is nothing out of the ordinary - you basically get all of your stereotypes portrayed. Yes, the storyline moves along very quickly to where you find yourself with the last 13 minutes of the movie and wonder how they can wrap things up so quickly, but it all works.

    It is like a lot of other movies out there, but it has a different vibe to it. It wasn't laugh-out- loud-pee-your-pants hilarious, but it was funny! It wasn't sappy or soft-core porn to grab attention.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    On one hand, it's good for a date because it has the familiar guy-tricked-by-girl, guy-pursues-girl, guy-gets-coldcocked-by-her-boyfriend, guy-gets-girl arc. On the other hand, it has eccentric/charming characters and unconventional humor more typical of independent movies, because it's actually funnier than the stuff that comes out of a big studio.

    The main actor, Thomas Miiddleditch, really made me laugh. He has great reactions that you see upclose. Those alone cracked me up. Because he isn't classically handsome, it reminded me a little of Napoleon Dynamite, if ND had a conventional family. Then I found out the same guy did the music for both movies.

    Middleditch (Justin) falls for Rachael Taylor (Galaxy) who's travelling through town with a carnival. Justin is a slacker, post high school, doing a low wage job, and he falls hard for her. After she treats him like crap, he's super nice to her when she goes geocaching/swimming at a quarry. I thought he should have taken her clothes and run off, but hey, she is Rachael Taylor (Transformers I).

    There's a surprising amount of good action during the climax and I was cheering when the boyfriend (Dean Winters) gets his comeuppance. Good date movie ending. Winters is a familiar actor from TV and movies (though I had to check IMDb to remember where) and perfectly cast. Also Lea Thompson and Christpher McDonald are mom and her boyfriend. Then there's Amazing Steve and Wyoming. Very funny and offbeat moments with them.
  • This movie wasn't funny. And the girl that this guy is supposed to fall for is just aweful. The first time he meets her she robs him and gets him in trouble with the law. All she ever does whenever she is talking is badmouthing him. The only thing good about her is that she is a hot blonde. Are we really supposed to ignore the fact that someone is an aweful person just because they are a hot blonde? Not to mention that the main character is getting badmouthed by everyone else throughout the entire movie. It seems like that is all there is to the dialogue. After 30 minutes the movie wasn't going anywhere and I hadn't enjoyed a single bit of it so I turned it off.