Simon Marwan: One plus one, does it make one? It comes from Tarkovsky's Nostalghia.

Notary Jean Lebel: Death is never the end of the story. It always leaves tracks.

Soldier/Security Guard: Good morning, beautiful.

Nawal Marwan: Good morning.

Soldier/Security Guard: You want to go out with us Thursday night?

Nawal Marwan: No.

Soldier/Security Guard: Friday?

Nawal Marwan: No.

Soldier/Security Guard: Saturday?

Nawal Marwan: No.

Soldier/Security Guard: [shouting] We are very patient!

Nawal Marwan: So am I.

Notary Jean Lebel: Will of Mrs. Nawal Marwan... To Notary Jean Lebel: Bury me with no casket, no prayers, naked, face down, away from the world. Stone and epitaph. I want no gravestone, nor my name engraved anywhere. No epitaph for those who don't keep their promises. To Jeanne and Simon: Childhood is a knife stuck in your throat. It can't be easily removed. Jeanne, Mr Lebel will give you an envelope. The envelope is for your father. Find him, and give it to him. Simon, the notary will give you an envelope... The envelope is for your brother. Find him, and give him the envelope. When the envelopes have been delivered you will be given a letter. The silence will be broken, a promise kept, and you can place a stone on my grave and on it engrave my name in the sun.

Nawal Marwan: But I say your story begins with a promise, to break the chain of anger.

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Notary Jean Lebel: [after making a promise] To a notary, Mr. Marwan, a promise is a sacred thing.