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  • Tony aka Chuck Martino is a lousy director -consider the evidence in this very poor Sin City release from 20 years ago. He also appears in the cast and hasn't a clue as to what he's doing, other than making generic porn.

    Sex scenes are linked loosely by having contract star Shay Sweet driving around Beverly HIlls and environs in her snazzy yellow convertible. The title is obviously derived from Fellini, but all we get is the usual depiction of a shiftless class of people, not jet setters or international trendsters but instead the usual gang of Chatsworth sex workers who fill their idle time by having sex for pay in front of cameras.

    Most porn fans will merely watch this or more likely avoid it based solely on the femme casting, in this case benefitting from a flamboyant performance by Inari Vachs. Many big names appear, ranging from girls-only Felecia to the likes of Taylor St. Claire and Alexandra Nice. They all look great, but I'm accustomed to narrative features from Sin City helmed by talented directors, rather than this sort of vanity production by Mr. Martino.