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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Maugli. Raksha" is a Russian 20-minute animated movie from almost 50 years ago. It was directed by Roman Davydov as the first of 5 short and the writer who adapted Rudyard Kipling's tale is Leonid Belokurov. It came out approximately at the same time as the famous Disney classic and is the Soviet take on the matter. In here, this is how it all begins. A bunch of wild animals find a human baby in the jungle and keep the evil tiger from eating it right away. Afterward, the animal council meets in order to decide what to do with the human. Bring him up like one of their own or stay away and not further pay any attention to him? You know the choice for sure. You will find some of the characters that you know very well, including a female version of Bagheera the panther who moves swiftly like a gazelle in here. A solid beginning I might say and worth checking out for everybody who loves the American approach.