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  • RZA's film has some amount of imagination,but, simply put, he has no idea how to build, pace, or tell a story. He has made the unfortunate mistake of imitating a genre he loves without understanding what makes it work. The dialogue is half nonsensical exposition, half nauseating one-liners. Lots of clumsy penis and vagina jokes.

    The plot is so diffuse...there is not enough time given to any character for them to be read as an actual character. The film fails in tying together any of these frayed threads and also fails to make what happens in any of them significant or sensible. For example there is a "betrayal" plot which happens in the first two minutes of the film, when there is no context to make that betrayal meaningful, make the traitor seem particularly villainous, etc. The acting is very broad and simplistic, which I guess is to be expected given the things RZA expects them to say. He doesn't seem to understand that all of these things, the characters, dialogue, plot points, etc. are pointless without a proper context.

    Some people might be inclined to tell me it's the "point" of the movie to not have a story, to be a loose framework on which a series of fight scenes are hung. I'd first suggest that that is not a meaningful effort to make. But even as a visual spectacle or stylistic effort, it doesn't do very well. All of the fights are basically the same knife/sword play... none of the characters really have a specific fighting style, and the CGI gore lopped onto the fights is excessive and silly. The music cues are embarrassingly overdone...any time the film wants you to feel an emotion, the sappiest orchestral music instantly kicks in, to the beat of a hip hop song.

    I think it's possible that RZA could make a good film someday, but this certainly isn't it.
  • chnfilm3 November 2012
    The film had potential with a decent storyline and all-star cast, but fails to pull in the viewer to care about the characters or outcome of the story.The movie far too often goes for cheap,juvenile sexual exploitation.The target audience for the movie seems geared towards males 16-24 and no one else.I've also noticed that the more people see the film the ratings here on IMDb decline.RZA also has very little acting skills and it was a major reason why the movie falls flat. Russell Crowe and Lucy Lui did a fair performance,but even they couldn't salvage the movie.I'm being very critical with my review b/c it's unfortunate to see a movie that had the potential,but didn't live up to it.
  • Produced (not directed or written) by Quentin Tarantino (so you know it's going to be bad) "The Man with the Iron Fists", Wu Tang Clan member RZA's first try behind the camera, doesn't disappoint as far as "bad" movies go. This is truly an exercise in visual and structural ineptitude, which could only be the work of an amateur filmmaker. RZA, starring alongside an obese Russell Crowe and Cung Le (which should tell you all you need to know) in this rather poor grindhouse homage to old Kung Fu movies, narrates the simplistic story of a black blacksmith (RZA) who must protect his village from a deadly band of assassins. But even this story takes a hit, as it becomes overcomplicated by RZA's dreadful storytelling abilities. This mess of a film also stars Lucy Liu, who is by far the most tolerable character, playing the Madam of the town brothel. But not even Liu playing a watered down version of her character in "Kill Bill: Vol: 1" or a halfway decent final battle sequence can conceal the amount of problems that essentially cut "The Man with the Iron Fists" off at the wrists. Truthfully, I haven't wanted to like a movie this much and been so very disappointed by the result since "Battle LA".

    Why is this movie so bad? Well, the fact that the entire movie distractingly switches back and forth from English to Mandarin (I am only speculating) for reasons unexplained to the viewer, is the first of many head shakingly dreadful decisions made by RZA. But for a more in-depth breakdown, the following is a very brief (that is, if you enjoy long rants) analysis of RZA's first film:

    RZA is no writer: While the classic Martial Arts film concept itself is interesting, the script co-written by RZA himself, as well as Eli Roth (Tarantino's protégé) is rather weak. Surprisingly RZA (only one of the best DJ's/lyricist alive) can't write dialogue to save his life. And while Roth has never been a master of the spoken word himself, it becomes all too obvious between which lines of dialogue RZA has written and which are insertions from Roth, when a character goes on a stiff 5 minute rant that ends with a rather Tarantino-esque one-liner. As for the story itself, the problem lies in that it becomes overly cramped with stupid subplots. Every time the story begins to head in a finite direction, RZA does his damnedest to add another idiotic twist, or have the character cease all action in order to spout out one more bit of needless exposition, complicating matters for an audience that was barely on board to begin with.

    RZA is no director: Sometimes a filmmaker can get away with gratuitous violence because it is intricate to the story (or sometimes simply on pedigree alone). But when your story hangs on by a thread and your directing is suspect, the sporadic occurrence of intense brutality doesn't so much come off as shocking, as much as it adds to the clunkiness of the film. Now, RZA does use some stylized camera techniques that obtain a semblance of that cool-factor he is looking for, but yet again, problems arise when he uses them in excess.

    RZA is no actor: Maybe the least important aspect of a grindhouse film like this is the acting, although there is something to be said for a self controlled actor who knows how to overact. In saying that, every scene with RZA, is almost comically stunted by his inability to hold his own around A and B-list actors and actresses. His own character must run the gambit of emotions here, from anger, to sorrow, to a man who is in severe anguish. So, if anything, his own script asks too much of him.

    Something good: If you try hard enough, you can probably find something good to say about any movie…well, maybe except for "Grown Ups". In the case of "The Man with the Iron Fists"…um…well…the soundtrack is good (although, at times ridiculously misused) but this is to be expected since music is what RZA does (NOT DIRECTING). Final Thought: I do realize the intention of a film like "The Man with the Iron Fists" is to champion a hardy slathering of over-the-topness, but that doesn't change the fact that this is quietly one of the worst directed films of the year. At times it's so bad that one would wonder how Quentin Tarantino thought it was a good idea to financially back this project at all. But on the other hand, it wouldn't shock me if it were to come to light that Tarantino had given RZA the money, called up a few of his actor buddies, and told Eli Roth to make his script readable, as a repayment for RZA's work on the Kill Bill soundtracks.

    Written by Markus Robinson, Edited by Nicole I. Ashland

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  • tqrecords5 November 2012
    "I always take a gun to a knife fight..."

    I provided this rating based on the fact that I would not see this movie a second time, would not recommend it to a friend, and did not take anything away from it other than the thought that Quentin Tarantino must have been high when he agreed to lend his name out for it.

    I saw this movie because of my love for martial arts flicks, and I usually give all of them a chance. Also because I am a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan. What I expected to see was some decent fight choreography back-dropped with a grimy, old-school soundtrack. Now from what I recall on the soundtrack part, it did not deliver. And I know that RZA could have incorporated a couple tracks that would have lined this film up nice. Some that could have been included were; Da Mystery of Chessboxin', Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta F*** Wit, and pretty much anything from the 36 Chambers album. The fight scenes were mediocre until near the end to which I decided I would suck it up and just watch the rest of the movie. The first scene of the film actually made me angry because the fight scene was chopped up (which I hate), and the track they used in the background (actually from the 36 Chambers album) just didn't fit right!

    Other things that were disappointing, other than Bautista from WWE showing up, was the weak script and amateurish plot. The dialogue was horrible (see quote from above) and the plot was...well there wasn't really a plot at all. I walked out of the movie asking myself/trying to remember what the story was really about. I'm not sure if it was because I was blown away by RZA's acting or because I was too busy trying to figure out why Russell Crowe was in the movie at all.

    The set and costume design were the only things I thought were good about the movie. And the effort to create something visually appealing did not go unnoticed. But its all about the story and characters, which were both lacking aside from Lucy Liu's bit. Wait I think I just remembered what the movie was about...yeah it's pretty weak.

    If Quentin Tarantino had more involvement/any involvement at all in this movie it might have been quite possibly something spectacular. But then RZA would have probably not been in it. Hey when is Kill Bill Vol 3 coming out?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've read some of the reviews that people have left on this movie and it's clear that they have no idea what they're talking about, especially the point where they mistake the main villains name but I digress.

    At the start it's believable that it shall be a good movie, the action the jokes, even the death scenes all pretty good... at first

    Silver Lion was the ultimate bad guy IMO. Betrayed his Leader and even tried killing the kid so that he can't take revenge

    But the issue?

    the movie doesn't know who they want the focus to be on

    At first they introduce Jack Knife but it was obvious he was just a background characters. I can't explain it but you'd know if you seen it

    After that they introduce Gold Lions son, Xblade who seems like he's the main focus of the story seeing as how he's going for revenge but he gets knocked out 10 minutes after his introduction and is out for most the rest of the movie

    and then they start focusing on the blacksmith... the narrator.. they could have really done without that. Would you really care if a background character suddenly start getting all the focus? I mean all of a sudden he gets his arms chopped off he gets a back story and flashback too? and they really had to chop off his hands? i mean he makes their weapons.. and he chopped off his hands of all things

    The ONLY constant thing that was easy to understand about it was the fact that they were going after the gold..

    please for gods sake do not go see this movie
  • It is set in nineteenth century China, Jungle Village is home to several warring clans . On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers . There the African-American blacksmith (RZA) makes deadly weapons for the clans, intending to use his payments to purchase the freedom of his lover Lady Silk (Jamie Chung), and leave the village . As an undercover emissary named Jack Knife (Russell Crowe) arrives in the village to monitor the gold and takes up residence in the Pink Blossom, a brothel run by Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu) . As he leader of the clan called Gold Lion is assigned by the Governor to guard his gold that will be transported through the region . However he is double-crossed and killed by the villain Silver Lion (Byron Mann) and greedy Bronze Lion (Cung Lee) . As seven clans, taken on a fortune in gold , let the battle begin.

    This luxurious Kung Fu film was spectacularly filmed with good production design , colorful cinematography , a lot of fierce struggles and breathtaking scenes . The flick displays lots of violence, action filled , thrills and groundbreaking combats . This is a colorful, Shanghai-set and quite budget movie ; leave no cliché untouched , though the fighting are magnificently staged . The flick also contains some sex scenes and nudism in charge of whores of brothel and a lot of blood and gore . The picture is full of tumultuous sequences with frenetic action , surprises ,fierce combats and rousing fights. Amid the glamour and grandeur of the scenarios is developed an intrigue about nasty clans , including betrayal , crime and exploring the dark side of Chinese power . It is a homage to Run Run Shaw classic films , a known producer , recently deceased , of Chop-Socky genre who made lots of successes such as "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" ,"Five Deadly Venoms" "Killer Clans", "Return of the Master Killer" and many others .

    This rated ¨R¨ picture is starred by a lot of new and old figures from Kung Fu movies such as Cung Le , Byron Mann , Rick Yune and the veterans Gordon Liu and Dennis Chan . Furthermore , a brief cameo by mythical Pam Grier . Impressive and breathtaking fights with deadly use of fists , feet and palms , along with such weapons as swords, sticks , and lances . And hundreds of armored warriors reenacted by lots of extras . Overwhelming attacks and exciting combats very well staged , the result is a strong entry for action buffs . Kung Fu training scenes are a direct reference in ¨Kill Bill¨ by Quentin Tarantino , enhanced by the fact that Gordon Liu stars in both movies . RZA and Eli Roth worked on the screenplay together over two years, talking through every aspect of the story, down to the detail of every weapon . The first cut of the film was four hours long. RZA suggested splitting it into two films, but producer Eli Roth disagreed, and it was ultimately cut down to approximately 90 minutes. The picture finishes with an opening credits showing a demonstration of martial arts by main actors against an empty backdrop similarly to old Hong-Kong movies of the 70s.
  • Yes I gave this movie an eight! Why, you might ask? Because it did all the things it was supposed to do. Reading all the reviews, I can't understand what people were expecting this movie to be. Judging from the trailer, you can tell it's going to be a dope kung fu movie but you also see that RZA is playing the main character. I didn't expect much from his acting but he did an okay job nonetheless. The plot was solid, nothing complex or in depth like Inception or Dark Knight but who really expects a complex plot from an action movie. I sure as hell don't. I'm a film student and I noticed a lot of things wrong from a logistics stand point, but I know how to turn off my head and just enjoy a film for what it is. I didn't make the movie, so why waste my time talking about what I would have done differently because I'll never get the chance to. But I can write a review based on how I experienced the film.

    THE GOOD - The score was great. An interesting mix of hip hop, symphonic and other genres. The costuming, weaponry, set design were all great and looked great on film. This film had a lot of funny moments. As an adult, I can appreciate the humor from a dirty joke and they did them well. The fighting and action were awesome. There were times where my best friend would consistently tap out of excitement for how awesome the fight scenes were. The acting was okay, but I think the best job goes to Lucy Lui and Russell Crowe because they gave the best performances.

    THE BAD - I don't know about RZA playing the main character. He did okay on some parts but on others he was very dry. I also would have preferred someone else to narrate. Like Morgan Freeman or Laurence Fishburne. I named those black actors because it seemed like the Filmmakers were going for an urban feel, but RZA's strong east coast accent was very distracting at times but I don't think that was a huge flaw, it's just a matter of taste and that's what the director wanted so I can respect that. There were a lot of cheesy moments. Some of the dialogue was cheesy and even certain points in the movie, you kind of whisper to yourself "Really?!" But knowing Quentin and RZA they both are Kung Fu lovers so I looked over the cheesy moments because I knew they were just paying homage to all of the Kung Fu movies that they grew up watching. It would have been nice to have a more detailed plot. Some characters weren't established well enough to care for them, but with me I didn't want to care I just wanted to see some flying kicks and daggers. Those nappy ass wigs that the Wolf Clan made me want to chew bricks. The hairstylist should be fired but, again, it's all a matter of taste. That was just a creative choice made by the director and I can respect that.

    Overall, the movie is just a fun flick to go see on a Friday night. Lots of blood, decapitation, fun martial arts, subliminal dirty jokes, sarcastic humor, special effects, and a unique, urban take on the classic Kung Fu films we've learn to love over the years. This is not a movie you waste your time dissecting. You either love it or you hate. I took the movie for what it was and I loved every minute of it. It had everything an action flick should have, great action, great costumes, great weapons, solid plot and good actors.

    Congratulations, RZA on your first film. I'm sure he can'y do anything but get better. He definitely has a vivid mind and I'm anxious to see how he evolves.

    Lastly, whenever you're reading a review, make sure you learn how to decipher an authentic review from that of an upcoming filmmaker. We all tend to be very hard on each other and ourselves. A lot of these reviews, contain inhibitions about creative taste rather than the movie itself. No one cares about what you would have done differently. All they care about is if it's worth their ten, fifteen, twenty dollars. That is all.
  • Memo_art2 November 2012
    Okay, I've never reviewed movies but I'll give it the old Jr. high try. This movie with it's solid effects and even nicer fighting is still flawed. Maybe a review is too strong of a word here's my bad/ good list. I've left a grade to give a better Idea of my disapproval.

    The bad: 1. Focus the dang camera (C-), I'm not an expert but who the hell is focusing? Lucy Liu during a big speech has her helper in focus and she just off focus. If I spent $2000 on a wedding video I'd like the bride in focus, geez. The focus was out of control in a lot of places which was distracting.

    2. Rza (D-) although I do really think this is a work of love and it shows, WTH was he thinking staring in this? If he's too afraid of what his friends think of him if he stops doing his best droopy impression, don't be the lead actor! I mean it's 10-20 minutes, or however long he's in this, of him looking emotionless. I mean grimace man or look sad when bad things happen! How hard is it!!

    3. Flashbacks (F)There's an origin flashback an boy is it misguided and uncomfortable! It's just so underdeveloped, maybe the extended version would make sense of it but it really could have been shot better. I imagine this is to Southern Americans (not South America, the Hey Y'all kind etc), what bad American war movies are to Germans. If you're gonna deface us do it with a little finesse.

    4. Character motivations sucked(big ol' F), I mean really sucked! I would have been happy to give this a 7 if the characters would make a little sense. Somethings could have been resolved easily I think by just a few lines of dialogue but nope it's all thrown at you with no solid direction.

    5. The "almost" makes it a crime(F), like where was everyone's head? You have an almost great movie and no one could ask for help or give it??

    6.Split screens (F), Why? Was action happening at the same time?, nope. Bad call, again in the right hands maybe. Here 4 minutes of film that wasn't worth the editing time.

    The good:

    1. Costumes(B+) were cool, I liked them even the goofy ones, had no problems really. The wigs were really fun and funny.

    2. The action(A-), was really great. Fun and funny with no real let downs you get into it and the end battle to me wasn't disappointing except for rza's acting but he was actually passable here(sort of).

    3. Effects(A), yup solid, don't care if it looks Kill Billish. Come on, I've actually watched anime since forever and that's how blood sprays in most of those. Dumb to even bring kill bill into this(sort of).

    4. Weapons(A+) lots of great gags and deaths. You can tell a lot of time went into conceiving these and the deaths.

    5.The villain(A++), Silver Lion and Bronze Lion are great and eat up the screen, none of the heroes come close to these two guys charisma on screen! I mean why the heroes played it so straight without any wink wink moments is beyond me. Did they really think this was a serious movie?

    Which comes to my overall review! 5/10 C+, basically there's a lot going right here enough to be watchable, enjoyable even become a classic b movie. But it was so close to being more it's a little sad.

    nuff said, MEMO Art
  • richieandsam26 December 2012

    I really liked it.

    The movie was made by Rza, who is a member of the band Wu Tang Clan. He got together with Quentin Tarantino to make this movie and it definitely feels like a Tarantino movie.

    The movie does not especially feel new. It is made in the old fashioned kung-fu movie style. It feels old, there are a lot of floating around a bit like Crouching Tiger. The blood and violence is so over the top just like the old fashioned kung-fu films. Bloody literally flies! :)

    The difference between the old movies and this one is the soundtrack. During some scenes there are some WTC songs and hip hop songs... which i liked. I thought it brought a new feel to the movie. It worked really well.

    It has got some big names it it. The film stars Rza, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu and former WWE Champion, Dave Bautista. There are some pretty good effects in it and also some great fighting scenes. The choreography was good too.

    This film is excellent entertainment.

    I will give this film a 7 out of 10.

    If you like the old style Monkey TV show, kung-fu movies then you will love this.

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  • The 5.5 rate on IMDb is baffling, so i have to take some time and make a review.

    I guess most people who criticize the film have, like, no knowledge of the Wu-Tang Clan, RZA and old school Asian movies and, therefore, were expecting a movie totally different and were shocked.

    This movie is a tribute to all the old school kung fu flicks that the Wu-Tang watched as they built their albums, especially the 36 chambers. This movie brings all the possible clichés you could find in those films, all seen under the street culture angle.

    I give this movie, like, an 8 for being original and true to its colors, a movie based on the passion & respect that RZA has for 1970-1980s kung fu flicks. Before watching, just listen to 36 chambers, get some vibes on, chill out and enjoy the movie to its worth.
  • I was very excited to see this movie both because of the style of the film and because of Tarantino's endorsement of the film. After much anticipation I saw the film and was more than disappointed. The entire film just felt like it lacked a director.

    The movie begins with an hour long introduction of the plot which has nothing to do with the character it is named after. It was extremely cheesy and not in the fun obvious sort of way but more like it was done by mistake. The movie felt like it was filmed in a month and all of the characters were never given an opportunity to develop. It was a very busy movie, especially when it came down to the action scenes. Although there is plenty of action, I felt like I was watching a "Bourne" film due to the constant shaking of the camera and the sloppy transitions.

    The fighting was not technical. The typical Kung Fu-esque flying through the air was clumsy instead of smooth and elegant. All of the lines in the movie were awe full. The plot was stupid and forced. The Chinese David Bowie villain could not be taken seriously.

    And the worst most annoying part of the movie was the digital blood splatters. Every time someone was stabbed, digital blood would squirt out of the wound completely enveloping the screen in red but not getting on any of the characters or furniture in the movie.

    I hated this movie a lot and others in the theater seemed to feel the same way as throughout the movie people constantly kept walking out and not coming back. Please don't watch this movie.

    Thank you
  • housetoy9 December 2012
    first of all after watching the trailer i was really looking forward to this film...and after suffering it i honestly believe this is the worst film i have ever watched in my life..i would have awarded it zero points out of 10 on this site but the minimum has to be one point.

    the acting is diabolical, none more so than the fella who directed it... the story is all over the place the dialog is embarrassing... the action is laughable and far too hurried and blurry.. the music is out of place, and felt like rza was only putting it in the film to sell his records.. it had every cliché in the book not once do you feel for any of the characters...the whole film is just one big ego trip for RZA which fails in every department

    it is not a fun movie like the director deluded himself's not cool either as you haven't got a clue what is going on!..let alone understand half the actors..

    don't waste your time on this garbage, and god forbid RZA ever gets the chance to do another film....AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  • Okay so I read a lot of reviews on IMDb before deciding whether or not to watch a movie, but this is my first time writing a review. Because I was really interesting in seeing a movie by RZA and the preview made it look like a Tarantino kill bill-esque movie, which I really like. I felt I had to review this movie because the rating is currently pretty low. I watch a lot a movies and am really into writing and screen writing, so of course I wasn't expecting an exceptionally scripted or written movie.

    In the past couple of days I have seen a few movies I wasn't too excited about seeing, but I'm running out of new ones. I saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter, Alex Cross, and Sinister. I just watched this movie this morning and although all of those movies are very different, I was by far the most entertained by TMWTIF. I though Russel Crowe did a pretty good job with what he was given, and RZA did okay as actor and I really like when he narrated. Also the fight scenes soundtrack is really cool, with good wu-tang beats and a few verses. It was pretty cool seeing the Kung-fu fighting with the rap playing, pretty different.

    All in all, if your looking for a movie with a really good storyline, plot, and script, then you probably shouldn't watch this movie. If you just want something to put on that's really cool to look at, with good music, attractive Asian women, and really good fight scenes then you probably won't be disappointed. It's a fun movie and deserves a little better rep. I'd watch a sequel.
  • veinbreaker25 November 2012
    I wanted to like this movie from what i saw in the trailers... the trailer looked awesome... and I ran to the cinema to see this. Even took my girl to see it hoping we'll have a good time...

    guys... this sucked... it REALLY REALLY sucked... my God it was terrible...

    bad acting, bad fighting scenes (let's be honest), stupid story, crappy lines, lame characters... over-hyped soundtrack...(besides maybe 1 tune) it was terrible... if you can see it as a JOKE, it could be a fun little turd to watch on cable... but as far as movies and a cinema was BAD. they could have done so much more with this... but.. no... CRAP

    for those comparing this to KILL BILL: you are retards... Kill Bill was a good film.. it had style, good action scenes, good dialogue, carefully set up, stylistic, cool, good lines, good actors, great soundtrack (RZA did a great job there)... but this film... oh God... BAD

    don't waste your time, don't buy into the hype.

    RZA has talent no doubt, but this movie sucked... maybe his next film will be better... or maybe this was intended to be a BAD movie.. who knows. For 15 million USD i'm sure it will sell tickets and make it's money's worth from all the unfortunates like myself who will be lured in from the fantastic trailer... anyway..

    I'm out- Peace
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In most cases when an established director's name appears before the word PRESENTS – in this case Quentin Tarantino presents THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS – it means they served as executive producer and the film will somewhat bear their directing style (think Steven Spielberg with POLTERGEIST or GOONIES).

    Well QT's name is nowhere in any of the credits, including the story conceived by The RZA – who provided a fantastic soundtrack for KILL BILL – and Eli Roth co-wrote the script. But there are certain aspects, like the exploitative/gratuitous homage to the drive-in Kung Fu flicks, giving the impression the PULP FICTION icon is somewhere in the building: But that's about where his signature ends.

    Set in 19th century China we have a score of science-fiction (or comic book) elements: a man who can morph into steel, weapons with a variety of functions, and people flying around like twirling bats. Suspension of disbelief is essential and you should ignore all the plot points within the first half hour that can be somewhat confusing: Just know there's a bunch of gold and several factions want it. That being the nefarious Lion Clan who kill their leader in cold blood – his son (Rick Yune) wants revenge. He eventually bands with Russell Crowe's tough and tubby maverick Jack Knife and a black blacksmith played by RZA himself, perhaps the most sympathetic character with a backstory and handicap.

    As a director, the talented musician seems to mimic KILL BILL but without any characters to invest in – while his lethargic acting's nothing to brag about. That's not to say there aren't a few cool fights worth watching, although the overabundant (computer generated) blood and guts become distracting. And the title character is but a formidable adversary with a lot more iron than just his hand. Perhaps his description makes the coolest sounding name on the marquee, but the people who really shine are Lucy Liu's gorgeous brothel vixens including (and especially) Jamie Chung – she alone is worth the time and money.

    Everything else feels like a lotta running around with rap and soul music blasting at every turn. Perhaps if RZA went for more dark comedy and put the melodrama aside, we could laugh along with the corny dialog rather than cringing at it. Yet everything leads to another round of kicks, swinging swords and flying limbs: so if that's all you're after, look no further.

    For More Reviews:
  • "We had decided to leave this place, but it turns out that the universe had other plans." When a legend of a golden treasure is heard of a group of various warriors come to a village. When an evil faction looks to take control it is up to the local blacksmith (RZA) and a rogue British soldier (Crowe) to stop them and protect the village. I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of movies like this. I have never really been into martial arts type movies although I have seen some really good ones. That said, while not being all that amazing of a movie itself this one was super entertaining and had some interesting fight sequences that I really enjoyed. The movie is way over the top and unbelievable, but it fit in this movie. If you are looking for an Oscar worthy type martial arts movie then I recommend 13 Assassins or War Of Arrows. This movie is really just visually fun and the fighting is entertaining, which is good sometimes. I liked it more then I expected. Overall, better then anticipated, martial arts fans may really like this. I say B.
  • It's kind of messy, like Punk Rock, or Tarantino film (why else would he attach his name to it?), but the Rza does a BANG-UP job directing this movie. If anybody thinks it's terrible it's because they're taking it too seriously. A simple, fun, colorful movie with a bit of CGI to highlight what is already well-choreographed practical FX action. Although some can complain there's not enough Russell Crowe, or that it has every action cliché in the book, but therein lies the fun of it. Nothing's too precious, and lots of stuff is in there just because it's cool *cough Iron Fists cough* Ever see Iron Monkey, Hero or even Shoot 'em Up? This is along those lines. I'm glad that when a Wu Tang member went kung fu, they went all out. Worth watching with friends.
  • This movie is fantastic. No time to get bored. RZA has given us an unbelievably exciting action packed movie. The combination of bold and colorful pictures with a great soundtrack and a good cast make this movie truly unforgettable. I am hoping we will see more of the Man with the Iron fists soon. ... I also think that many people got put off by this movie because of the graphic violence that it contains. Those people should not forget that this is in the purpose of entertainment and that no one got hurt (seriously) making the movie.

    I also would like to mention that this movie was produced with a mere $15 000 000 and that it managed to break even at the box office (IMDB source); compare this let's say with the "Wrath of the Titans" that cost 10X more providing 10x less entertainment. No surprise Q. Tarentino supported this movie and well done Universal for having the guts to produce/ distribute it. At least some major studios still believe in truly entertaining, not necessarily main stream cinema. thanks to all involved in making this great piece of entertainment.
  • phazer9095 November 2012
    I can't remember the last time I walked out of a movie, but I did with this one. It was very difficult to understand the character's intentions. I'm sure the movie said it, but the movie kept bouncing from character to character which made it hard to focus on the storyline. The action scenes were way too comical to be taken seriously. The blood would shoot out of them like the geyser Old Faithful. At one point I didn't know if this movie was supposed to be taken seriously as an action film or meant to be a comedy. One of the characters had an 80's style hairdo that made me laugh every time I saw him. The movie dragged on much too long without substance for me to stay interested. Just random fight scenes that made me laugh more than appreciate the arts of Kung Fu. I felt I was in a nightmare that Oskar Schell had from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
  • Before I entered the theater to watch Rza's movie "The Man with the Iron Fists", I had a couple of expectations for it. From only seeing the trailer and no review on the movie, It seemed to me that this was going to be a throwback to older martial arts/kung fu style of fighting movies. After seeing that Quentin Tarantino produced the film, it made me even more excited and could not wait to find out where this movie might go. From what I know this Rza's first film he has ever directed by himself. So, I was interested to see what he brings to the table.

    As the intro of the movie starts playing I get this weird feeling that this might turn out to be a wreck. But, as it plays on I find out what kind of goals they were going for in the making of this. The overall art style through the movie ended up blowing me away. This movie looks astounding almost the whole way through it. I think that is one of the main things they were going for and you can definitely tell it has a Quentin Tarantino feel to it. The Characters and scenery have great originality and a overwhelmingly awesome feel to them. Most of the acting was actually pretty good and had some big name actors like Lucy Lu and Russell Crowe. I had a little problem caring for the main plot but, each characters stories were interesting to say the least.

    The thing that made this movie even better was the soundtrack. It is mix of slow jams, rock, Chinese oriented, old west, and hip hop. It just gave the movie an over all great vibe and was satisfying. The sound effects were overall decent and did not sound to fake or stupid to ruin my experience. Most of the acting was great and only a few actors were noticeably bad.

    Now I know what most people are wondering about is the action and violence in the movie. I can say that it is a great action oriented movie and has plenty of great fighting scene. The first half of the movie to me is the better half when it came to the fighting scenes. It was thrilling to see them flying through the air kicking each others asses. The problem I had with the second half though, was the amount of CGI they used and I'm not saying CGI is a bad thing either. It just felt that they used to much of it towards the end and it seemed different from the first half.

    Most people are probably expecting a gore fest of a movie sense Quentin Tarantino has his name on it. Which is definitely a bad thing in my opinion. But, after watching it I did not feel that it had as much as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong though, it is still a violent movie and there is scenes where it gets particularly gory. There is plenty of blood to enjoy and I think they did a great job.

    I got a lot of joy out this film and that is good for being Rza's first main stream movie. The overall main plot was unfortunately not that good of an experience for me and they did kind of veer off into another direction then I wanted it to when it came to the ending segment. These things did effect my personal opinion for the movie but, it definitely was not bad. I do recommend this film for at least a one time watch and maybe even a second if your friends have not seen it. I give it a 7.5 out of 10 and remember this whole review was opinion based so, don't yell at me! Hope this helped out a little and I hope you enjoy!
  • The Man with the Iron Fists is not a film you can watch with your brains turned on. Let's start with that. Presented by Quentin Tarantino, produced by Eli Roth and directed RZA of Wu-Tang fame, it's a film not to be taken seriously, but rather enjoyed on a stylish level.

    And if you can manage that. If you can enjoy movie just for its style, its action, its over the top moments, then this is definitely a movie for you. It's a mad mix of influences from old country westerns to wuxia martial arts films to anime to hip hop culture to sheer, unquantifiable badassery. It's a story of old blood feuds, newly-sworn vengeance, strangers and old clans, heroes and villains, warriors and assassins. Everything this movie does is for the sake of looking cool. It cares little about logic or continuity or reason. If it decides that something would be fun to do, it goes ahead and does it. And because of that, I can see why some people might dislike it. It's not a film for everyone. Personally I enjoyed it quite a lot, just because it was so much fun to watch. It had cool characters, badass action scenes, lots of martial arts fighting and a storyline that kept me entertained from start to finish.

    But, to be fair, the film is not without its flaws. The hip hop music by Wu-Tang clan is an obvious choice, given the directer/leading man, but there are certain scenes where it's an ill fit for the mood. Furthermore, RZA's Blacksmith is not that interesting of a character. He's clearly going for the audience surrogate, the everyman, but he gets kind of lost when you have Russell Crowe, doing one of his funniest and most memorable roles in recent memory, as Jack Knife and Lucy Liu playing the sultry Madam Blossom. Even Dave Bautista's Brass Body is more interesting and has more personality than Blacksmith. Not that the latter is bad, it's just that the former ones are so surprisingly good.

    But in the end that's only a nitpick. The Man with the Iron Fists is a fun movie. It's more than a little brainless, it's not for everyone and there's certainly a lot of "so bad it's good" to its quality, but I enjoyed it. Recommended to all fans of Tarantino and his kind of movies.
  • I gave this movie an 8. Simply put, it is a throwback to how kung fu flicks use to be. I prefer the old ones over the new ones. The old ones are more authentic, the new ones, not so much, excluding the legend of yip man movies, which I'll guarantee most people who watched this film and downgraded it, never even heard of the movie or the man for that matter. People knocked the violence of this movie and deemed it, "unnecessary". While I would agree with that part at certain junctures in this movie, it is no more violent then Kill Bill 1 or 2, and looked at the rating on those films. So that's just a cop out by many pointing a finger at that.

    Matter fact, look at "Five Deadly Venoms", which is a classic and arguably the best kung fu film ever made. Has a rating of "7", on IMDb. Now, look at Kill bill 1 and 2. BOTH films are rating higher than Five Deadly Venoms! This makes the average Asian person laugh they *** off, and any westerner or happens to know the nature and the culture of martial art films.

    Bottom line, when it comes to martial art films, Americans don't know s***. The Asian and Eastern world knows it. Some of us here know it. Americans actually believe Van Dame films qualifies them on the subject. So as such, we like American martial art films that are about as authentic to martial arts as French bread is to French cuisine. For everyone knocking the RZA's acting in the movie. As an Action or Martial Arts film, the lead NEVER has been or needs to be a superb actor! Van Dame Sucks! And people love his movies at one time. Bruce Lee is the greatest innovator to martial arts as far as progression and bringing it to main stream audience, but he would not win an Oscar for his acting. These types of films do not call for strong acting, but for strong dialogue and fighting sequences. Just like old Arnold and Sylvester films. Great action actors, not great Actors by any stretch.

    So to sum it up, you're opinion is your opinion, but I'll let you know you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
  • Honestly this movie gets a bad rep right off the bat. You see that the movie is practically written, directed, produced (Al-bed Eli Roth) by a rookie film director (and rap/hip-hop legend) RZA. And you think its going to be trash... Okay got it opinions are opinions everybody has one, but take a step back and see what this movie is. Its not meant to the the next great kung-fu movie. Its not meant to be a Oscar winner. It was conceived as a new/interesting look at mixing two different things and seeing what comes out (kung-fu and hip-hop). In this regard i feel as though RZA did a good job incorporating the two together. Do not get me wrong this movie had its fair share of problems that i feel like a more seasoned Director will be able to sniff out, however that is not the case and i feel like too much banter is thrown RZA's way. Give the man a break.

    All in all i though this was a enjoyable film and a movie i could watch again. I respect RZA from coming out his comfort zone and trying something new like directing and i am excited to see his future work.
  • I can not help but wonder, who the hell let RZA direct, act, or write the script for this movie?!

    I guess this sums up, what my review...

    Russel is good, not at his best, but script does not allow him to be great. Fights are badly choreographed, but most actors know what they are doing, so its bearable to watch. There a lot of beautiful Asian girls, witch is also brightest thing in this, well lets call it a movie. And i must add, special effects are pretty good. But, I've seen kids on YouTube making great visuals in their homes, so that makes no impact.

    Revealing you plot it would be just waste of time. If you have hour and half of your life to waste. Watch this movie. I had couple of goods laughs, not believing what I'm watching. Other than that... Well avoid it if anyhow possible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ..i think you really do have to have a love of those late-night, cheeseball kung-fu movies of yesteryear, and it probably helps to dig blaxploitation..

    It had a gaggle of colourful characters acted with gusto by the cast... Characters like Jack Knife, Madame Blossom, X-Blade and Brassman were just great creations, and Silver Lion was a hilariously over-the-top villain.

    Yeah a lot of people complain that RZA was flat, but i always find that the central protagonist of MOST of many westerns is usually pretty flat... I think it fit well and made sense.

    This is one that i would actually pay about 5-10 dollars for to add to my collection. Great, kung-fu/grindhouse fun!
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