Gerard Butler gained twenty-five pounds for his role, as recommended by director Christian Gudegast.

The film was in development for roughly fourteen years, where director Christian Gudegast and a writing partner had a blind deal with New Line Cinema in 2003. The project was also later supposed to be distributed by the now-defunct Relativity Media at one point as well.

Eric Braeden (Ziggy Zerhusen) is the father of the writer and director Christian Gudegast.

Although set in Los Angeles, the vast majority of the film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Amongst the cast were four UFC fighters: Max Holloway, Oleg Taktarov, John Lewis and Michael Bisping.

Director Christian Gudegast's original cut of the film was closer to 160 minutes and featured a different ending than what was shown in the original cut.

This was the second time Pablo Shreiber played a thief masquerading as an armored security guard to steal. He previously starred in an episode of Person of Interest (2011) in a similar story.

There is a part in the trailer, where the cops stop paramedics from helping the bad guy from getting medical attention and he eventually dies, that was cut from the theatrical release of the movie.