Quotes (10)

Prithvi Bana: I am not the only person in this house who has lost his way.

Prithvi Bana: [wearing a lot of gulaal on his face] who am I?

Bhati: [smiling] Prithvi Bana.

Prithvi Bana: Right! you would recognize everyone who wears gulaal won't you?

Bhati: Yes I would!

Prithvi Bana: Then what is the use of so much gulaal on our faces?

Karan: So... are you going to resign from the election?

Ransa: I heard he never married your mom... Is your father dead or alive?

Karan: Asking you for the second time... are you going to resign?

Ransa: Is your father dead or alive?

Karan: Asking you for the last time... are you going to WITHDRAW?

Ransa: If your dad WITHDREW at the right time, then you wouldn't have been leading this bastard life.

Madhuri: Do you know he beats me up all the time?

Ransa: Then he does the right thing.

Bhati: She is a slut! Had I not intervened at the right time then she would have taken him between her thighs too.

Dukey Bana: A patriot must ALWAYS be ready to defend his country from his government!

Dileep Singh: i don't like to beat people.

Ransa: then get beaten!

Dileep Singh: they are using you kiran to meet their own needs?

Kiran: what makes you think i am not using them instead?

Jadhwal: motorcycle, car, money, bungalow? what else does he have? i have my MOM!

[starts smiling and shows his gun]

Jadhwal: .

Jadhwal: Either breathe or run. Don't run while breathing.

Adarsh: Ransa's here... He's got a gun.

Jadhwal: He's got a gun. He's got a car. He's got a bungalow. What else does he have? I got his mother... right here with me.

[Takes out his gun]