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  • Anurag Kashyap rightly said that 'Gulaal' is his most angry film yet. 8 years in the making, Gulaal lacked salability due to its lack of stars, bold and convoluted story and the controversy surrounding Kashyap's initial works – 'Black Friday' and 'Paanch'. But here it is now, what can be touted as his best work till date, the film that relates to today's India with the ambitions of the pragmatic youth confronting the deceptive, greedy and zealous hypocrites who breed malice and violence in the name of deeply rooted values. This engaging battle has been brilliantly crafted by Kashyap with an exhaustive script and screenplay that not only amplify a convoluted plot but do justice to the multitude of highly talented actors. Mind you….. 'Actors', and not heroes. But even more than these essential elements is the contribution of one man whose soul stirring lyrics, beautiful compositions, didactic and engaging dialogs and an awesome performance in a supporting role move you if not enchant you. Piyush Mishra, who was so far a theater actor in Delhi is thus a revelation of astounding talents.

    Gulaal is a socio-political drama about the President of the Rajputana community who is uniting his people against the injustice that has been inflicted upon them over the years by the government of the very democracy that their ancestors had once fought to gain. Dukey Bana (Kay Kay Menon) is a powerful icon among the Rajputs who strives to bring a new student in law college, Dileep Singh (Raj Singh Chaudhary) at the helm of college politics. Dileep has just walked into this lawless world of autocratic cruelty that has no mercy for the weak or innocent and thus begins his study of law. Dileep, being the righteous individual who does not share the vision of Bana and his supporters is often caught in an emotional turmoil when he wants to be rebellious, but the power in the hands of the mighty tend to vanquish every uprising against them and so he battles his own cowardice and naivety among the radicals.

    Some vital characters form the true essence of the film's plot that revolves around love, betrayal, politics, deception, greed, hypocrisy and of course, the ultimate fight to gain power. Supporting this endeavor are Deepak Dobriyal, Abhimanyu Singh, Aditya Shrivastava, Mahie Gill and Ayesha Mohan in well etched out characters. Kay Kay Menon is at his wicked best but with reserved intensity that goes full blast during his speeches or confrontations with his brother or Dileep. Raj Singh Chaudhary has been around in small roles but this film will slingshot him to recognition if not stardom for his natural ability to portray himself as the innocent and vulnerable Dileep Singh whose journey through the tyrannies of cruelty, violence, betrayal and hypocrisy elevate him to becoming an uncompromising individual. Piyush Mishra's character is the film's poetic narrator. His presence on screen is less cinematic and more theatrical and the distinction is evident when comparing with the rest. Apart from being the song writer, music director and singer for Gulaal, Piyush Mishra is also the dialog writer and wisely has he kept the best ones for his part. In fact, every time Prithvi Bana comes on screen, his dialog and message have a deeper connotation which will make you think for days. Listen intently to 'Sarforishi Ki tamanna' being adapted to current times as he calls upon Bismil to take a look at today's state of affairs. Watch him mimic Dukey Bana's mission to claim the state of 'Rajputana'while also denouncing the plan while singing 'sale hai! Sale hai!' . These are powerful scenes that have exemplary direction, screenplay and dialog with equally astounding performances.

    The film's music is par excellence. Seldom have we seen or heard songs so timely in the screenplay, so soulful in meaning and so rich in language. 'Beeda' is classic folklore sung so well by Rekha Bhardwaj. 'Aaarambh hai prachand' is a song denoting a strong initiation and so it very much is in the story as the entire election campaign in the college is executed during the song which gives us a deeper insight into battle and victory. 'Shehar' is perhaps the film's best song with its lyrics flowing through every scene that it runs with. The evil times in the city could not have a better narration. Piyush Mishra's all-round deliverance in this song with Anurag's execution of the screenplay makes this song a spectacle in itself. The hilarious 'Ranaji' teases with references to international terror acts. Shilpa Rao's mesmerizing rendition of 'Aisi saza' is truly representative of the emotions after betrayal. 'Yaara Maula' is a deep, soul stirring composition of evil taking over innocence in its most vulnerable state. Once again, the story leaps forward with the simple play of lyrics that translate the emotional turmoil. The movie ends with 'Duniya', the epitome of Piyush Mishra's talent showcase. 'Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai' sums up what the movie had to say. The final scenes shall give you the chills with the outstanding lyrics playing for the conclusion.

    Gulaal is a very impressive piece of cinema that will be cherished by only a few due to its unconventional story telling. It is a dark and evil tale of India itself. As we progress in these times with our ambitious goals, we are often obstructed by our culture, history and orthodox values and Gulaal shows us a shockingly real picture of that confrontation. It is time we adopt this kind of cinema with the richness that it has in its script, screenplay, lyrics, dialogs, performances and Anurag Kashyap's relentless pursuit of his vision.

    • 9.34 on a scale of 1-10.
  • I think Gulaal is till date is the best movie directed by AK. The movie goes far beyond Maqbool and Omkara, not undermining them, those two were also milestones for contemporary Hindi cinema, but Gulaal was something extraordinary. Each and every character played perfectly, along with the metaphors, it was a perfect sync.

    This is a wholesome product of an excellent script with the most honest and sincere performances. The beauty of AK is that the movie is not what it seems.. like just like in "No Smoking"... where its not about smoking but about personal freedom and the surreality surrounding it. Even in Gulaal, one might find the story very political, about the revolution, college elections but NO, its just the backdrop. The main story is how the main protagonist, Dilip's character develops upon that backdrop. How he gets molded by the different personalities that comes in his life, starting from Ransa, Anuja, Duki Bana, Kiran and then his own remorse. If you closely look, each and every character's role stayed the same, Ransa, Anuja, Duki Bana, Kiran, Karan and Bhaati... they all revolved around the development of Dilip which is something amazing.

    The movie is also about reviving personal identity which was aptly shown by the clever politics of Karan and Kiran. And the movie doesn't stop here, the complex female characters add more color to it. Its such a movie where not even a single moment was wasted or was not required. Starting from Dilip being ragged to Dilip being dead, its those characters, the metaphors, the camera-work, music, everything synced so beautifully, it left me spellbound. Its 3AM here, and I just finished watching it and I just couldn't help myself writing about it. Well done AK as your movies always add a new dimension to the Hindi "noir" movie movement.
  • just moments after seeing the movie, I am speechless about it. A pretty heavy, engrossing and brain-consuming movie, its definitely not for the casual cinema-goers. For the more adventurous or socially opinionated people, its worth a watch. personally, i'd watch it over again, being a brilliant take on manipulative politics. One may compare it with other movies based on politics, but the major difference in this is that it relates with the simple minded, down to earth common man and how certain events can bring a destructive change in his mentality.

    Set in a topical theme of Rajasthani traditions, it sets an account of how a straightforward, common, hard working man faces challenges of the grim modern world. The theme is engrossingly fast, manipulative and gripping (provided you don't expect an action filled murder mystery). So much being said and shown in the movie in so less a time, makes your brain racing on the heels of the movie.

    Apart from the story line, the other most credulous thing about the movie is its ensemble cast. the only famous star, Kay Kay shines with his aggressive attitude perfectly. The main protagonist makes a stark resemblance with the innocence of superman's parallel life as a worker newspaper company.

    Another very important positive are the songs (not all but some of them). Using old classics like 'Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To ..' and Indian Bhajan's/Patriotic numbers and mixing them to make them relevant to the movie is a brave attempt, which has surely paid off for Anurag Kashyap.

    Though my only worry about the movie is that for which kind of audience is such a movie prepared ?
  • Gulaal is a compelling narrative set around the members of erstwhile royal community who want to claim back their Rajputana province and royalty regime from the democratic government.

    Gulaal excels in all departments of film making as it did in Anurag's previous, DevD. All the actors have done a fabulous job with Kay Kay Menon delivering one of his best performances especially in his stimulating speeches. Abhimanyu Singh is very impressive in his short but strong characterization.

    Rajeev Ravi's cinematography is superb with the colors and tone of the film looking . Piyush Mishra does a good job with his acting and delivers a different and decent music score. The film gets a bit slow in the second half but catches up again on you.

    Overall, another great movie from Anurag Kashyup.
  • Gulaal is a extremely well scripted and characterized piece of cinema. Each and every character is carved brilliantly and the characters are so real and so different from usual flicks. It is a story of a simple and innocent graduate and how his life gets affected by politics and the way it has been shown is simply amazing.

    I love the way Anurag Kashyap tells the entire story and the music blends effortlessly except the Songs picturised on Mahi Gill. The background score is awesome.

    Cinematography is amazing and the color red is captured beautifully throughout the movie.

    Piyush Mishra who has penned the lyrics has done a wonderful job both as a lyricist and music director. Wait that's not all he has also played the role of Prithvi Bana and has done a brilliant job. His dialogues are so bloody good and gets metamorphic at times. All his dialogues are thought provoking and the way he sings in the movie is so different and unusual and impressive as well.

    Kay Kay Menon has as usual done a wonderful job as a person who is passionate about his history and his background. He speaks flawlessly and lives up to the expectations.

    Raj Singh Chaudhary has done a good job as a simple and innocent student who gets into the trap of college politics. But somewhere we can that amateurishness in his performance.

    Ayesha Mohan acted well and may god save men form such women[:D]

    But the best performance comes from Abhimanyu Shekhar singh as Ranvijay. His dialogues were mind blowing and he enacted the role of a rajput to perfection.

    Deepak Dobriyal as Bhatti has again lived up to the expectations and his acting looks so real.

    Jesse Randhawa has done well with whatever she had to do.

    Mahi Gill was a let down and I expected better performance from her. I found her irritating at times may be because the kind of character she played will definitely irritate me in real life.

    Final Verdict – A must watch for people who love hard hitting cinema. Its is a bloody awesome movie.
  • Anurag Kashyap may well be the fountainhead that lets Bollywood finally get back on its feet. After the indie movement in the 80's, the Shah rukhs and the Salmans took over....and thus followed years of mindless duds.

    Gulaal tells the story of a Rajput boy losing his innocence in the murky world of politics and betrayal. Interwoven with this are tales of deception, greed and apathy for mankind.

    What happened in Rajasthan years ago makes it a perfect backdrop for this tale and the clever use of lyrics also let Kashyap rant about all that is going wrong in the world.

    Gulaal, much like Kashyap's other film makes the viewer think long after the movie has ended. There are no definite endings and characters cannot be labeled as good or bad.

    Even if you are a fan of mainstream bubblegum Bollywood, this movie deserves a dekko for the performances alone. Kay Kay has never shone brighter, Abhimanyu Singh leaps ahead of the pack and the Raj Singh shows a lot of promise.

    I like my share of masala ficks, but this isn't Bollywood...this is Indian Cinema at its best....a must watch
  • This movie reaches far from what an ordinary Indian movie can be.

    I congratulate Anurag for this. He has the vision to understand this kind of movie... not only that but to canvas them.


    Exceptionaly extraordinary songs which introduces you to the heart of the story like "beedo", " SAHER HAMARO SOYO THO..", " .. Rana Ji mare ..." unbelievably outstanding.. marvelous.

    Thanks Anurag.... and keep up.. I hope you keep on doing like this.. please don't change..::)
  • A political thriller set against background of college in the Indian city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan as an intriguing and an interesting factor itself. What makes it more interesting is the plot itself and more so when an innocent student goes there to study and gets involved with a woman who seems to be innocent but is, in reality, is a bitter pill.

    Co – written and directed by Anurag Kashyap and written by Raja Choudhary, this thriller genre movie, stars Kay Kay Menon, Raja Chaudhary, Jesse Randhwa, Deepak Dobriyal, Ayesha Mohan, Mahie Gill, Piyush Mishra and Abhimanyu Singh.

    This is the second thriller that has been released this year and again it starred Kay Kay Menon and once again, he has stolen "the show." Ayesha Mohan is also on the same route as Kay Kay Menon but not as much. The story does have some twists and turns which are worth watching and its those that make this movie more interesting, though the language can be considered a bit on the rough side at times but Anurag Kashyap has done a superb job on this.

    This is a movie that is well worth watching.
  • This is the 3rd AK's movie I watched and as usual this one also filled with power packed performances. The best part of the movie was the songs. You may not like the songs without watching the movie. Piyush mishra is a immensely talented actor and to my surprise singer too. The lyrics of the songs sung by him are philosophical and sarcastic at the same time. You may laugh his songs off but it will definitely make you think. Deepak Dobriyal is another truck load of talent. I am sure his role as Bhati will please both critics and viewers. Not to mention KK Menon and the protagonist too are treat to watch. Watch this movie if you want your money worth.
  • This is another film I went to see just for Mr. Anurag Kashyap. He has done it again. A film with no Glamour but pure story, pure politics, pure hard core film. The revolves around Mr. Dilip Singh. He comes to study but is being dragged into politics by the surroundings. This film once again shows us the effects of Ragging in universities. It has shown the real life incident of Ragging. When I watched the movie I never felt like watching a movie. But it was like someones story being telecast live. The music is very nice. The character of the Bana the singer and his pet friend half men and half women is very touching. The actors have done their part very nicely. It never seems like anyone is acting. But like they just doing what they are supposed to do.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    huff. u gotta watch this flick to know how good it is, but its not for faint hearted, not for SHAHRUKH KHAN fans, & for KAREENA KAPOOR fans. every single thing in the movie, characters, story, love, betrayal, politics, are close to ground. its a kind of movie that'll force u to think of it, at least for next one day. Some amazing acting, exceptional lyrics & songs, solid screenplay and too many shots that will leave a mark on Ur mind. Kay Kay is too good, we all know that by now but its RANSA (ABHIMANYU SINGH) who has given a brilliant act in his short role & then there were BHATI(DEEPAK DHOBRIYAL), PRITHVI BANA(PIYUSH MISHRA who is also the lyricist, music composer and lead singer), KIRAN(AYEASHA MOHAN) & DILEEP SINGH (RAJA CHAUDHARY also the writer) in the movie who've proved that theater artists can create magic on screens also. PIYUSH MISHRA has done a brilliant job as a musician, lyricist and singer. AARAMBH HAI PRACHAND, YAARA MAULA, SHEHAR & YEH DUNIYA are my favorites from the movie. 've not heard such kind of lyrics in my entire lifetime, and all the songs suit to the theme of the movie as well. The character of RANSA is itself a daredevil and ABHIMANYU SINGH has played that role very well. his body language, confidence, voice and expressions will be remembered for long. there is a lot i want to tell about this movie but i don't want to spoil Ur sport and i got to sleep now so go and watch this flick. cheers Mr. Anurag Kashyap. three cheers for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I say brilliant, because sans that word it would be very difficult to describe this movie with any other adjective. Yes it is dark, it has a lot of parallels to a "DEV.D", with gloomy, drugged and unpegionholed characters. But what this movie does, is create this world of politics and love, with untouchable realism. The movie starts with a K K Menon speech, the word speech here is an understatement, the fiery write up and an equally fiery delivery leaves you mesmerized, almost reminiscent of the last rhetoric of KK Menon in "Shaurya". The film then goes back a year in time and narrates the transition of a nervous ordinary student, Dileep (Raja Chaudhary), from being a sidekick to Ransa (Abhimanyu Singh) to being a fearless gun wielding spurned lover. A special mention for Abhimanyu Singh's powerful performance, which makes the first half entertaining and gripping. The story revolves on Mritunjay's ( K K Menon) attempt to create a political force for a separatist movement " Rajputana" seeking independence as a separate entity. To achieve his objectives he uses everyone as a pawn, from the royalty's money to the student's popularity, in effect leading to the conflicts and rhetoric. Mahi Gill after "Dev.D" does a small but great part. There are a lot of characters portrayed in the film and everyone has a story to tell, and all of them have shades of gray, which I think is very typical Anurag Kashyap now. Although some characters and their stories are left incomplete (intentional you would feel), the overall characterization is (at the cost of repeating myself) "brilliant". The characters of Anuja and that of the "Ardha-Nareshwar" are done very well and add a bit to the overall story; however, at the end, you are left with a feeling of them being nothing more than useless subplots to bring in theatrical effects, again signature Anurag Kashyap. The music complements and in effect adds a lot to this movie. The lyrics are hypnotic, and the beats are very traditional and yet modern. Piyush Mishra, gives a fresh and psychedelic feel to the lyrics. The item numbers of this movie ("Ranaji" and "Beedo") have more poetic brilliance than all the title songs released this year. I am not even going to comment on superb songs like "Duniya", "Aarambh" or "Seher". Overall a must watch (not for the family), if you loved "Dev.D" you will surely like this. Though the second half of the film has loose ends and tends to overcomplicate the storyline, it still leaves an indelible mark on your minds, and rattles your thoughts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Most of the people, even those who loved Gulaal, are saying that the first half was good; but the second half was slack.

    People said the same thing about Dev D and I find it really hard to understand. How can one not enjoy the amazing performances/script/music/cinematography, instead of expecting the director to show us what we exactly want to see? My advice is that you should get up in the intermission, take a leak, maybe get some Coke and popcorn if you must, and then relax, sit back and enjoy.

    Its 5 in the morning now and I still can't get over the movie. If Dev D was a perfect 10, then Gulaal is 10.5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gulaal is a work of genius and there are two of them involved. Anurag Kashyap is obviously one with wonderful art direction and camera angles / perspectives that no Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra could ever think of.

    In Gulaal he makes an angry, gritty film with a storyline incredibly unique and a cast and treatment worthy of Hazaar Oscars.

    The Plot :

    The film is set in the city of Rajpur, Rajasthan where Rajputs rule the roost and a defunct kings' son dreams of having a land of their own (Rajputana).

    Caught in this quagmire are two young guys. A simple scared rajput boy Dileep (Raja Chowdhary) and his royal blood friend Ransa (a superb Abhimanyu Singh). When one of them gets seriously ragged by a bunch of hostel goons, a local gangeteresque Rajput Dukey Bana (KK) incites them to fight the university elections.

    His motive is to get more money and enlist more men in his war for a free Rajasthan.

    Further sub plots reveal an illegitimate son and daughter of Ransa's King father who are scheming to be recognized as royal blood. A distraught humiliated teacher (Jesse Randhawa) looking for redemption and a dance girl (Mahi Gill) romancing Dukey Bana.

    Anurag Kashyap mixes these premises with a contemporary feel and art directs to the key.

    The Other Genius :

    The other genius of the film is Piyush Mishra. His dialogs, lyrics and modern day satirical shaairyi are the best produced maybe ever. Not to mention his own acting as a John Lennon worshipping elder Rajput Prtihvi Bana who imagines there will be peace and satirizes through the film with a rather weird homosexual half painted mime 'Ardh Nareshwar'.

    The beauty of Anurag Kahsyap movies is that he keeps bringing into limelight some hard core awesome talent. Talent, which would never be recognized through the dynastic web of Bollywood and considerably dumbed down and sold out Khans.

    He introduced Amit Trivedi in DEV D and now Piyush Mishra in Gulaal, without who's work each film could have been dismissed as easily as Kashyap's earlier 'No Smoking' was

    The Cast:

    The ensemble cast also delivers Kay Kay Menon hits home as usual as the all-powerful Dukey Bana who dreams of a separate state of Rajasthan. As does, Aditya Srivastava, as the scheming bastard child of the king. Raja Chaudhary as the reluctant normal guy is super convincing for what is a complex character A Must mention of Ayesha Mohan as a super cute 'Pink Floyd' strumming femme fa-tale who plays the main pawn in the game of manipulative politics

    But ultimately the guys who steal scenes remain the loyal right hand guy Bhati (Deepak Dobriyal) - , the band master dressed royal Prithvi Bana (Piyush mishra) and a really Rajput like Ransa ( a balls in mouth Abhimanyu Singh)

    One thing I did not like:

    The film could have been more crisp, the characters of Mahie Gill and Jesse Randhawa did not really gel with the plot and the almost insane actions of one character towards the end were a little hard to digest. It appears somebody was in a hurry to release the film.

    Yet I would go on to say that this is Indian Cinema is at its best and yet it appears far from what Anurag Kahsyap can actually achieve!! The word of caution is for the public and more importantly Indian Cinema, ignore this stuff at your own risk!!
  • Have u seen this movie called 'Gulaal' by Anurag Kashyap. I have already seen it thrice and every time i see it, i am amazed by the creativity of the movie. The Screenplay, the Dialogues and the Songs- they keep coming in my mind again and again. I believed that Bollywood is done for and it will only be a money making machine for the movie makers but after seeing Gulaal i knew i was wrong. Anuraag Kashyap has probably come out with a movie of his lifetime that he may not be able to do it ever again.

    Based in a small town in Rajasthan, movie is about university politics with some playing dirty and some believing that they will change the face of the University (Ranasa). Then there is Dukey Bana who believes that Rajasthan belongs to Rajputs only and Government of India has treasoned with them by taking away their kingdoms and not giving what was promised in Return. He plans a mutiny against the Government to free Rajasthan The beautiful songs of the movie inspire you and reminds you of poems by Sahir Ludhianvi, Faiz & Ikbaal.

    A true masterpiece and must watch for those who like politics.
  • gsgill373730 March 2009
    This movie is a brilliant movie , and nothing short of that .

    A bit too ahead of its time . Indian audiences are probably not yet prepared for this . This explains virtually empty theater where i went to watch it . But don't get me wrong , this is a great movie .

    A very complex plot seamlessly woven with subplots , Very complex . The plot and the speed of the movie remind you of the SOPRANOS . where a lot happens without you realizing it, unless you take a second to comprehend . And the atmosphere is also a lot like the SOPRANOS . It has one of the best cinematography i have ever seen in any movie from any country .Rajeev Ravi deserves an award for that . The movie is a visual spectacle . It also has a psychedelic quality that reminds you of APOCALYPSE NOW. The acting is all round brilliant with kay kay menon stealing the show . although i was slightly disappointed with Raj Singh Chaudhary . he tends to slur his lines sometimes . The music blends in so well with the movie ,the continuity is never broken . And there is a big twist in the movie. i wont tell you when and what . It will just spoil everything. To sum up . Great movie overall , great acting . very complex and dark plot . great cinematography . Good acting from everyone . This is not a typical brainless Indian movie , should appeal to quality seeking audiences everywhere .
  • the movie Gulaal by Anurag Kashyap is an awesome film. the script, the characters are so well written that there seems no fault in them. all actors have done an amazing performance in the film. songs by Piyush Mishra are well written and amazingly sung. the music also by him is superb.

    the movie talks about politics, love and passion in the Rajputana state of Rajasthan. Kay Kay Menon is the senapati of the Rajputana group and tries his best to include all the youth from the state. his ultimate aim being rajputana a separate state all together. on the way to that he tries to influence people from colleges. but there is another person also who wants to lead the Rajputana group. the story of Gulaal deals with this fight for Rajputana and within rajputs.

    a must see for everyone. (the movie contains a large number of adult slangs)
  • A dream to turn Rajasthan into a titular sovereign, Rajputana for the Rajputs, the labyrinthine interplay of politics and the intricacy of emotions and pretension that all come so naturally in the apparent calm but yet turbulent scenario and the quintessential representative of the bourgeois who gets sucked into the whirlpool of these muddy affairs form the thematic thread of Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal, arguably his best film.

    A John Lenon worshiper who sings for and about the greatest Hell(o) (T)here(Piyush Mishra), an exploited Lady Macbeth(Ayesha Mohan) and her brother tugging at the puppet's strings(Aditya Srivastava), Shelley's (To The) Moon who teaches Nihilism(Jesse Randhawa), a King Edward who is not interested in becoming one yet living like one(Abhimanyu Singh) form the psychedelic collage around the two pivots in the scenario-the spineless bourgeois(Raja Chaudhury) and the big fish(Kay Kay Menon).

    It does not have a helluva plot. Had the treatment gone wrong, it would appear as clichéd as it can be. But the craft is amazing. Every frame is just perfect. I maybe woefully ignorant, but I have never seen such amazing character lighting in any mainstream Indian film. Sample this, the King lounging, and the frame is lighted with a warm halogen glow, as soon as he hears of his son's death, the lighting changes to an intense red. So much said, yet so simply. The art direction is par excellence. Don't miss the Neon lights outside Raja Chaudhury's room as he is about to enter with Ayesha Menon to make out, the lights resemble the yin-yan symbol. Or the neons infront of Che Guevara's picture that resemble a motorcycle. The alcohol brands are named Democracy, Republican, Capitalism, et al………Wasiq Khan….take a bow.

    Coming to music, the lovely rustic charm of the tunes is not the only thing that lingers with you, but the masterful words that accompany the compositions. Sung and composed by Piyush Mishra, I could not believe

    it's the same person who wrote Ghajini. And what an actor! He has the best lines and the most significant scenes. One of the most dramatic scenes, where he had smeared the red gulaal on his face and asks if people could recognize him or not. When he gets the obvious answer, he demands to know what was the logic of smearing gulaal to hide one's identity in the revolutionary meetings. Instead he suggested to wear a monkey-mask. The context and relevance is just wonderfully conveyed. Or the scene where Kay Kay dies in his arms. The misunderstood genius, the confused psyche, the conventional crackpot…..all summed and molded into one character… will be criminal to regard only the aspects the this character has to offer to the narrative…….but I can only stammer my praise. Prithvi Bana's character is so……I don't know what word to use……..I can write a whole post in deconstructing that particular characterization.

    Kay Kay is outstanding as usual. Jesse Randhawa and Ayesha Mohan are phenomenal. Raja Chaudhary, Abhimanyu Singh, Aditya Srivastava play their parts well. But one must mention Mahie Gill. I have not seen Dev.D as yet, but I must say, in her almost blink-and-miss yet important role as a foil to other characters and as a catalyst to the drama, she is simply outstanding.

    This film is just too good. The amount of stuff that has been crammed in is damn commendable. Bloody brilliant!
  • Once again Anurag Kashyap comes with hard-core cinema. We should applaud Anurag Kashyap to make up Gulaal at our face. The person, whose 1st movie is yet not been released. Second flick takes 2years, and Gulaal takes 3 years. But it is his determination and courage that he not to give up, against green grass and red roses cinema of India. I am from Jaipur, and I was in Jaipur when Gulaal was filming in Rajasthan University campus. I thing it is 1st Indian cinema which show the hard-hitting reality of student politics. Many people don't know that some of the stories are related to Jaipur. Like story of Anuja is related to J C Bose Hostel (of Raj. University) rape case. Smash into Jadwal gang & Rajpoots is actually between Jat & Rajpoots. But censor board did very fine job to mitigate social conflict. Movie having many stories. Each character is very unique and more precisely say that each one is rigid and unbending at his place. Characters are speaking in dogmatic way. Dukki Bana shows the frustration of Rajpoots, lifestyles of Rajpoots after independence. He thinks that government of India cheated them since 1947. He wants to get back Rajputana form GOI. RANSA impressive look & dialog delivery, hated his father and live life with own identity. Sibling KARAN & KIRAN are DASHI PUTRA fighting for recognition and father's title. Role of flute man, PRITHVI BANA and his dancing partner give classical touch to movie. The lyric of song, " AARAMBH HAI PRACHAND…" boil your blood. Even the movie is through out spellbound audience, but when you comes out an question immerse in your mind," YE DUNIYA AGAR MIL BHI JAYE TOH KYA HAI?"
  • yufyonder14 March 2009
    Writing a movie review for the first time, and glad that I have picked such a powerful movie as a beginner. It's nice to see that there is another director who can match the capabilities of Vishal Bhardwaj in today's Indian cinema. Hats off to Anurag Kashyap for two masterpieces back to back, Dev D and Gulaal. He looked like just telling a story and leave it to the viewer to extract the hidden message. The sarcasm on contemporary Indian society in the form of the parody made on Bismil's "kya hamare dil mein hai" is brilliant and thought provoking.

    The movie is brilliant on all the aspects of film making, packed with powerful performances of KK Menon and Deepak Dobriyal, Ayesha Mohan was also very impressive as Kiran. Abhimanyu Singh and Raja Chaudhary did justice to their characters. Piyush Mishra was brilliant as Prithvi Bana(I started recognizing him since Maqbool). Anurag Kashyap's cameo appearance looked like an act of arrogance, and wasn't required at all, well it can be forgiven. The movie will not do good business I guess, but it's an achievement of cinema this year. I give 9 out of 10,and highly recommend to everyone.
  • You think you made it; you always think you made it; with your followers, your kingdom, your education, or your charm, but it all slips away in a hurry because the foundations of your achievements were not built over widescale local support that may have supported you in your weaker moments. Debt isn't a liability, it's the only liability!
  • Writing this in 2018 after watching it over and over again, the beauty of watching it again & again is you get more depth of the plot, characters, scenes and lyrics of course. It has got so much depth that It can engross you for ever. Tight screenplay, direction and dialogues, oh goodness! I would like to mention specially about the lyrics and music because its unique and literary classic. Its a must watch for those who like History, politics, poetry, music or any form of art. Its a political thriller, its a love story, its a comedy movie, it has everything a masala bollywood movie can possibly have but yet its different, having said that I would also like to say that this flick is for hardcore cinema lovers who not just watch a cinema but understands it.

    Thanks!! DJ
  • A dark movie by AK, where you may not be able to tag a character good or bad. The director did a great job with screenplay choosing real good actors. Abimanyu Singh puts an unforgettable performance in this movie that truly defines a Rajput better than history books. KK Menon's acting as a leader is fine as usual. Ayesha's character was just okay but reminds me of SMG from cruel intentions. The songs and BGM were par excellence with no words to describe. Am unable to comment clearly on dialogues and the lyrics even though I understand the language, as I'm not a typical north Indian. Yet they carry good meanings. Another positive is the Eunuch's character and his father (see 'em... you'll enjoy). There is a major flaw in the storyline, i.e.., don't understand how a girl can manipulate so many men and another character who is too foolish to see danger coming. I also feel the story telling is unconventional for a common movie viewer to appreciate.
  • mayanks_2130 March 2009
    This movie is intoxicating. If you are an Indian and bored of watching all idiotic love stories and want a change, then this movie is sure a different from all you have seen till now. Its hard core drama with some great acting from all the actors. Of course you may not be aware of most of them except KK and yes if you like KK then this movie cannot be missed because everyone in this movie has acted to his best. This movie revolves around Dilip Singh a Rajput who comes to study law and is soon engulfed in politics by people around him. The duologue's again are just perfect and you would be taken aback with some of them. The movie has a lot of abusive language so be ware. Sound track is awesome and totally new.......its different from all the conventional songs which you have heard till now. A song "O Ri Duniya" is thought provoking and is the best to tell what this movie is all about. Overall this movie has everything from drama, politics, abuses to great songs and why not? It took Anurag Kashyap, 7 years to make this movie.
  • chandram-229 March 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    In spite of being rather dark and very angry, 'Gulaal' is an immensely enjoyable watch. Probably because almost every member of the cast comes up with a superlative performance. Or because the amazing (though somewhat unconventional) background score sets you up perfectly. Or it just because Anurag Kashyap knows exactly how much to reveal of the multiple intertwined threads in the story, leaving the viewer to figure out the rest.

    K K Menon is Dukey Bana, scion of a decadent royalty, who believes his people were cheated out of their rights when the Indian state 'usurped' what should have been 'their' Rajputana. To strengthen the fight for his cause, Dukey intends to control the student union by backing Ransa (a short but sterling performance by Abhimanyu Singh) for the post of General Secretary of the union. Ransa is being contested by Kiran (Ayesha Mohan) backed by her brother Karan (Aditya Srivastava, with his eloquent silence) who also happen to be Dukey's illegitimate siblings. The unexpected murder of Ransa projects his room mate-- the meek Dilip Singh, center stage. And thence starts a spiral of events which rises to a crescendo as the movie races to its climax.

    The movie is not without its failings. The women characters, specially Dukey's women, are treated somewhat fleetingly. The anger of the story sometimes becomes in-your-face, jarring the stylized narrative. However, this is mere nitpicking, as both the cast and the director deliver something superlative. Exceptionally noticeable is the low-key Bhati (Deepak Dobriyal) and the maverick elder Bana (Piyush Mishra).

    Go for a watch, and if you are able to connect to it just right, it might give you a bitter hangover, leaving you feeling empty and alienated as you walk out the theater.
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